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DNRS Business Plan | company Profile and Information

In this article, we will provide you complete information about Dnrs business plan and company profile.

India is rising as a viable consumer market in today’s world.

We have consumers in India that have expanding wants, consumption potential, and awareness of quality and cost.

As a result of the foregoing consensus, DNR Shopping solely works with Indian manufacturers.

These producers are well aware of the needs of Indian consumers while also maintaining high-quality standards for their products at affordable prices.

According to DNRS, we are 30% middle class in India and 50% poor, thus we work on A to Z Market Branded Products such as Rin, Dettol, Colgate, Red Label, Tata Salt, Lifebuoy, Nirma, Dove, Fortune, despite the Government of India’s restrictions.

Keeping this in mind, the firm has created 114 products that are really useful.

Know Dnrs Company Profile

Network Marketing Company is how DNRS is known. In June of 2016, it was registered with the MCA in Pune.

As a direct seller, also known as a distributor or a member, anyone can join the DNRS network marketing strategy.

However, in order to connect to DNRS, you must first purchase its items.

DNRS offers two product packages, each of which can be purchased to become a direct salesman of the company.

DNRS has set aside Rs 4000 for the initial bundle, which includes the company’s own products, such as protein powder and green tea.

In the second product bundle, two products are included, as well as some FMCG products from another company. The second product package costs Rs 5500 in total.

Those who acquire a Rs 4000 bundle can upgrade to a Rs 5500 package within a year by paying an additional Rs 1500.

Features of Dnrs company

  • People will naturally follow you!
  • There’s no need to show a product demo!
  • There’s no need to go into great detail about the products!
  • People purchase of their own volition!
  • Not only do automatic people make first purchases, but they also make repeat purchases!
  • There are no PV and BV in this calculation; everything is done in rupees!
  • It’s a pretty basic and quick computation!
  • Showing the idea to any prospect takes about 10 to 20 minutes!
  • Working in all Legs/Lines is required; but, if you only work in one leg, you will still receive the full benefit!
  • There is no obligation on the part of the company for you to purchase so much money on this day.
  • No one should feel compelled to participate!
  • There isn’t any form of capping! You can earn an unlimited amount of money!

DNRS Business/Marketing Plan

In its network marketing plan, the DNRS corporation offers three different types of income:

  • First Purchase Income
  • Repurchase Income
  • Rewards and Awards Income

So, let’s take a closer look at the three earnings mentioned above.

1. First Purchase Income

DNRS pays you commissions for recruiting new direct selling into your downline.

Before we can understand this revenue, we need to know about two sorts of ID: Offer ID and Paid ID.

Those who make direct sales in multiples of three in a month have an Offer ID, whereas those who do not have an Offer ID have a Paid ID.

That is, every month at 3,6,9,12, the Direct ID, Offer ID, and other Paid IDs will arrive…

Every Offer ID is worth 1000 rupees, and every Paid ID is worth 100 rupees, allowing the new downline to purchase the company’s package.

This revenue is available up to Level 7, while the Offer ID principle is only available to Direct Downline, or Level 1.

You can see how much money is available on new joining at each level by looking at the table below.

1 Rs 1000 (On Offer ID), Rs 100 (On Paid ID)
2 60 rupees
3 60 rupees
4 60 rupees
5 40 rupees
6 40 rupees
7 40 rupees

2. Repurchase Income

The name of this income indicates that it is available on the repurchase (repurchase) of the downline.

If someone repurchases in their 7th level downline, they will receive a percentage of the repurchase as revenue. This percentage fluctuates depending on the level of your downline.

The figure below shows what proportion of buyback income the corporation provides at each level of downline repurchase.

1 5%
2 3%
3 3%
4 3%
5 2%
6 2%
7 2%


3. Rank And Rewards Income

The corporation provides certain additional presents in the form of this income, and in order to receive them, some conditions must be met.

There are many levels of DNRS, and when you reach them, you get paid.

1. Silver Executive

To reach this level, you’ll need to assemble a team of 12 people, each of whom will be responsible for six direct downlines in a single month.

A cash certificate for Rs 3000 and two watches are given as a reward for meeting these criteria.

2. Gold Executive

In order to reach this level, the team must add an additional 20 new direct sellers each month.

Those with Offer ID are not counted in the calculation of these 20 more direct sellers, therefore the additional 20 persons should solely come from Paid ID’s downline.

The company will provide you with a Rs 3000 cash voucher and a Rs 5000 cash gift if you meet these criteria.

3. Prospective Gold

When a direct salesperson in their downline reaches the Gold Executive level, the company bestows the title of Prospective Gold on them.

Except for the Gold Executive leg, the first 10 downlines in the other leg receive 1500 rupees in this revenue.

However, if someone else in your downline becomes a Gold Executive before you bring in a new ten downlines, you will not be eligible for the Rs 1500 per downline bonus.

4. Gold Creator

To get this level, you must make two direct Gold Executives in a single month.

Rs 20,000 is provided as a fixed income when you become a Gold Creator.

Aside from that, you can take a foreign vacation (costing Rs 30,000) or cash (costing Rs 20,000), both of which require 10 paid IDs from the other leg.

5. Platinum Executive

To get the title of Platinum Executive, you must complete 25 Paid ID in any two direct legs and 25 Paid ID in any one month by combining all other legs.

A fixed salary of Rs 60,000 is offered upon reaching this level.

To supplement your fixed revenue, you must recruit more people to your other direct leg, such as Gold Creator. On the first ten paid IDs, you can get Rs 2,000 per ID.

