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FLP Networking Structure | Business Model

Forever Living is a multilevel marketing company headquartered in Arizona that produces and sells aloe vera-based beverages as well as bee-derived cosmetics, dietary supplements, and personal care products.

Forever Living is a well-established, network marketing company that enables its members to build their successful businesses.

Instead of spending a lot of money on ads, Forever Living generously rewards people who tell others about the goods and business potential.

Our members are recognized for their contributions to Forever Living at annual award ceremonies.

This profitable market structure provides a slew of financial advantages that conventional business models can’t match.

FLP Networking Structure


Becoming an Assistant Supervisor is the first step toward making money with Forever Living.

You must have “purchased 2 Case Credits within two consecutive months” to become an Assistant Supervisor.

Forever Living uses Case Credits (abbreviated as ccs) to monitor sales. 1cc is worth around £159 wholesale and £227 retail in the United Kingdom. It costs about $214 in the United States and $283 in Canada.

This means that you’ll need to spend £159 (or $214 in the US and $283 in Canada) on Forever Living goods to get 1cc.

To achieve Supervisor rank, you and your staff must jointly buy or sell 25ccs to customers for two consecutive months, Assistant Managers must buy or sell 75ccs for two consecutive months, and Managers must buy or sell 120ccs for two consecutive months.

This means that you and your team must sell or purchase the following items to meet each stage of the Forever Living marketing plan:

  • Supervisors would need £3,975 over two months.
  • Assistant Managers would need £11,925 over two months.
  • Managers would need £19,080 over two months.

Inside Forever Living, you are referred to as a Sales Leader whether you are a Supervisor or higher.

You must also fulfill the marketing plan’s criteria to be considered an “involved” Sales Leader and thereby qualify for bonuses and benefits.

You must also have a total of four “Active Case Credits… for that month, with at least one Personal Case Credit.”

You will not be paid a Volume Bonus that month if you do not reach “active status,” and you will not be considered an Active Sales Leader. Any unearned Volume Bonus will be charged to the upline’s next Active Sales Leader.

So, every month, you and your team must purchase or sell a minimum of £636 worth of Forever Living goods, with £159 of that amount coming from you.

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Benefits of FLP network marketing scheme

1. Start your own company

With Forever Living’s networking marketing opportunity, you can start your own company.

You will appreciate the independence and versatility of owning your own company by joining Forever Living’s network marketing programme.

You have complete control of where and when you work as an entrepreneur.

Instead of working hard to make your employer wealthy, you will profit from your efforts thanks to Forever Living’s reward programme.

2. No risk

Costs of overhead are minimal.

Traditional companies will cost tens of thousands of pounds to start and often include going into debt.

You won’t have to borrow money or recruit staff if you start your own network marketing company, and you’ll have low operating costs.

That’s what there is to it.

3. There is no income limit

Your pay range is constrained by the industry level in corporate employment.

The network marketing industry, on the other hand, does not place a limit on how much money you can make.

The more you work, the more money you’ll make.

The advantages of network marketing with this company are many, ranging from having complete control over your schedule to being able to easily manage overheads.

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