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Altos Business And Marketing Plan

In this article, we will talk about the Altos business and marketing plan.

Altos Enterprises Ltd. is a company that comes under the companies act 1956 by the Govt. of India.

The company started its operations in April 2000. Altos has its head office in Ludhiana (Punjab) and it is spread almost all over the country with many centers.

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Altos holds the trick for being able to be successful because of some amazing organizational goals which have helped in determining the needs and wants of all the target markets.

It is been able to deliver the desired satisfactions to its customers more effectively and efficiently than the competitors.

The customer retention of this company is almost 99.98% which is solid proof of the commitment of this company to our business and our service standards.

Through the ambitious expansion, strategic diversification, and acquisition programs, the company plans to become even more successful within the next decade.

It’s the commitment to serving others that drives the success of Altos.

Altos India is one of the leading direct selling companies in India with almost 150 products in its basket.

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These products of daily use can actually help you get higher incentives.

The company believes in emphasizing creating awareness and information about all the different kinds of products and the marketing system as well.

Therefore, when a unique blend of high-quality products and a direct selling system comes together, the result is the creation of a solid platform that helps in achieving heights and tremendous results.

Healthy living and caring for people has been the idea with which the ALTOS business and marketing plan has been operating since the year 2000.

Altos began with the dream of one ambitious man. Altos started its journey with a business idea that it would bring together the biggest goal of better health and financial freedom to all its customers.

Altos allows all people to explore the market and formulate an effective business strategy through a variety of high-quality products at an economical price.

These products include Herbal Medicines, Aroma Care, Skin Treatment, Hair Care, FMCG, and Agriculture Aid, etc.

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Altos Marketing Plan

The marketing plan of the company is made in such a way that anyone can earn higher incentives if they put in hard work daily.

A wide range of high-quality products is manufactured by the company.

Altos has experience of about 25 years in the health care sector which acts as the key source in the company’s success.

Altos has always been involved in curing all different kinds of health problems and skin treatment to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle amongst all its associates and members.

It’s a life-changing opportunity to fulfill all your long-cherished dreams once you become a member of Altos.

The aim of this company has always been to help people achieve a happier and healthier life.

The company has around thirty years of experience in the Pharma industry and has managed to design a work culture and a business environment which will lead to remarkable growth.

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The motivation of the company is to become the best direct selling company in India.

The focus has always been on creating quality interaction with the distributors and helping them in the best way possible.

The management delivers maximum assistance and to all the distributors.

What drives the management are the qualities of being passionate, aggressive, and having an idealistic approach to achieve all the goals of the company.

The research and development department of the company is continuously working hard to increase product quality by introducing new products almost every year.

In the past years, the company has been able to scale dynamic growth in almost all areas of India.

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The desire of the associates combined with the experience and principles of this company have taken Altos to greater heights of success.

Altos Business Plan

The business plan of Altos is based on four major pillars of success:

  1. Growth with ideas
  2. Knowledge of unity
  3. The true value of time
  4. Dedication to work

Vision & Mission

Mission: The mission of the company is to make every family healthy and wealthy.

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Vision: The vision of the company is:

  1. To be the best direct selling company in India.
  2. To generate a revenue of almost 2000 crores by the year 2020.
  3. To make every household in India consume the products of Altos
  4. To supply high-quality products at affordable market prices in the country.

Altos Business – Why Choose Altos?

There are many reasons in the Altos business and marketing plan that are sufficient to help why you choose Altos for starting your own business of direct selling. Out of many reasons, some of the best are:

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  1. It is one of the best companies in India with vast experience of almost 17 years in direct selling.
  2. The company is a proud member of the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA).
  3. Range of around 150 high-quality products out of which 90% of products are manufactured by the company’s manufacturing unit.
  4. High-quality products are available to distributors at a very reasonable & affordable market price.
  5. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
  6. Simple and effective direct selling system which is easy to understand.
  7. A great business opportunity that has changed the lives of many people for the better.
  8. A team of professional, dedicated, and experienced distributors to work with.
  9. Altos management is wise and helpful to provide 100% service to its distributors.
  10. Tested & quality education system.
  11. Altos products come with 100% satisfaction & a product return policy.

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