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My Vestige Business And Marketing Plan 2020

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Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd is one of the most famous and leading direct selling companies in India. We have provided a detailed vestige business plan in which you find the answers to many common questions like:

  • What is Vestige?
  • How to earn money from this company?
  • What is the process of earning through becoming a member of this company?

Network marketing is a platform that allows you to earn money without having a job or any type of employment. To make this possible there are some rules that need to be followed.

If you have faith in your hard work then you can become a member of this company and expect to earn great profits. There are many people who have achieved massive success with the help of this company.

It is guaranteed that you will find happiness after joining this company and begin to experience joy in your life. The products manufactured by this company are available in almost all the states of India.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a working professional, you can become a consultant of Vestige and start earning money as a side business anytime you want.

What is Vestige?

Vestige is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company dealing with direct selling and network marketing. This company was founded in the year 2004. Vestige India is one of the top companies as far as health care, wellness, and personal care products are concerned.

If you are serious about earning money with the help of becoming a member of Vestige then you have to be patient, honest, hardworking, and confident.

If you somehow fail to adhere to all these qualities then your success will cease. Absolutely nothing in this world can be achieved without putting in an effort.

It is important that you understand this fact to be extremely successful in any work. Being a member of Vestige will be the same. This company sends its products directly to the distributors.

Company awards and certificates:

Vestige has been recognized by IDSA. Not just this, it has bagged many other awards and certifications as well and they are:

  • In the year 2006, Vestige received an ISO 9001:2000 level certification.
  • The year 2008 came in with health food and dietary supplement association.
  • In the year 2009, Vestige was issued with a good manufacturing practices certificate.
  • In the year 2011, it got an ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • It is also certified with maintaining exceptional FDA standards.

How to join the company?

If you wish to become a member of Vestige then you will require sponsorship. You can contact almost any distributor of this company or any branch to go about the process of joining.

No money will be charged to join this company. You can become a member of this company free of cost. All you have to do is just fill in a form and then submit the form to the Vestige branch.

As an identity proof, it is important to submit a copy of Aadhar card with the form. Your application will be submitted without facing any problem. Help will always be available when you need it.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can go ahead and familiarize yourself with the best possible opportunities offered by Vestige to help you live a life of your dreams.

The enhancement plan launched by this company was launched with the main idea of providing benefit to everyone according to their hard work. More than this, there is a provision of earning a bonus income for the leadership role in the scheme.

This income can further be expanded with the addition of some downline work. Being a part of strong group will always be beneficial.

As your downline progress, your business will automatically progress. To become a successful executive in doing the business of Vestige follow these steps given below:

  • Use the products manufactured by Vestige regularly.
  • Earn more and more customers by increasing your group and selling the products to others.
  • Increase your profit share by including many other people in your business.
  • Make sure that is happily doing the job and also making others happy. You will experience that with more effort you will make greater profits.

Business Plan of Vestige:

With every purchase of your downline, you will get some bonus points. All these bonus points are assembled together in the growth plan of Vestige.

Based on your points, you will reach a level and then you will never go below that level. You will always be upwards and onwards. The rates in percentage for various measures are given below:

  • Savings on Consumption – 10-20%
  • Retail Profit – 10-20%
  • Accumulative Performance Bonus – 5-20%
  • Direction Bonus – 14%
  • Leadership Overriding Bonus – 15%
  • Travel Funds – 3%
  • Great Car Funds – 5%
  • Day House Fund – 3%

Vestige is known to give rewards to all its distributors who perform by putting in extra efforts. This scheme never lets you go to a lower level.

In fact, it ensures that you always reach a higher level of achievement. All your efforts and achievements will be counted in the monthly bonus provided by the company.

Some important features of Vestige:

  • Vestige is the best Direct Selling company in India.
  • It is the only MLM company in India where more than 1500 peoples earn up to 1 lac – 48 lacs monthly.
  • The one and only company where more than 90 peoples have purchased their luxury dream cars like (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar) etc
  • Almost more than 2000 luxury car achievers are members of Vestige.
  • It is the only company in India to have a constant business plan for thirteen years.
  • It is the only company in India where many physically challenged peoples earn income up to 80,000 per month.
  • The company has a total of 3500 franchises with almost 650 offices across different states of India.
  • The company has huge space for manufacturing and storing.
  • The company is a member of IDSA / FICCI.
  • The employment rate is fantastic. Almost around 2 to 2.5 lakh people are joining this company every month.
  • All the units of this company are GMP (Good manufacturing practice) certified.
  • Some products manufactured by Vestige such as USFDA, JHFA, KOSHUR, (HDSA) are certified from Health and Diet Supplements Association of India.
  • The products of this company match the International standard and are very affordable.

If you want any consultation in Vestige, you can call me between 9 AM TO 5 PM at 9478480942. I will be happy to assist you.

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