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Safe Shop Business Plan 2021

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This article intends to present a simple overview of the Safe Shop business plan easily and comprehensively. It is a network marketing company in India.

Have you ever thought of multiplying your income streams to make both ends meet?

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Direct selling companies like Safe Shop offer a wonderful opportunity for hardworking and witty people to live the life of their dreams.

Safe Shop India is among the pioneer network marketing companies in India. Owned by TarunJangid, the company was established in December 2000.

Today, it is trusted and one of the leading direct selling enterprises in India.

There are two core pillars of Safe Shop company – E-commerce and Viral Marketing.

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For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, we would like to elaborate on E-commerce and viral marketing a bit.

E-commerce is all about using the internet to promote and sell products or services.

Almost every brand or company you know today has its professional website to showcase its products, solutions, and services.

By doing so, they attract a larger crowd of people and sell their commodities all over the globe.

Next coming to viral marketing, in simple terms, viral marketing is the practice where consumers are encouraged to promote or sell the company’s products using social media.

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They receive exciting perks in return from the company for doing this.

This business practice is highly successful today as it creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Viral marketing is becoming a popular trend of this decade and the best thing about it is that anyone can be a viral seller!

Just join the company and start receiving benefits if you can successfully promote the products in your network.

You need a good convincing power, great communication skills, and a desire to achieve.

Shopping websites are getting a tremendously positive response in the country, and are expected to earn the same glory in the future as well.

Though the number of shopping websites is overwhelmingly large, Safe Shop India is a recognized name in this industry as it is a website with a difference.

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Safe Shop features the perfect blend of E-Commerce and Viral Marketing.

To create a strong consumer proposition, we use the strength of technology and blend it well with the human interface of viral marketing.

The best part of our company is associated with the opportunity we give to our consumers to achieve financial success.

Such opportunities are given only by a handful of e-commerce companies in the country.

With Safe Shop, consumers receive enrichment as empowerment. To do so, we use the newest technologies to get the entire supply chain free of inefficiencies.

Moreover, our consumers receive savings on marketing and procurement in the form of royalty income and discounted prices.

We work day in and day out to keep our customers happy. For this purpose, we depend on a Strong Loyalty Program we have created to ensure that our customers receive money for every rupee they have spent on our website to shop.

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At any rate, Safe Shop helps you earn by your efforts.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission of the company is to deliver high-quality goods to its consumers at an affordable price.

Further, the company envisions to provide value for money in a consumer-centric viral shopping network.

It is a good thing if you get a website from where you can shop for things for your use as well as earn a handsome amount of money by recommending those products to others. Safe Shop is one such website.

Following are the ethics the company possesses:

  • A safe shop does everything with the utmost integrity. They are transparent with their customers and deals fairly with the terms and conditions.
  • The company aspires to create abundance by being a large social community of shoppers and viral sellers.
  • The company believes in fostering long-term relationships with its customers by value accretion.
  • Safe Shop follows a sustainable growth model. They are thoughtful about the future along with making the present conditions optimized for customers.

Safe Shop Foundation

A skilled team backed by academic qualifications, iron-clad experience, adept knowledge, Safe Shop has it all.

They offer a wide range of products to their customers including fashion, cosmetics, health, wellness, and more.

Together with a committed staff of 200 employees and a strong technological setup, the company has gained a huge customer base of 5lakh+ over the past 18 years.

The company leverages social media platforms to reach new customers and engage old ones.

With its headquarters situated in New Delhi, Safe Shop distributes its products all over India.

It thrives to connect with all the customers residing in towns and cities with better feasibility.

The company has adopted a holistic acquisition model which means they acquire customers through several modes like direct selling, internet, and viral marketing.

They ensure quality in their products and try to comply with situations with no risks. There is also a team that provides online training to new members joining the plan.

Their marketing tactic is the one that incorporates technology with the human interface.

They have generated loyal recurring customers that keep them growing. This is what contributes to the strong foundation of Safe Shop.

Benefits of Joining Safe Shop Business Plan

Many network marketing companies follow the direct selling business model. Then, why should you choose Safe Shop?

This question is worth asking. We are mentioning some attributes of the Safe Shop company that will help you make a better decision regarding why you should join this company.

1. Wide range of products

They have an overwhelming variety of products in different categories. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose from multiple options.

This is something admirable. Any product you pick will be 100% authentic, quality-assured, and available at the best price point.

2. Budget-friendly items

Getting lovable products at a budget-friendly cost is the dream of every shopping-addict.

But buying cheap items doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the quality.

Because Safe shop directly delivers the products to their consumers avoiding any middlemen, hence they can provide lower rates with higher standards.

3. Trusted Brands

At Safe Shop, you interact with trusted brands offering reliable products.

This, in turn, makes you confident when you further recommend these products to your contacts.

If you order the items from here, they come in sealed boxes with the manufacturer’s information and warranty labels.

4. Dedicated Customer Support

There are many things responsible for the success of Safe Shop India, excellent customer service is one of them.

The company is available to hear your feedback and complaints if any. You can reach out to them through various channels and a customer care portal.

5. Compliance Program

Safe Shop has developed a strong compliance system to eliminate risks encountered in business.

