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Forever Living Products Marketing Plan and Business opportunities

Are you looking for an FLP Marketing plan and Business opportunities? Here in this article, we are going to tell you about Forever living company.

Among all the other constantly growing companies Forever living products (FLP) is one of the product-based direct selling companies, which has its headquarters in Arizona, USA.

Forever Living was founded in 1978, by an American businessman Rex Maughan.

This company is widely spread over 160 countries and still, it’s searching to spread its boundaries all over the world to target a wide range of audiences.

In India, FLP was registered under MCA on 25th January 2011 and is one of the best Legal direct selling companies.

Forever living company profile

 FLP being an MLM company (multilevel marketing) connects with a wide range of audiences allowing them to earn money through MLM, and those individuals are known as FBO (Forever Business Owner).

The Role of Assistant Supervisor can be obtained right after joining FLP just by buying FLP products worth 30,000 and above.

There are various levels or grades that an individual FBO can acquire either by buying or selling those products, with each increasing level the capability of earning increases gradually.

Unlike other MLM companies, FLP prioritizes its work mainly into two categories buying products and recruitment.

  1. Buying Products: the FBO needs to buy the products after joining FLP, which they can either sell at retail price or can use themselves.
  2. Recruitment: among all the other activities performed at FLP recruitment is one of the most important ones since it is bringing the audience together to widen its network, so all the FBO’s needs to recruit other individual looking for such earning opportunity and ask them to buy the products.

FLP Company History

Forever living company and its partners are one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Aloe vera and bee products with approximately $3 billion retail sales worldwide.

There are over 10 billion forever business owners working worldwide in over 160 countries. In only 43 years of marketing, the company is known for its trust and reliability.

The tale begins with a man looking for a business opportunity to conquer two main goals in which he always believed in, which are financial stability and good health.

With his ambitious dream and enormous struggle, he founded FLP in 1978 and invited only 43 people to join the first meeting of FLP which was held in Tempe, Arizona.

Starting from this meeting a journey began that led to incredible success.

Even though FLP started as one man’s vision for the future but is now the vision of millions.

The quality of products and ease of the FLP business plan helped to increase the quality of living for billions of FBOs.

Among all the individuals associated with FLP, some of them started as customers but over the period they grew to be FLP entrepreneurs; while the others were able to see business potential and immediately began to contribute to the success of the organization.

The growing success has helped millions of individuals to become healthier and wealthier.

FLP Marketing Plan and Business Opportunities

FLP’s marketing plan is really unique and justifies our ideology that every individual living should have equal rights and equal opportunities to make the income they desire if they are ready to put in the efforts which are required to achieve their goals.

FLP business plan

FLP Marketing plan has come up with various special features which benefit the associates throughout their journey with the organization. Which includes:

1. Apart from the application, no other joining fees are required

2. Associates will not have to pay any kind of renewal fees or annual fees

3. All the associates will be paid bonuses on 100% retail price

4. 21% retail profits are provided to the associates automatically

5. Associates will be given training and will have to attend seminars

6. Warehousing expenses are not involved

7. Products are not only delivered locally but also nationally

8. Associates are not demoted from their position or levels

All these qualities and immerging work standards make FLP a safe and secure place to work and earn a great livelihood.

As we have seen that FLP not only has a customer-centric marketing plan but it also provides enormous support and greater learning opportunities for its associates to learn and grow in the organization.

There is a wide range of business opportunities that are provided by FLP to its associates one of which includes benefits when an associate achieves a higher level with their hard work and passion.

With each increasing level comes great opportunities along with great responsibilities as they contribute to the success of the organization.

These are the benefits that are given to the employees throughout his/her journey in this organization:


For a new joiner, there are no joining fees, only the application will do the magic, these new distributors will be provided trainings by the organization also will be rewarded 18% profit on retail; they are allowed to bring others to the company meeting.


Upon reaching this level the associate will be rewarded 43% profits on retail,21% NDP, and an additional 5% profit on personal retails sales, they will be invited to successful meetings and can start sponsoring along with building their own success line.


In this level, an associate can make likely 43% retail profit,21% NDP, up to 8% bonus on personal retails sales, and 3% additional bonus on AS group profit. They can attend success meetings along with building their success lines.


When the associate reaches this level, they are likely to make around 43% retail profit, 21% ND profit, 8% AS profit, 5% supervisor group gain, and 13% gain on personal retails.