If you have more than ten paid IDs, the company will give you a maximum of Rs 20,000 or you can go on a foreign tour with the company.

6. Ruby Executive

It is necessary to build a team of direct salespeople with a new 90-90 Paid ID in any two direct legs in a month to reach this level.

You would receive a fixed salary of Rs 80,000 and a foreign tour of Rs 30,000 for accomplishing this work, out of which you can choose between a foreign trip and any other Rs 30,000 tour.

7. Emerald Executive

You must build a team of direct sellers with new 250-250 Paid IDs in two direct legs in a month to get this level.

And if this requirement is met, the person would receive a fixed income of Rs. 1,20,000 as well as an overseas tour worth Rs. 30,000.

8. Diamond Executive

A team of direct sellers with a fresh 550-550 Paid ID must be developed in any one month in two direct legs to reach this level in the firm.

The company will also provide a fixed income of Rs 2,50,000 and an overseas tour worth Rs 30,000 upon completion of this assignment.

9. Crown Diamond

This is the company’s highest level, and to achieve it, a team of direct sellers with 1,000-1,000 Paid IDs must be formed in any two direct legs.

The company offers a fixed income of Rs 4,00,000 and an overseas tour worth Rs 30,000 for reaching this level.

After reaching this level, the company pays a royalty bonus equal to 2% of the downline’s total purchases.

In addition, if you maintain the Crown Diamond Level for three months, the firm will give you a Mercedes Benz car as a gift.

Note: In another direct leg, you can earn more fixed income by becoming a downline of Ruby Executive, Emerald Executive, Diamond Executive, and Crown Diamond Executive level.

Up to 19 Paid IDs of additional fixed income can be obtained (Rs 2000 per ID).

But keep in mind that reaching this level is not easy; you’ll need to build a downline network of thousands, if not millions, of people.

Frequently Asked Questions about DNRS

1. What is the cost of joining DNRS network marketing?

There is no cost to join any MLM company, including DNRS, thanks to the Direct Selling Guidelines.

However, now is the time to purchase the merchandise, which will require a minimum of Rs 4000 from DNRS. 

2. What are the prerequisites for becoming a DNRS network marketer?

You must have an Aadhar card to join DNRS. You can submit parental information if you are under the age of 18. Apart from that, DNRS will require a PAN card and bank account information. 

3. Is it possible to return DNRS products?

Yes, DNRS products can be returned and money refunded within 15 days after purchase. However, the DNRS products should be in the return stage, i.e. packaged. 

4. Is it necessary to add people to DNRS?

Yes, you must add folks to DNRS. Then you get paid a commission.

5. Is it required to purchase a DNRS product?

Yes, in order to act as a distributor for DNRS, you must purchase their items.

What is the maximum amount of money I can make via DNRS?

How much money you can make with DNRS is entirely dependent on you and the size and activity of your team.

Otherwise, success in an MLM firm like DNRS normally requires 3 to 4 years of consistent hard effort, after which there is a chance of a good income. MLM has a success rate of approximately 0.04 %.

What are DNRS CV Points?

In the same way that other MLM companies have Business Volume (BV), DNRS has Cost Value (CV).

The commission is distributed by the company based on the CV.

First Purchase

When you join the company, you will receive 2000 CVs.

Whether you enroll for 5500 rupees or 4000 rupees.

Only 5%, 3%, and 2% of 2000 CV are accessible on First Purchase Income Level Wise, respectively.


When a member of your downline purchases, they will receive a CV of 5%, 3%, or 2%. This income will only come from that CV.

Reward Award

This income is likewise reported on the CV in the same way.

How can you become a DNRS Gold Executive?

  • First and foremost, you must be a member of your joining firm.
  • Your promotion in the organization should be accomplished after you join; to be promoted, you must be at any 6 new joining your Direct Level.
  • If you do 20 new paid joinings through Total Group in the month after your promotion, you will be eligible for Gold.
  • If you complete 13 paid IDs in addition to your regular IDs, for a total of 33 IDs, you will be eligible to travel overseas with Gold.
  • Maintaining 20% of Power Leg’s overall business from Side Group is required for Gold.
  • Gold Incentive is given separately, as is First Purchase Income and Repurchase Income.
  • You will also receive any Award Reward Condition that you have completed.

DNRS Gold Income –

  1. Rs. 30000/- ( Cash )
  2. Rs. 3000/- Login Voucher & Income As Per Plan.

DNRS Gold + Foreign Tour Achiever Income –

  1. Gold Income
  2. Rs. 30000/- ( Foreign )

Download DNRS Business plan PDF

DNRS Business plan in Hindi

DNRS Business plan

DNRS Business plan2

DNRS Business plan3

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DNRS Business plan4

DNRS Business plan5

DNRS Business plan6


A very simple income strategy for DNRS contains two key sources of income (First Purchase Income and Repurchase Income).

Unlike standard multiplication or division, this simple calculation doesn’t require substantial calculations.

In order to be a member, you have to purchase a product package. With the inclusion of green tea and supplement pills, the cost of this bundle of Rs 4000 is very steep.

Also, the DNRS supply the distributors with other companies’ products.

Direct selling, used for promoting and describing products, is an application of the direct selling concept. However, the opposite is occurring.

Other markets’ products are being used to help launch the DNRS strategy. Not only are the identical things pricey, they are also unreasonably priced, which makes me unable to purchase.

As for me, I wouldn’t personally advocate joining DNRS. There are a lot of better direct selling organisations out there, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it.

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