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Netsurf Business Plan 2021, Company Profile and details

If you are looking for a Netsurf business plan, Company details then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to talk about another direct selling company known as Netsurf Network.

Netsurf is an Indian MLM company that was founded by Sujit Sohalnal Jain, Sanjay Malpani, and Bhavesh Jayantilal Mehta on 15th March 2000.

Netsurf has its head office in Pune Maharashtra where it registered itself under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs).

Netsurf groups are run by Sujit Jain, which has various other companies under them like:

  • Netsurf Communication Private Limited
  • Ajay Bio-Tech (India) Limited
  • Netsurf Research Private Limited
  • Netsurf Entertainment LLP

Netsurf is listed on consumer affair’s legal direct selling company list, providing Netsurf the right to run direct selling or network marketing business in India.

Netsurf mostly includes health care products in its marketing plan.

2.5 million+ customers have their faith in Netsurf products. Netsurf network operates in almost 633 Districts, 5000 Blocks.

Netsurf Company History

Today India has almost 4 million+ direct selling businesses running, this provides the entrepreneurs the biggest opportunity to make a great living.

Netsurf is one of the leading direct selling companies on the list.

Netsurf was started with a vision, to make such a company that will lead the direct selling business market, providing every everyone an opportunity to run a sustainable business.

The vision became a reality in 2000 when Netsurf was considered to be the most respected direct selling company that works legally cleanly and transparently.

Netsurf is now one of the leading direct selling companies which started operating in India with the best organic care products.

Currently, Netsurf has spread its business in almost 22 states in India.

It provides the best quality products that are manufactured using a high-quality manufacturing process.

This made Netsurf the first choice for the consumers and direct sellers.

Netsurf Marketing Plan

Netsurf has a unique marketing plan according to it anyone can join Netsurf as a direct seller but buying Netsurf products after joining is mandatory.

Netsurf has 3 different packages available for the direct sellers to choose from.

These packages keep changing from time to time, remember the price of the package is directly proportional to the amount of discount.

If you buy an expensive package, you tend to get more discounts. The amount of discount mainly ranges from 15% to 30%.

After joining Netsurf you will have to perform mainly 2 tasks:

  • Buying or selling products
  • Recruitment


When you join Netsurf for the first time you will have to buy its products. The company will provide you these products at distributor price which is lower than the MRP.

You can choose to either sell these products at MRP and earn retail profit/commission or you can save money by using those products for yourself.

The retail profit/ commission can be calculated by the easy formula below:

Retail Profit/Commission = MRP – Distributor price



The second main task that you will have to perform after joining Netsurf will be recruiting downlines.

Whenever downlines buy Netsurf products, the uplines are given some amount of profit sharing.

Recruitment is another way to earn money in MLM companies, here you will have to recruit as many downlines as you can.

By recruiting downlines, you get a chance to earn different types of income which we will discuss in our business plan.

Netsurf has over 5 lakhs+ successful direct sellers who are running their day-to-day business on the Netsurf platform.

Netsurf Business Plan

Netsurf has a unique and employee-centric business plan. It provides 3 types of income plans to its direct sellers. Those are:

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Turnover Bonus
  3. Generation Income

Netsurf allows its direct sellers to earn retail profit with every purchase. The company provides its products to the direct sellers at distributor price i,e. Less than MRP.

The directs sellers can choose to sell those products at mentioned MRP hence earning retail profit or can choose to use them hence making a huge saving

Here the retail profit depends on the initial package purchased by the direct seller where they get a chance to earn a profit that may range from 15% to 30%.


This is the second type of income provided by Netsurf. According to this company, it will provide you with some commission on every downline purchase.

You will be rewarded 5% from direct downline purchase and 3% to 6% from total team turnover.


This will be the third type of income provided by Netsurf.

According to generate the income you will be able to earn some commission based on 7 levels of downline purchase.

For example, you have 2 downlines so from the first downline you will be provided some amount of commission and from the second downline, you will be given some amount of commission.

If your first downline has another downline then you will be eligible to earn a second level of commission.

You can refer to the below chart to find out how much commission is rewarded at each downline level.
Netsurf Business Plan

Netsurf Products List

Products are one of the most important pillars for any direct selling company.

According to Netsurf the main motive behind their direct selling business is to provide chemical-free natural products to every individual.

Netsurf has almost 63 natural products on its list among which health care and agricultural products are in great demand.

Even though some of the Netsurf products cost quite a fortune but as compared to other MLM company products there are made of natural ingredients and have more health benefits.

According to the recent survey Netsurf has sold almost 5.2 million+ HealthCare products to families, 9 million+ personal care products to various households, and 12 million+ agricultural products to the farmers.

All these products are designed with proper scientific techniques and are manufactured using advanced processes. Some of the products are:

1. Biofit:

These products are a blessing to farmers, they efficiently increase the growth of organic farming, help the farmers with sustainable income as they show a huge amount of agricultural output with very less input cost.

These products are chemical-free and promote healthy agricultural growth.

Some of the products in these lists are:

  1. Plant Growth Promoters
  2. Adjuvants
  3. weedicides
  4. Bio-pesticides
2. Herb & care:

These products are the perfect blend of natural ancient herbs and professional techniques.

These are the best fir for your hair and skin-related issues. There are almost 30 products which are further categorized into:

  1. Vitamin Therapy
  2. Ayurveda
  3. Professional
3. Naturamore:

These products are essential for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The products are made of natural ingredients which promotes a healthy lifestyle.

These are the best nutrition’s available in the market for your entire family and are trusted by over 1 million customers. Some of the products in this category are:

  1. Daily Nutrition
  2. Functional Nutrition

More details on the products can be obtained by clicking on the links provides.

This will give you a detailed product list under each category along with the price and quantity details.

There are more such products and categories available in Netsurf for the complete details visit the site with the below-provided link and hover over the “OUR BRANDS” tab under which you will get the product categories and product details.


Netsurf Turnover

Netsurf always believed in transparency and working legally by complying with the policies.

It wants to provide the best quality products to its customers.

With this belief and trust, Netsurf provided its customers the best products and gradually earned the faith of almost 3 million customers.

The company’s turnover for the financial year 2019-2020 was rupees 350 Cr/-. Netsurf has a vision that by the end of the financial year 2020-2021 it will be able to grow itself by at least rupees 500 Cr/-.


Netsurf marketing plan has managed to acquire a position where you can completely put your faith in it.

But if you still have some doubts as to why should you prefer this company for growing your business or why should you use these products instead of other products which are available in the market?

Then let us give you a brief of it:

This company believes in complete transparency like you will be able to see or can connect with any Netsurf member, you can look into the total turnovers, payouts, and achievements.

This company supports a unique business plan, no demotions for any direct sellers, the gradual increase of commissions.

All these features make this company worth working for.

And about the products as we have seen all are made of natural ingredients and provide a chemical-free solution to all the problems.

These are the main reason why you should choose Netsurf Network to start your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much do we need to spend to join Netsurf?

Ans: According to direct selling guidelines, no fess is required to connect with Netsurf or any other MLM companies.

But after joining Netsurf buying its products comes under mandatory requirements.

Q2: Is Netsurf fraud?

Ans: No, Netsurf is a network-based marketing company, which is completely product-oriented and legal.

Q3: Can we return Netsurf products?

Ans: Yes, according to direct selling guidelines all products can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

You may choose to exchange these products with a new one or you may ask for a complete refund.

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