They can attend success meetings and can continue building their success line.


This being the highest level an associate can achieve, with this level the individual makes around 43% retail profit,21% ND profit, 18% personal retail gain,5% AM profit, 10% gain on supervisor group, and 13% on AS group along with attending success meetings and building their success lines.

FLP team marketing basically when the associate recommends products and the consumer buys that, in this was the associate earns bonuses and commissions.

Basically, here an individual’s success is measured by internal units known as Case credits(cc’s), by earning more such CC’s the associates get an opportunity to earn incentives, awards, and bonuses.

Along with the above business opportunities, the Forever living Business model provides various types of earning chances and incentives at Forever living products, such as retail bonus (up to 43%), volume bonus, New Distributor bonus, Leadership bonus, Gem bonus, and many more.

FLP received certifications from various national and international organizations since it maintains its high product quality and product integrity.

FLP Products

FLP is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of Aloe vera products, that provides its consumers the top-quality products.

FLP products are designed according to the needs, preferences, and income levels of consumers.

All these products are purely based on Aloe vera and honey which are categorized between health, nutrition, drinks, dietary components, and cosmetics. Among all the other products Aloe vera gel is the largest selling product.

All these products are reliable since they are manufactured from selected ingredients and are developed using advanced technology.

All the products are categories as below:

  1. Drinks:
  2. Forever aloe vera gel
  3. Forever aloe berry nectar
  4. Forever Aloe Peaches
  5. Bee products:
  6. Forever bee Honey
  7. Forever Royal Jelly

2. Nutrition:

  1. Forever aloe turm
  2. Forever C Plus
  3. Forever Argi+
  4. Forever Active HA

3. Weight management:

  1. Forever ultra-light chocolate
  2. Forever Garcinia Plus
  3. Forever Fiber
  4. Daily Skincare
  5. Aloe lips with jojoba
  6. Forever propolis cream
  7. Aloe Moisturizing Lotion
  8. Forever Marine Mask
  9. Infinite By Forever
  10. Infinite Hydrating Cleanser
  11. Infinite Firming Serum
  12. Infinite Restoring Cream
  13. Targeted Skincare
  14. Awakening Eye Cream
  15. Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask
  16. Forever Essentials
  17. Clean Hands
  18. Forever Face Mask

4. Personal Care

  1. Forever Bright Toothgel
  2. Aloe Ever-Shield Deo stick
  3. 25th Edition Cologne
  4. Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo
  5. Household
  6. Aloe First
  7. Forever Aloe MPD
  8. Forever Hand Sanitizer

The above are some examples of the products available under each category. However, you would be fascinated to know that there are 100s of products under each category.

We have given a few examples to familiarize you with the categories and the type of products under them.

Why Forever Living Products?

Now the main question one must come across is even though there are so many other cheaper brands available in the market then why do we go for these products?

The answer is that even though there is a wide range of products available but FLP products are aloe vera and honey-based without any adulteration while some other companies may use bleaching agents which is why FLP product’s taste may be different as no flavoring agent or coloring agent is used in the making process.

Aloe vera gel which is the most widely selling product is extracted from fresh aloe vera leaves and is stabilized to protect its nutrition.

This process is parented by the CEO himself to maintain the quality check of the products.

Not only the products but FLP business model provided various opportunities to the associates who want to be a part of the success.

So, if you are an individual looking for hassle-free job opportunities while staying at home then this might be a wonderful opportunity for you to work from home and earn a great living.


  1. Is FLP fraud?

Ans: The answer is no, FLP is associated with MCA and is one of the legal direct selling companies.

  1. How to connect with FLP?

Ans: any individual above 18 years is eligible to join FLP, the necessary documents such as Aaddhar card and pan card details should be given at the time of joining. Along with this, it’s important to buy 2CC products.

  1. What are 2 CC products?

Ans: CC stands for company currency which is the measuring unit of FLP, which is used to derive different incomes in FLP. 1 CC is equal to 1500o rupees.

  1. How to contact the FLP helpdesk?

Ans: it’s very easy to connect to the FLP helpdesk sales team, one can either dial +91 22 6641 4000 or can write at [email protected]

  1. What are the return policies at FLP?

Ans: Customers can easily return the products within 30 days of buying, they can either replace their products with a new product or can get a 100% refund on products.

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