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Keva Business Plan PDF 2023 | Company Profile | Turnover

This article covers complete details of Keva’s business plan, Company marketing strategy, company profile, turnover, etc.

Keva Kaipo Industries is another network industry that joined the chain along with Avon, Amway, and Herbalife network industries.

Even though the number of networks industries are outgrowing these days, but India still needs more of these product-based companies who can include a large number of people in the direct selling business.

Keva Industries is another company that is on the list of MLM direct selling companies.

Keva industries were started in 2009 by Mr. Karan Goel and has its headquarters in Ludhiana, Punjab.

keva owner details

Keva is a product-based Indian MLM company. This company provides every individual an opportunity to build their career in the field of Health & Better lifestyle.

With the use of this opportunity, any individual can career in direct selling business with a wide range of products.

Keva products are available all over India as this company has a wide range of marketing networks, which is spread with the help of a professionally trained sales team.

Keva History

Keva industries started with a vision and mission to make people’s lives better.

This is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company which is positioned to be one of the most trusted companies in the field of healthcare.

This company has the vision to make its products available to every individual with the help of its distributors, it also plans to make its distributor’s life better by giving them a wide range of opportunities and promotions whenever they hit the target.

Keva believes that every individual must have the opportunity to lead their lives in a better way, hence it provides everyone an equal number of opportunities to have a successful.

The main mission of this company is to satisfy its customers’ needs by bringing continuous improvement in its products and to create awareness among its employees.

With the thought of betterment of every individual this company started in 2009 and now it reached a position where it is the most trustworthy Healthcare company in the market.

Keva Marketing Plan

Keva Industries Private Limited is an authorized company that promotes direct selling business as per the government of India.

Just like every other MLM company associates of Keva industries have to perform two main tasks:

  1. Product Selling
  2. Recruitment
Product Selling:

Similar to all the other MLM companies, product selling is one of the most important tasks for Keva employees.  whenever any person joins Keva for the first time he/she should buy some products.

Buying Keva products is necessary when an individual joins Keva. You can either use those products yourselves or can sell them at MRP to earn retail profit.

The distributors can collect Keva products at distributor price and can sell them at mentioned MRP by this they can earn Retail profit.

Check: Keva Products Price List

The employees need to use the products as well. After buying each product the employee will earn some business points which can be used to earn other profits.


This as well as a crucial step for any MLM company.

Recruitment of downlines is the first and most important step towards network marketing.

You must recruit those people who are ready to buy Keva products and can recruit others.

In other words, you should hire active people individuals as your downlines.

Hiring Active downlines will be an advantage for you otherwise you will not be able to take full advantage of the network marketing.

These active people will help you to take your network to the top.

Keva Business Plan

If we closely observe Keva’s income plan then you will be able to see how you can earn from this business and how many business points will you earn after every purchase.

There are 8 types of income which are categorized into 2 parts.

1. Packaging Income (These are weekly incomes)
  1. Pair income
  2. Leadership bonus
  3. Foreign trips
  4. No time limit rewards
  5. Lifetime rewards
2. Purchasing Income (These are monthly incomes)
  1. Retail benefits
  2. Team performance bonus
  3. Club benefits

Keva Business plan


Whenever you have a downline pair of 1:2 or 2:1, then you will be able to acquire this income.

For example, if Rohit hires Mohit and Sanjay as his downline and Mohit adds Komal as his downline then this pair is called 2:1 pair.

You will be able to earn Rs 300 or Rs 500 according to the package.


When you recruited others and made a pair then you will be able to earn a leadership bonus, the first leadership bonus provided is Rs 250.

You can refer to the table below to understand the leadership bonus.

Keva Business plan


After joining Keva if you can make 100 pairs in just 100 days then you will be given a foreign tour of 5 days and 4 nights.

You should be able to make 100 pairs left and right to earn this bonus.


After the completion of prerequisite SR’s, the company will provide you some gifts. The prerequisite and gifts are below:


After purchasing each product the company will provide you some profit. In Keva you will be able to earn 100% profit according to which you will get one product free with the other one.

For example, if you buy one soap then you will get another soap for free, this free soap is considered to be your retail profit.


Team performance bonus will be rewarded based on your BP scores, here 1BP =1 Rs. This bonus can be divided into 2 parts:

  1. Self-bonus (the profit that you get after self-purchase)
  2. Team bonus (the profit you can share when your downline purchases products)

Team bonus= your profit level – your downlines profit level

Refer to the below chart for more details.

