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Herbalife Business Plan 2023, Company Profile, Turnover

This article covers complete details of Herbalife’s business plan, Company marketing strategy, company profile, and turnover, etc.


Herbalife Nutrition is one of the outgrowing companies, in terms of revenue it ranked 5th among all the other MLM companies across the world and is considered to be the most popular company in India.

India has a huge number of MLM companies performing remarkably well over a decade, which lead to a decrease in the number of international MLM companies, However, among these leftover international companies, Herbalife Nutrition is still holding a top rank.

Herbalife Nutrition was established in 1980 by Mark R. Hughes. It has its headquarters in Los Angles, United Stated.

Mark R. Hughe

Herbalife Nutrition is a company that sells weight management and Nutritional food products.

This is an international marketing company which sells skincare products, hair care products along with weight management products and nutritious food products.

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As it is an MLM company it allows a large number of people to join the company as a distributor and earn from it.

It allows every individual to join the company and earn money, this is how it can expand its network throughout the world.

Herbalife History

An 18-year-old boy Mark Reynolds Hughes lost his mother in the 1970s. His mother was a model, so she had to manage her weight.

At that time due to the unavailability of nutritious products and a healthy diet for weight loss people used to consume pills.

These weight loss pills have more side effects than benefits. Jo-Ann (Mark’s mother) used to take these pills to maintain her shape, but because of an overdose of these pills, she lost her life.

Even though this event left him traumatized, he wanted to do something which will save others dying from the same cause.

So, he started to look for remedies that will help people to manage their weight more effectively.

He went to China in the search of remedies and found some Chinese herbs, with the help of these herbs he made “formula 1”, which was able to remove excess fat from the body along with passing all the nutrition to it.

This is how Mark started his company with Chinese herbs.

To encourage his grandson Mark’s grandmother was the first customer, who lost 9kgs without showing any side-effect.

Throughout its journey, Herbalife went through a lot of ups and downs, and in 1986 got itself registered in the NASDAQ stock market and started expanding its business worldwide.

In the year 1988, Herbalife Nutrition registered itself under MCA as Herbalife International India Private Limited.

It had its current headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, and is run by its directors Ajay Khanna and Mark David.

Ajay Khanna herbalife

Herbalife Marketing plan

Like all the other MLM companies, Herbalife nutrition is spread all over the globe. This is possible because of its distributors.

Unlike many other MLM companies, in Herbalife Nutrition you will have to do the below-mentioned 2 tasks after purchasing their products.

  1. Sell the products
  2. Recruit another individual

After buying Herbalife products you will be known as Herbalife Associate.

Selling Herbalife Products:

When an individual becomes a partner then he/she will get company products at lower prices.

These products will be issued or sold in the name of the associate.

The associate can sell those Herbalife products at its written MRP, this is how the associate can earn a retail profit, this profit is a lot more than the distributor price.

Retail profit is the difference between the MRP and distribution price.

If the association wants to keep those products to themselves instead of selling then they can make a huge saving as they will get those products at distributor price.


Along with selling company products, recruitment plays an important role in any MLM company. This is how the associate can earn money.

To earn more the associate needs to hire or add other individuals to work in their downline. This can be done in various ways like:

  • Creating your own YouTube channels and sharing the results of the products
  • Reaching out to people in your network
  • Showcasing your results on different social media platforms
  • Education your friends and families about the products.

When you recruit purchases some Herbalife product you will be able to earn shared profit.

Please note that an associate cannot earn money just by hiring others, you can only earn by purchasing products, either you can buy and sell them to earn retail profit or your downline can buy and you will earn shared profit.

Herbalife Business Plan

Herbalife Nutrition has a unique yet simple business plan. As this company is spread all over the globe the main role is played by the distributors’, direct selling business, and the role of distributors is the main reason for Herbalife’s success and growing network.

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Anyone from anywhere can become a part of Herbalife, and after joining Herbalife the individual will be known as Herbalife Associate.

Remember you can join Herbalife free of cost.

For joining Herbalife, anyone can contact any Herbalife associate and they will enroll that person in the company. While the enrollment process the person needs to submit the required document.

  • Adhaar card copy
  • Pan Card Copy
  • Bank Account Details

Upon successful registration, the person needs to buy the Herbalife product, remember this is one of the important and mandatory steps. This will help you to gain retail profit.

