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DXN Business and Marketing Plan 2023 | Indian MLM Company

In this article, we will explain in detail Latest DXN Business and Marketing Plan.

Ever since Multi-Level Marketing sprang up a few decades back, it is on rising day by day and flourishing in its membership count.

DXN is a well-known and trusted MLM, offering food supplements and beauty care products across the world.

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It is a great opportunity for people to be a part of the DXN Business and to start earning without any investment or maintenance cost.

They will empower you financially and helps you grow in your business membership with them.

How to join DXN Marketing Plan

If you’re considering becoming a member then you need to be sponsored by an existing member.

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It is a norm for many MLM businesses, but if you do none, you can visit their website and fill in your details online, they will soon provide you with details on whom to contact and how to proceed.

As of now, the company is not charging any fee for becoming a member, but the company has the right to alter any of its plans regarding membership enrollment and payments.

Let’s find out the latest DXN Business and Marketing Plan

The DXN Business and Marketing Plans the following terminology. The following list is the terms of the words.

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  • PV– Point value which is generated by cash bills and is used to calculate for promoting to next status.
  • SV– Sales value, which is calculated based on sales, is used for calculating Bonuses.
  • PPV/ PSV (Personal point value)- the total 0f all personal cash bills in a month.
  • PGPV/PGSV (Personal group point value)- the total of PV/SV in a month by downline distributors and on your own.
  • DGPV/DGSV (Diamond Group point/sales value)- total monthly PV/SV generated by all downline distributors in a diamond group.
  • QSA (Qualified star agent)- Star agents who maintain 100 PPV and 300 PGPV per month.
  • QSD (Qualified star diamond)- diamond persons who qualified for a 37%-star group bonus.

Travel seminar qualifier – start agents who attained yearly travel seminar incentive points.

This list simplifies the business and marketing works at DXN.

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You will be starting as a Distributor and by achieving the highest PV/SV you will be promoted to the next status in the list.

Once you achieved Star Agent status, along with your performance, your group performance who are the downline distributors sponsored by you will also be counted.

By observing the list and their status calculations, we must understand one thing.

Even though you performed well but your group underperformed and Vice versa, you will not be counted worthy for the next status.

Hence if you are aiming to achieve the next level, then you need to keep your group motivated and encouraged to gain high productivity and PGSV.

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DXN Bonus structure

The following is the list of Bonuses percentage, these are given to the groups and individual members.

These Bonuses are comprised of an overall 71% Bonus and Cash Incentives of (RM 8,050)

  • Group bonus 6%-21%
  • Star Group Bonus 25%-37%
  • Development Bonus 15%
  • Development Bonus 2%
  • Leadership Bonus 15%
  • One-time HP Cash incentive RM1,050
  • Travel Seminar Incentives 2%
  • One-time overseas trip incentive RM 7,000

For a member to receive these bonuses their personal points are taken into consideration along with their group’s performance points.

By maintaining both they will achieve the next status. I will make you understand better about this bonus in the following section.

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1. Group bonus

To qualify for this group bonus, you need to maintain 100PPV every month.

The bonus will start from a minimum of 6% and will hike up to 21% when you receive a 4500 and above PPV.

If you’re able to 100 PPV along with 300 PGPV then you will become a Qualified star agent, and be eligible for a 25% bonus.

2. Star Group Bonus

This bonus is for all SA’s who are maintaining 100 PPV and 300 PGPV. The bonus starts from 25% and increases by up to 37% with your high performance.

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3. Development bonus

It is for those talented SA’s who are able to maintain 100 PPV along with 300 PGPV from non-qualified star agents. The bonuses are from 1% to 5%.

4. International profit sharing

This bonus is given to the qualified star diamond agent. This percentage is calculated by considering the overall company’s SV and your IPS points.

5. Leadership bonus

This also for the Qualified star diamond agent. Who is showing a significant high performance in their work? The bonus will be from 5% to 15%.

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6. Travel seminar incentives

These are given by the company for qualified agents to attend the seminars conducted by the company.

2% of incentives can be claimed by the agents against their TSI, along with their spouse, if they are married.

Handphone cash incentives for SA’s who achieved 6000 GPV will be given as a one-time incentive.

If you have 5 immediate downline agents who receive handphone incentives, then you will be qualified for an Overseas trip as a one-time offer.

Members also have the advantage of gaining 15%-25% of retail profit if they sell DXN products to non-DXN members.

This is the profit achieved by the difference between distributor price and retail price.

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If we want to join any MLM business it is what we look for, personal growth and profit-sharing.

The member will fall into one of the many bonus and status categories which double their chances to grow well and be profitable at the same time.

You will also be given training about the products and about any new updates, hence there is will be no fear of lacking support.

The DXN Business and Marketing Plan also designed in such a way that the members incur zero investment and maintenance costs.

Anyone who is above 18 can be registered for joining. They can work in their free time and enjoy working using mobile phones or laptops to converse with their customers.

It all depends on their creativity on how they go and grow, the Bonus structure is designed to cover all the members without any discrimination and to distribute the profit share as per their hard work and achievements.

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There will be transparency between the company and its workforce at every step and each new member will receive extensive support from their immediate sponsors.

The timely resolution of complaints and doubts is another best feature to enjoy as a DXN business agent.

The company was started in 1993 and well-reputed for products made with a red mushroom called Ganoderma, The King of Herbs.

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When the product got a reputation and marked as the best, it is easy for the agent to sell them and there will be no fear of sitting the products on their desk for so long.

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