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AWPL Business Plan 2023 | 5 Types of AWPL Incomes

Hello Friends, In this article, we will provide you with complete information about AWPL business plan, company history, profile, turnover, and products categories.

About The Awpl Company:

Asclepius wellness private limited also known as Asclepius wellness or AWPL is one of the outgrowing direct selling/ MLM companies, which has its headquarters in Dwarka, New Delhi. It is started on 07, October 2014

This company was established in October 2014, registering itself under MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs).

AWPL managed or owned by one of the most successful managers Sanjeev Kumar who was awarded by International Excellence Award, in Malaysia in 2019.

Not only the managers but the combined efforts of Directors Chand Raipuria and Amit Kumar, helped the company reach its heights.

AWPL is listed as one of the legal direct selling companies by the Indian Government, which gave this company the rights to run the MLM business plan in India.

Official website:

Office Address: P.N 18 Block-c Pocket-8, Sector-17, Dwarka New Delhi -110075

Awpl Company History:

Asclepius is a Greek word that means God of Medicines. AWPL is the direct manufacturer of ayurvedic health, supplementary, and beauty products.

The manufacturing unit is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

AWPL is a company, which has the rights to run the MLM (multilevel marketing) business plan can connect with a wide range of audiences giving them permission to buy and sell products.

The company markets and sells all its manufactured products via Directs Sellers.

Direct sellers are the people who help to sell these products directly to the end-users.

AWPL is engaged in direct selling business which means that’s its products directly sold and delivered to its consumers in a non-retail environment.

Here sales occur either at home or at non-stored locations, hence deleting the involvement of any middlemen like wholesalers, regional distribution centers for delivering the products.

Here products go directly from the manufacturer to direct sellers, the distributors, and the consumers.

The product that is sold through direct sales is not available in distinctive retail locations, which means products can only be bought from the distributors.

AWPL was once a vision that became reality in 2014 and now by the hard work of its owner, director, and all those direct sellers it is considered as one of the most successful companies in the industry.

AWPL Business Plan

AWPL being an MLM company recruits individuals as direct sellers/distributer.

Direct sellers are those individuals who are connected to this company and help this company for marketing and selling its products to the consumer.

AWPL’s marketing plan is very simple, upon joining AWPL the direct sellers need to buy its products at distributor rate (which is less than MRP).

They can either use those products or can sell those products at MRP.

The main aspects which are included in AWPL’s marketing plan are:

  • Product selling
  • Recruitment


Whenever any individual connects to an MLM company as a direct seller, they can buy the company’s product at distributor price which is less than MRP.

If the individual chose to use the products by themselves then they will have personal savings, else, if they want to sell these products, they can earn retail profit.

For example, if the direct seller buys a product at 100 rupees which has an MRP of 120 rupees, and if they chose to use the product, they will save 20 rupees or if they chose to sell the product at MRP then they will earn a profit of 20 rupees.


This is the most important activity which is performed at AWPL as this plays a major role in the growth of the marketing/business at the organization.

After becoming a direct seller, the person can recruit other individuals to work under them.

Those who are added to work under direct sellers are called Downline and those who added or recruited these downlines are called uplines.

Whenever a downline buys a product, the uplines will get a profit.

These profits will be discussed in the AWPL business plan under-compensation criteria.

Always remember that MLM companies will never give money just for the recruitment that is against the guidelines of MLM companies.

The income will be directly based on the upline’s and downline’s selling profit.

Download AWPL business plan PDF

At AWPL the business plan is very unique and easy to understand, as it is a direct selling company, where employees (direct sellers) can earn money both by selling the products and by recruiting another individual.

The main question that might arise is how to connect with AWPL and become a direct seller?

How to Join AWPL

By following these simple steps any individual can become a direct seller at AWPL:

  1. For free registration go to the website
  2. Update the KYC
  3. Go through all the terms and conditions, press agree, and put the signature via OTP
  4. Then the user will get the user ID and password and will become a direct seller and will be eligible for direct seller benefits.

AWPL Compensation Plan:

In AWPL’s company profile its compensation plan/income plan adds a cherry to the cake.

As we saw that the users do not have to pay any fees while registering themselves as direct sellers, but after registering they need to buy products worth 12000 rupees, only then they can start earning.