Keva Business plan


This income can be earned if you have 10000 BP on one level or 10000 BP on all the levels, then you will be provided some part of the company’s 8% total turnover profit.

For example, if the company made 10 lakhs turnover this month, so 8% will be 80000.

If 100 people become eligible for this bonus then it will be divided equally among them, which means 800 Rs per head.

Download Keva Business plan PDF

Download Keva Business plan Hindi PDF

Keva Products List

As we have already told you that products play a major role for any company.

Here we are going to talk about Keva Industries’ products. Most of the Keva products are related to health care.

Keva industries products are made with proper scientific methods and for manufacturing these products high level of processes is used.

Keva products are the proper blend of good quality herbs and other essential items which help in health improvement.

These products can be classified into various categories:

1. Keva Wellness Products:

These products can be further subcategorized into wellness drops, wellness capsules, wellness juices, wellness tonics, wellness tables, and wellness Tea.

These products will help promote the growth of nutrition’s in your body and will help you maintain balanced body nutrition.

Some of these products are:

  1. Keva Alfalfa Powder
  2. Keva anti-snore drops
  3. Keva anti-diabetic capsules
  4. Keva Himalaya Berry Juice
  5. Keva Slim Tea
  6. Keva Bone and joint health capsule
2. Keva Homecare Products:

These home care products are launched recently and are proven to be very effective.

It helps in cleaning and sanitizing, which are the real needs nowadays. Some of the products under this category are:

  1. Kaipo Detergent Powder
  2. Kaipo fruit and vegetable wash
  3. Keva toilet seat sanitizing spray
  4. Keva toilet cleaner
3. Keva Herbal Products:

Keva Herbal products are further sub-categorized into Keva drops and syrups, Keva herbal powder, Keva capsules, Keva Detox, Herbal oil, and ointment, Herbal tablets, and pain management products.

All these products are made with high-quality herbs making them truly beneficial for your health. Some of these products are:

  1. Keva antacid
  2. Keva constipation care churan
  3. Keva amla capsule
  4. Keva detox foot patch
  5. Keva balm
  6. Keva giloy tablet
  7. Keva pain relief spray
4. Keva personal care products:

These products are further sub-categorized into Keva face pack, face cleanser and toner, Keva hair care, Keva facial kit, and many more. Some of these products are:

  1. Keva bridal gold rose scrub
  2. Keva CC cream
  3. Keva bright toothpaste
  4. Keva aloe Vera facewash
  5. Keva advances BB cream

Check: Keva Products Price List

There are many other products among which you can choose just visit the official website and hover over the products tab.

Under the dropdown list, you can see the categories and can choose from them.

Official website:

For earning an income out of Keva products you will have to buy those in packages.

There are mainly 2 packages one with 2999 and the other with 4999.

If you choose to buy a 2999 package then you will be able to make 300 rupees pair as income, or if you choose 4999 packages then you will be able to make 500 rupees as pair income.

Keva Company Turnover

Keva Kaipo Industry had a Mission 2020 under which it was able to recruit 1 Cr Keva distributor by 31st December 2020.

The targeted turnover for that particular year was 2000 Cr.

The company also announced to more than 20 warehouses by December 2020 and these warehouses will be able to provide Keva products such as rice brand oil, tea, soaps, shampoos, etc.

Why Keva?

In the end, the question is still the same why should you choose Keva products over other products that are available in the market.

There are many other competitor companies such as Amway, Modicare, FLP, Imc, Herbalife which sell these kinds of products.

Yes, you are right there are many variants available in the market but Keva products are ISO certified and are produced using modern scientific techniques and manufacturing processes.

Along with the products Keva income plan is one of the best and a real blessing for those associates who can make a large network.

Keva is one of the best MLM companies to start your direct selling business.

KEVA Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to contact Keva Helpdesk?

Ans: it is always preferred to contact the direct sellers first but if you still face any problem regarding Keva products or want to have any questions on how to become a direct seller then you can call at +91 -161 5207000 or mail at    [email protected].

  1. Will the Distributors get a refund for products?

Ans: The distributors are eligible to get a full refund for any purchased Keva products or they can also exchange them for the new products with 30 days guarantee period.

  1. Do we need to pay any joining fees if we want to join Keva?

Ans: No, joining Keva is free of cost. But after joining Keva you need to buy Keva products to start your business income.

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