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Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in the World

The following top 10 network marketing companies are based on a report by global revenues which is based on the revenues of the company for the year 2020.

Every individual wants to be independent and to have earnings. In the past multi-level marketing used to be a word for housewives or for those who are not able to work with a company.

But seeing the benefits and growth in career, all age groups started to prefer network marketing.

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Though the list included 100 top companies in the world, we will see the top ten of those for considering doing business or membership.

The ranking was based on their revenues and growth across all the regions of the world. In most of the rankings, we found that Amway made its way to the first position.

We always have to consider the fact that the companies who are into manufacturing a good range of products covering all age groups and criteria got good positions over others.

Amway is such, it has personal, household, and kitchen utilities that a family can find as a one-stop store.

  1. Amway

Amway is in the top position of the list. The company was started in 1959 in the USA. Since then it slowly gained its phase in every country.

They sell almost all necessary goods, households, nutrition, weight management, and beauty products.

Having a well-managed network around the world is the biggest asset of the company.

It is known almost everywhere in the world and there is less time involved in introducing their product to the client as they have good recognition. It has a revenue figure of $8.80 billion.

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  1. Avon

It is a USA based company which is into selling cosmetics. They recently started to offer women’s apparel and jewelry from the year 2016.

They have an estimated 11 billion sales worldwide. Avon also involved in social welfare such as donating a part of their profits to victims of domestic violence, and breast cancer research foundations.

It still has to make a good move in Asian countries and they can soon be taking a step for their expansion.

As of now, they are widely popular in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Avon is at a revenue of $5.70 billion dollars.

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  1. Herbalife

Started in the year 1980 where they used to sell the product from a car trunk to becoming one of the top networking companies in the world, Herbalife has an amazing journey.

The company sells nutrition-based products, for weight loss, healthy weight gain, and also covering all age groups.

It has good recognition among all, for their health-boosting products which are wide in range. Herbalife is at a revenue of $4.50 billion.

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  1. Vorwerk

One of the oldest MLM companies in the world is Vorwerk which is started in 1883 in Germany.

They are selling products for men, women, and children, they include retail, services, textiles, electronics, and chemistry.

Their sales figure is currently at 3 billion. And with a rapidly increasing sales force.

It has over 12000 thousand full-time employees in over 70 countries. Carpets are the most steeped products of the company from its beginning.

Other items include kitchen appliances, cosmetics, services, and household appliances. Vorwerk has $4.20 billion dollars in revenue.

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  1. Mary Kay

It is a US-based cosmetic company that begins in 1963. The women-oriented company made its mark with its lively product demonstrations and conducting events with their hostesses.

They are gaining popularity day by day in all parts of the world and also involved in charities for women’s welfare.

Mary Kay Ash was the founder and at present her son Richard Rogers leading the group as a chairman.

The company is currently at a sales figure of $3.50 billion. They have manufacturing plants in China and Switzerland.

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  1. Infinitus

Infinitus is a Chinese company offering health and skincare products. Their main concentration is to boost the immune system in order to increase the life span.

It was established in the year 1992. They are at a revenue figure of $3.41 billion for the year 2019.

Their products are based on natural plant extracts derived from Chinese herbs which will promote the self-repairing of organs and improving mental ability.

They have four other brands under their Infinitus brand, home mate, beautrio, vitabelle, phytocare, benelife.

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  1. Perfect

The number 7 in the list is perfect, a Chinese company with a revenue of $3.06 billion dollars.

Apart from one of the leading brands in China, it also made an impression in seven other countries. They are well known for their household, skin, cosmetics, personal care, and wellness.

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  1. Quanjian

Quanjian is a Chinese based network marketing company that offers herbal medicinal products.

They depend on traditional herbs for improving overall health. They are making significant growth in China, as well as in other countries. They are currently at $2.89 billion dollars.

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  1. Natura

It is a public company that originated in Brazil. It manufactures eco-friendly skin and hair care, cosmetics, perfumes, solar filters, and household items.

The company based on their user’s mouth publicity and not much into commercial approach by models. It operates in more than 70 countries.

Natura also using technological advancement for their growth. They started Red Natura, a company network that will allow their consultants to open their own eCommerce website.

By the year 2019, it has over 70,000 digital franchisees and around 940000 consumer registrations. Natura has $2.26 billion-dollar in revenue.

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  1. Tupperware

Last but not least in the top 10 network marketing companies in the world is Tupperware.

It has become the product name apart from being a brand. It started in 1946 and sells a wide range of storage products and kitchen utilities.

They have made their impression to be a compulsory storage container for every kitchen.

Though they use plastic for manufacturing, they were able to create a positive impression that Tupperware plastic is not harmful and can keep the products fresh.

Their lifetime replacement concept helped them to gain trust from the consumers and to prefer their plastic containers. Its revenue is $2.210 billion dollars.

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