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Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India

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We are providing a list of the Top 10 Network Marketing companies in India.

Network marketing companies memberships are growing day by day, since they are providing reasonable income and ease of work schedule, the percentage of people working for them is increasing.

The list is prepared based on their reputation, commission rates, and expertise in the field of multi-level marketing.

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1. Amway

It is the world’s largest networking company which was started 52 years ago by Jay Van Andel, and Richard Devos.

Amway offering 140 products in 5 categories in India. Which includes Nutrition & wellness, beauty, personal care, Homecare, and Agricultural products.

If you want to join as a member of Amway then you need to be sponsored by other existing members, but if you know none, they will allow you to leave your details on the website, so they can contact you. Registration will be completed in 24 hours.

You will receive around 7 to 12% commission from your sales. Members will get a trade discount if they join another member.

one incentive point is allotted for every 30 sales you made. More incentive points will give you more commission.

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2. Tupper Wear

Tupper wear needs no introduction, it is a US-based company that is in business for around 30 years offering all food storage products from water bottles to microwaves, non-stick cookware, etc.

Though they are all made of plastic, people were tuned and educated to consider their products as safe to use food-grade plastic.

Tupper wear got a good reputation and gives the members good returns.

The member will get the product at least a 20% discount, which will give them a margin of 20% profit on their sales. If the member joins a new member, they will get a free gift.

If you are able to join more members then you will be considered to work as a regional manager for Tupper wear.

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3. Herbalife

Herbalife is a networking company having only concentrated on health supplements.

They are in business for around 20 years and is considered a good supplement food for weight-conscious people.

They are widely concentrating on sponsoring sports events and to provide better nutrition to all age groups.

Herbalife members may not have a hard time finding a buyer, as there is always a good market for health-related supplements.

Members will get training and support from online programs. Profits will be on wholesale, retail, and bonuses.

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4. Oriflame

One of the well-known networking company offering beauty products for both men and women.

From jewelry to bathing products, skincare, and perfume to hair care, they covered every beauty product requirement.

They are also offering wellness products such as Nutrishakes. Oriflame is well known and has a positive reputation which will help to achieve a high amount of sales.

The commission rates will be from 3 to 18% and with the sale of 15 products you will get 1 incentive point, the more the points, the more the commission you receive.

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5. Modicare

Modicare offering a wide range of products which include, wellness, skincare, beauty, F&B, home care, and personal care products.

Members will receive a retail profit of 25%, and the usual commission will range from 3 to 21%.

Making 14 sales will give you 1 incentive point and based on which you will receive a commission.

You are required to buy 3000 worth of products every month just like most of the other companies.

We also need to join new members and from their purchases, we will be allotted a certain percentage of the profit which depends on the number of purchases the newly joined made.

Since the company offering different ranges of products, it is necessary for the member to have knowledge of them, but no specific training is given, and the new member has to learn from the existing member.

You must make home visits to give a demo for the products, if not you may suffer fewer sales figures.

But Modicare is growing day by day and can be a good option to consider.

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6. Avon

It is one of the oldest networking company started in 1886 in the USA. offering quality beauty products.

Avon offering bath and body, fashion, skincare, haircare, makeup, and fragrances.

One of the reasons we considered it to place in the top 10 network Marketing companies list is its high discount figure which is from 15% to 30%.

They are blooming in India and have a good reputation across the world. Members can register online and will get support at every step.

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7. Vestige

It is one of the well-known networking company in India offering personal and health care products.

Members will start to get more benefits with multi-level marketing by joining more members. 9-20% discount can be earned as a distributor.

Well performed members will get an extra 6-20% discount. Which can be combined with a 14% performance bonus.

Their products contain natural ingredients and they are also offering excellent dental care products, which will give the members a good opportunity to have higher sales.

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8. Unicity

Unicity is one of the Top 10 Network Marketing companies in India. It is a US-based company, established in 1999.

Their products are pretty famous in the weight loss industry and they are also offering skincare items.

A mix of both health care and beauty products will increase the possibility of more sales figures to the members.

They will give a commission from 5 to 30 % and you can achieve multiple rankings and positions as a manager, based on your performance.

Unicity also offers retirement benefits; hence it is an overall good choice to consider.

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9. Dew soft Overseas

Till now we have seen all the product-based companies, but Dew soft is one of a kind that it deals with IT related products.

They sell e-learning programs and computer software through network marketing.

They will give the students an opportunity to earn by encouraging their friends to enroll as a member.

If you are a techno buff or a student who wants to earn while learning a new skill, this will suit you the best.

Though the income is limited, it is still a good opportunity for people who are dealing more with software programs.

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10. DXN India

DXN India is a Malaysian based company that is offering a significant high profit and commission.

They offer 15-25% of retail profit along with group bonuses and performance bonuses.

Their products are based on an herb called Ling Xi, a Chinese herb renowned as the king of herbs.

This will give the member an advantage as more are keen to choose herbal products.

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Precautions for involving with network marketing companies

1. According to Indian government legislation, it is illegal to sell financial items through networking companies, unless otherwise, they have proper permission with compliance to the law.

2. It is illegal for the members to join new members by taking money personally and the members may only have to pay an enrollment fee to the company directly but not for the benefit of members.

3. Members are needing to be aware of any company that compels them to join more members.

They need to consider the fact that the money collects as enrollment fees will be distributed to the senior members or sponsors.

4. Never fall for alluring high return offers, we are only discussing a legal business plan to start working at our convenience.

But consider the reputation and seniority of the company before you consider joining as a member.

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