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New DXN Products Price list 2020 – Download PDF File

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Most people always use network marketing company’s products. Here you can see all DXN product price list for India with MRP, DP, BV values of products.

DXN company deal in all categories like healthcare, skincare, food & beverages, personal care, and household. The company is founded by Dr. Lim Siow Jin in 1993.

The company products are good very good and organic. We can use these products without any side effects. Today of most people preferred to use these products.

DXN offers a different variety of products which are all food supplements containing natural herbs. They are well renowned for their Ganoderma products, a red color mushroom called the king of herbs.

The following list helps to understand their products range and their benefits

GL, RG, Lingzhi Coffee, DXN Tea, Ganozhi Tooth Paste, Cocozhi, Morinzhi, Spirulina Gifted by nature, these products are acts like Elixir for the people suffering from Diabetes, Arthritis, Insomnia, Cancer, Obesity, Blood Pressure, Asthma, Allergies, Heart Diseases, Kidney Problems, Liver Disorders, Neurological Problems, SLE Immune system Disorders, Harmon Problems, Infertility, Menstrual Issues, Impotency, Stress, Migraine, and Dental Problems.

They will control the blood sugar level and Blood Pressure, increase body energy, and reduce Heart-related complications.

They will soothe aching muscles and joints and increase bone and muscle strength. These will also reduce stress and protect pregnant women from fluctuations in BP.

By improving the blood circulation in the body, they will aid in calming the mind and thus reducing anxieties.

They mainly strengthen the immune system and thus it will enable the body to fight against the disease-causing viruses such as Swine flu and allergies.

The body will be able to absorb more Oxygen and nutrients and better control Urea and Creatinine which the main culprits beyond many Kidney disorders are.

These products inhibit the growth of cancer-causing tumors and reduce their further spread in the body.

Ganoderma is related to Longevity in Chinese culture as it can balance the total body’s biochemistry and increase life span.

The DXN Product Price List also contains other products for skin care as follows RG, GL, Massage oil, Chubby Baby oil, Aloe V— Formulated for treating skin problems such as skin problems, skin infections, and itching and increase skin’s elasticity and suppleness, making the skin baby soft.

They are known for improving skin tone and heal Ulcers, Burn-Wounds, Cuts, and Chirps, they will treat Psoriasis and other skin fungus causing ailments.

RG, GL, Ganozhi Shampoo, Massage Oil — designed as an overall solution for hair related problems. These products strengthen hair roots and reduce split ends, Dandruff, infections, itching, and Hair Loss. Hair texture will be improved, and your hair starts to feel silky soft, and healthy.

RG, GL, Ganozhi Soap, GSCS Pack— these are specially formulated for Facial Skin. They will preserve the natural skin’s oil balance and natural beauty removes dead skin and blackheads, makes skin super soft and supple, reduce dark circles and spots. Improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles.

Let’s find out DXN products price List

dxn all products price list

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