Network Marketing

How to Start Network Marketing in India

Network marketing is one of the best options to earn extra income by having the freedom of work hours, at the same time you can make it a full-time profession as well.

That’s why It is worth investing some time to research how to start network marketing in the best way to play it safe and be profitable.

What company to choose

There are hundreds of multi-level marketing companies out there which can confuse to the extent you cannot decide what to join.

To make this step easier I would suggest you, first enquire if any of your acquaintances or relatives are into the network marketing.

If yes, then it will be a cakewalk for you. Their experience and feedback will help you decide which one to join.

Another way is to find out is through online reviews about the best company to work. I personally believe that all legitimate companies will offer one or another type of benefit.

They may differ in the way they work. Mostly the benefits are about the commission, discounts, free gifts, etc.

How to know the legitimacy of the company

It is a good and important question to ask. Firstly, make a list of companies you are considering to join.

Then enquire about the company online in the form of reviews on Quora etc. also visit the company’s website and go through their marketing plan thoroughly.

If the company is legitimate, its main concentration will be on selling the products but not on raising money.

If its anywhere it says that you need to join new members in order to have more commission, then it can be most likely a Ponzi scheme.

Which means a fraud company alluring people for earning money.

But remember even legitimate network marketing companies need their members to join new members under them.

But it will all be a part of forming a marketing team to sell more products. And the membership fee will be minimum to nothing.

And your main commission will be based on the number of products you sell. This is the main difference between the fraud and legitimate.

Beginning the network marketing

Once you cross this step and joined one of the best companies, now your real job starts. As a beginner, you need to understand the marketing plan for the new company.

Their product selling, discount, and percentage of commission, rule, and regulations to avoid legal complications, etc. will be a part of this.

At the start, you will have difficulty with making more sales. Try to form new relations, friends, and contacts.

Let them know that your selling XYZ companies’ products. ask your friends to tell their contacts about your marketing.

Whenever you attend a party or get together, use that opportunity to talk about your products and their benefits.

But be careful not to bore anyone. Grab any opportunity where you gently get their attention towards your products and make them buy once.

The key is to start slow and steady to win the race. Be honest in your dealings to gain buyer’s trust.

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