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Modicare Business Plan 2021 – Products Commission & Marketing

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In this article, you will find the Latest Modicare Business Plan. When it comes to Direct Selling Companies, Modicare is a legend.

Playing its cards meticulously in an industry conquered by multinational giants, the company has succeeded in operating 40 centers across the country.

There are no limitations to the categories of products these centers supply.

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Commencing with Personal Care and extending across Nutrition, Home Care, Laundry Care, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, and Auto Care, Modicare supplies to over 2700 cities.

The company’s R&D centers believe in their highly experienced technical staff who are responsible to bring in admirable products for Modicare.

The products hold Indian tastes firmly while committing to their standards internationally.

Modicare is known to give premium companies such as Amway India and Vestige Marketing tough competition.

Just by following the Direct Selling Guideline, Modicare has indeed made a big name for itself in the Direct Selling Industry.

Modicare’s Business Plan is the key to producing millionaires. For proof, have a look at our post on how Modicare Business Plan and Vestige Business Plan knockdown Amway India.

A respectful personality from the prestigious Modi business family, Samir Modi is admired by many in the MLM Industry and is the backbone of Modicare Limited.

Modicare’s MLM Business Plan is the Azadi Plan launched by Samir Modi. This incredible plan comes with the tagline,


and promises to turn heads around with the opportunities it brings along.

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 For financial Azadi of the country, Modicare’s Business Plan emphasizes the following 4 steps:

  1. Communicate with people about Modicare
  2. Make use of Modicare products
  3. Sell Modicare Products
  4. Get an impressive team of users and sellers built


It’s high time people have done things themselves to regain confidence. Hence, it’s the correct moment to become a complete self-user of Modicare products.

All the current products at home need an immediate replacement. After all, Modicare supplies 300 best in class products for a greater number of options to choose from.


Don’t procrastinate the act of sharing Modicare products with friends, relatives, and acquaintances after using them.

To experience the power of Modicare products it’s important to share positive product experiences.

The company emphasizes 100% personal satisfaction and thus, strives to give every product the best touch.


 To experience the power of the Azadi Plan, it’s equally important to start building a team of users.

As a matter of fact, instead of 100% self-support, getting 1% of 100 people’s effort can be beneficial.


Modicare assures its clients to remain a trusted ally always by staying loyal as a business partner no matter the circumstances.

With the Samir Modi Azadi Plan, the following 8 areas of income are promised.

  1. Savings on consumption: up to 20%
  2. Retail profit: up to 20%
  3. Accumulative performance bonus: 7% – 22%
  4. Director bonus: 14% POOL
  5. Leadership productivity bonus: 15% POOL
  6. Outbound travel fund: 3% POOL
  7. Dream vehicle fund: 5% POOL
  8. Dream home fund: 3% POOL

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As a Modicare consultant, a discount of up to 20% on the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is a big deal.

Such an incredible offer comes with an envious opportunity to save on household expenses each month.

Modicare categorizes its promising products into 9 categories that are meant for regular use for the entire family.


To build a strong foundation for the business, the rule to share products with customers is highly emphasized upon.

The products at Modicare are available at a consultant price to its consultants.

However, consultants can share products with their customers at retail prices. The benefit comes from the retail profits which can extend up to 20%.


Performance bonuses can only be earned after qualifying. Performance bonuses offered by Modicare are amongst the best in the industry of Direct Selling.

To get these rewarding bonuses, one needs to accumulate the qualifying level of Point Value (PV). Point Value is abbreviated as PV and is counted as a unit amount assigned to each product.

Furthermore, to qualify for performance bonuses, it’s necessary on the part of a consultant to make a minimum personal purchase of 300 PBV till the Supervisor level and at least 600 PBV from the level of Directors and onwards.

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If the consultant fails to make the minimum personal purchase for a particular month, the Accumulative Performance Bonus is carried forward to be released on the month the distributors make the purchase. Simple and beneficial!


As the name suggests, Leadership Productivity Bonus is a reward to create leaders in one’s team.

At Modicare, 15% of the monthly BV is set aside as a Leadership Productivity Bonus.

BV refers to Business Volume which is linked to PV in the form of a pre-announced ratio. In the present scenario, PV: BV ratio is 1:25 but may change from time to time.

In 1996 Samir Modi commenced with Modicare Limited, an MLM Company.

Modicare Business Plan holds a big deal of similarity with other MLM’s business plan. Both of them talk of two jobs to be done by a direct seller.

Product Selling: 

It is highly prioritized for every Modicare direct seller to initiate a maximum frequency sale for every Modicare product.

Ultimately, a greater amount of retail profit is earned through an increase in the number of product sales.

Modicare Direct Seller can get a chance to earn fixed PV and BV on each purchase at ease.


With the nation suffering from acute unemployment, Modicare promises new recruitment options.

On their downline, Modicare Direct Sellers have to employ more direct sellers.

A small commission can also be earnt upline when a purchase is made downline. Network Marketing plays a big role in the recruitment process.

Modicare is a platform created by the earnest efforts of leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and innovators, to let the common man have a sense of dignity and freedom of choice. After all, dreams are never aware of boundaries.

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