After joining Herbalife, it will give you opportunities to income in 7 different ways:

  • Retail Profit
  • Wholesale bonus
  • Royalty rewards
  • Production bonuses
  • Cash Bonus
  • Vacation bonuses
  • Mark Hughes Bonus

Always remember with the increase of downline members and downline purchases the opportunity of getting higher income increases.

Apart from retail bonus and wholesale bonus, all the other bonuses will be unlocked only if the criteria of personal and downline sales is acquired along with the monthly prerequisites.

While selling Herbalife products the distributer profit may differ according to the no of levels acquired by the associate.

herbalife business plan

These levels can be reached based on 2 parameters:

  1. The total VP by the associate
  2. The total VP by the downline

VP is the sum of the associates’ purchase volume and its downlines purchase volume. After purchasing each product, the associate will receive some fixed points which will calculate their income and the level.

In Wholesale bonus level performance of the associate and downline is equally important.

For example: if an associate earns 35% and the downline earns 25% then the wholesale bonus for the associate is 10% than the downline.

herbalife business plan

Download Herbalife Business plan PDF

Herbalife Products List

Product plays an important role for any MLM company. Herbalife Nutrition provides a huge range of products that are manufactured with a high-quality manufacturing process to support everyone’s nutritious goals.

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For the wide range of products, anyone can select the product which matches their personal needs. Herbalife products are divided into 4 categories:

1. Vritilife:

This product range contains ayurvedic herbs and is based on Ayurvedic principles.

Vritilife products interpret making a better choice to balance your lifestyle along with healthy living.

These are the perfect blend of uniqueness and science. Some products in this category are:

1. Vritilife Immunity health (Promotes natural immunity)

2. Vritilife Brain Health (Supports healthy brain functioning).

2. Weight Management:

These products will help you to manage your weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With the blend of science and nutrition, these products will help you to maintain a balanced diet so that your body receives all the benefits and can healthily lose weight.

1. Protein power products (Personalized power products to maintain energy level)

2. Herbalife ShakeMate (Versatile protein drink)

3. Energy Fitness: These products will help you to kickstart your day with a high energy level. Best suited for the workout sessions. It will keep you stay energetic and alert the entire day.

1. Afresh Energy drink mix (Keep energy level maintained all day)

2. Herbalife Sports Nutrition (Helps to recover faster and healthier after an intense workout)

4. Nutrition:

These products provide the right amount of nutrition to your body to maintain what your body requires to perform daily tasks.

Herbalife nutrition provides the targeted nutrition’s that a body needs from an external source to perform energetically.

  1. Herbalife Vitamin and Mineral tablets (Provides right number of vitamins and minerals)
  2. Good Gut tablets (Fiber-rich tablets to improve digestive health)
  3. Herbalife Kids Products (Provides essential nutrition’s for kids, available in different flavors)
  4. Women’s Health Manager (Nutritious product to keep healthy during hormonal changes)

Herbalife Nutrition Turnover

Herbalife Nutrition Limited has shown a great profit at the end of the financial year 2020.

After its fourth-quarter results, Herbalife Nutrition shared that it showed 14% more growth in 2020 than the previous year.

According to the Chairman and CEO of Herbalife nutrition, the year 2020 was a golden year as the distributers were able to provide great services across the globe and the net sales increased by $5.5 billion as compared to the previous financial year (2019).

The company has a vision that in the year 2021, it will show a growth of 6% to 14% than the previous year.

Why Herbalife?

In the end, the question remains why do we choose Herbalife products when there is a wide range of products available in the market at a cheaper price.

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To make it very clear do not go for cheap products they might show side effects rather go for healthier ones which will not only help you to maintain your desired weight but is also proven effective to maintain a balanced diet and helps in giving your body all the nutrition it requires.

Herbalife Nutrition not only provides a balanced diet but a better opportunity to earn a great lifestyle.

As it is registered under MCA and is one of the legal direct selling companies, it helps the associate to earn a retail profit which is huge than others.

As this company is an old product-based one you can put your complete faith in it.

You can go to this company without a doubt and you will never feel sorry to do it.

Herbalife Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the current brand ambassador of Herbalife Nutrition?

Ans: Somdev Devvarman, a tennis player is the current brand ambassador of Herbalife Nutrition Limited.

2. How can we contact Herbalife Nutrition?

Ans: It is always advised to contact the local Herbalife nutrition associate as they will be able to answer all the questions. Apart from that if there are any other questions you can always contact Phone: 080-40311444 or email at email: [email protected].

3. Do we have any refund policies applied to the products?

Ans: There are one-year refund policies applied for the Herbalife associates and one month for the consumers.

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