5 Types of  AWPL Incomes

There are 5 types of incomes provided by AWLP to its direct sellers:

1. Sales commission:

In this type of commission, the company distributes 43 rupees profit for 1 Sales point (S.P) each.

For earning these commissions, the direct sellers must be authorized to create their unlimited sales accomplishments.

They can train the other direct sellers Aswell.

2. Monthly sales performance commission:

When the direct sellers successfully achieve the specified sales criteria then the company provides another sales commission based on their performance.

AWPL Business Plan

3. Star sales leadership Commission:

As the direct sellers achieve the specified sales criteria the company awards them with the star sales leadership commission.

They require to start fresh S.P to acquire their monthly rank commission.

AWPL Business Plan

4. Ambassador club leadership Commission:

When a direct seller achieves the specific sales criteria the company awards the seller with an ambassador club leadership commission.

In this one, the company provides rupees 7 for 1 S.P

AWPL Business Plan

5. Repurchase commission on sale:

When a direct seller achieves the below criteria’s then they are awarded repurchase commission on sales.

AWPL Business Plan

For further details on this, you can visit the website and can gather more information on this.

The benefits and discounts provided to the direct sellers are:

AWPL Business Plan

AWPL Products:

Nowadays the main focus of MLM companies lies in manufacturing health, wellness, and supplements.

Since. these kinds of products are used daily in day-to-day life, hence making a profit of it, is quite easy.

These products are made with natural ingredients using modern processing methods, which has a lot of benefits.

AWPL mentions its sales points, distributor price and MRP mentioned in all its products.

AWPL Business Plan

AWPL products have natural benefits, are safe to use, and are categorized into the below categories:

1. Wellness:
  1. EXE C comfort oil (roll-on)
  2. Free you Anion Sanitary pad
  3. EXE H DOC sanitizer
  4. Ayush Kawachi Powder
2. Hair Care:
  1. EXE hair cleanser
  2. Hairdoc herbal hair oil
  3. EXE hair shine OINT
  4. Oral care:
  5. DentoDOC dental cream
3. Beauty care:
  1. EXE aloe vera cucumber cream
  2. EXE herbal face wash
  3. Exe herbal face pack
  4. Exe herbal face scrub
4. Food products:
  1. Eco arogyam tea
  2. Exe immunity drop
  3. DigiDoc powder
  4. Exe Giloy juice
  5. Exe ashwagandha tablet
Download AWPL Product Catalogue Booklet

AWPL Company turnover

After the incorporation of Asclepius wellness in October 2014, it is privileged as a private limited company which is situated in Dwarka Delhi.

The annual turnover of AWPL as of 31st march 2019 (end of financial year) increased by 188.03% than the previous year.

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited’s operating revenue ranged from 100cr – 500cr, the reason for the huge increase in the company’s turnover.

This current status of AWPL is active and the latest balance sheet was prepared at the end of March 2020 before the annual general meeting held on December 2020.


Now the main question one must come across is why should we use these products or become a direct seller at AWPL even though there are a lot of other companies which provide all these products at cheap prices.

It is your choice whether you want to connect to this company or not, but before connecting to any other MLM companies you must review all their business plan

You should choose the one where you can get the maximum amount of profit.

In AWPL the direct seller commission on the middlemen commission is given entirely to the Direct sellers at the end of the financial year.

This is the main reason why all the direct sellers at AWPL earn a lot of commission.

All the AWPL products are manufactured using modern processes, scientific formulation, and natural green ingredients.

They are unique, exceptional, super affordable, and easily available to all.

So, if you are a person looking for a better job opportunity then you can become a direct seller at AWPL and can earn a handsome amount of money. This is the right place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How to become a direct seller at AWPL?

Ans: It is very easy to become a direct seller at AWPL, you just need to register yourself on the website (, update the KYC, and agree to the terms and conditions then you will directly receive your direct seller login ID and password.

Q2: Is AWPL fraud?

Ans: No, AWPL is not a fraudulent company, it is registered under the company act 1956 and is listed as one of the legal direct selling companies by the Indian Government.

Q3: Where can we buy AWPL products?

Ans: You can buy AWPL products from the direct sellers at your nearest distribution points or branches.

Q4: How to contact AWPL customer care?

Ans: It is very easy to contact AWPL helpdesk you can either call at +918800397419, 011-28043739, or an email at [email protected] including your direct selling Id in the mail.

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