A compliance system that involves pre-emptive and year-round training, control, and supervision have been formulated.

This ensures sticking to laws laid by the company and all employees follow the same etiquette.

You are going to have a great experience as a safe shop customer. They monitor, encourage, and delight their customers.

‘CLEAR’ – The Essence of Safe Shop Business Plan:

‘Clear’ stands for Customer Loyalty Earning and Remuneration.

Based on your efforts and skills, this unique Remuneration Program will help you earn a Remuneration.

The level of remuneration depends on how well you and your team promote new purchases and how valued the product is.

With Safe Shop Remuneration Program, it is easy to start your own business as the program ensures your success throughout the journey.

At Safe Shop India, you don’t need to pay for the registration of Direct Seller (DS). A DS can buy products at the Safe Shop Price (SSP) for self-consumption as well as selling purposes.

The following income plan will help you have a better idea of the overall contribution of an individual, team, and product.

How this Plan Works Effectively

You have to go through the series of 8 steps depicted below:

  1. Become a Safe Shop customer by purchasing from their website.
  2. Register as a direct seller through their website, there are no fees for doing this.
  3. Start shopping and testing products by using them in your day-to-day life.
  4. If you like the products, introduce them to your friends and acquaintances using social media.
  5. Create a team by making more people join the company as direct sellers under your reference.
  6. Achieve the rewards as your team keeps expanding.
  7. Get team shopping points once the team starts retailing and purchasing the company’s goods.
  8. Keep your business growing and earn more rewards.

That’s it! Making money can be that level simpler with the Safe Shop business plan.

Retail Remuneration:

Retail Remuneration is the difference between Maximum Retail price (MRP) and Safe Shop Price (SSP).

In short, MRP – SSP = Retail Remuneration

The following are a few important notes regarding Retail Remuneration:

A Direct Seller (DS) receives the product at a discounted price on This discounted price is often regarded as Safe Shop Price (SSP).

If you are the Direct Seller, then you are allowed to sell the products at MRP or below. But, you aren’t permitted to sell any product at a price lower than SSP.

Retail Remuneration is the Direct Seller’s profit. On the majority of products, Safe Shop India offers savings of at most 35%.

If an active DS shops for at least Rs. 10,000 worth Safe Shop Products in a month for self-consumption, then he/she can save up to Rs. 3500.

The decision to give a discount beyond SSP is taken solely by the Safe Shop.

Preferred Customer Remuneration:

If through the promotion of our website on a Direct Seller’s social media, or among acquaintances, email contacts, and relatives, a new Direct Seller purchases our products, then the existing Direct Seller earns special points.

These points are called the Business Volume (BV) points. Here is an example to help you have a quick grasp of the situation.

Every time an existing DS supports a new customer or DS to purchase for 100 BV on our website, the existing DS also earns Rs. 100 as a Preferred Customer remuneration.

Preferred Customer Remuneration is a part of the Multiple Direct Selling Program in which a person is allowed to support an unlimited number of Direct Sellers.

But, this remuneration is subject to the sales or purchases made by the supported DSs only.

This remuneration is paid every week.

To receive this remuneration, the Direct Seller must be active.

The company holds the final right to modify or change the Preferred Customer Remuneration following its policies.

Team Business Remuneration:

When you train Direct Sellers, they can further support new DSs or the selling of products. Thus, a new team will be created under them.

Every vertical in your group is the Direct Seller you have supported.

When a new DS becomes a part of any vertical under you and purchases or sells the products, BV points will be awarded to all the Direct Sellers in the team.

The Team Business Remuneration is paid every week. It is calculated based on the BV Value of products that are sold in both verticals in that particular week.

1 BV = Rs. 2.5

Safe Shop India isn’t going to pay any Team Business Remuneration for just the making of a sales team without any product sales.

Team Purchase Shopping Remuneration:

Based on the generation of BV points from the purchases made by the Direct Seller and his/her team, we reward our DS with the Team Purchase Shopping Remuneration.

This remuneration is paid to DS periodically. Moreover, to receive this remuneration, the DS needs to be active and qualified.

It is noteworthy that the maximum Team Purchase Shopping Remuneration every DS can earn every week is up to Rs. 2,00,000 per group.

Promotional Rewards:

Safe Shop offers promotional rewards to all its Direct Sellers for the horizontal growth of verticals.

These rewards are calculated based on sales/purchases in all the two verticals in a group.

After the current purchase/sale target is completed, depending on the approval of the DS Entity, the new target comes into existence.

To clear all confusion regarding present rewards, you can visit

At Safe Shop India, we always stick to our core values which include, integrity, abundance, value, accretive, innovation, and sustainable growth.

We believe in the creation of a strong consumer proposition and strive to provide our customers with premium-quality daily use products at affordable products.

Final Thoughts

Safe Shop business plan is ideal for hardworking individuals looking for a good opportunity to earn more money.

This is a trusted and convenient option. You can shop for yourselves as well as encourage others to receive benefits.

People nowadays use social media a lot, you can even reach out to new people who have no earlier contact.

Inform them about the products and grow your network. The bigger is your network, the bigger will be your reward.

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