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Atomy Business Plan 2023 | Compensation Plan

Let us know the new facts about Atomy Business Plan. It is a network marketing company.

“Cherish the spirit, Create the vision, Follow the faith, Serve in humility”

This slogan is nothing less than the motto of the ever-expanding Atomy business empire, which it adheres to in both spirit and principle.

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Atomy Corporation Limited found its inception in 2006 in South Korea and has been continuing its global expansion since 2010.

It is the bright child of a joint venture between Kaeri and Kolmar.

It is a good direct selling company. As far as sustainable products are concerned, Atomy is considered much better than its compatriots. Atomy has its business network in several countries.

In India, millions of people have joined the Atomy Business Plan, although the company has not made its network official in the country.

The secret behind Atomy’s success in such a short period is associated with three usual words – product, plan, and growth.

Atomy is a product-based global company. It deals with products of great quality and sustainability.

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The company has impressive business plans. Moreover, Atomy’s growth-oriented system helps it develop with the development of its product sellers.

Within 3 years of its inception, Atomy successfully claimed a position among some of the top companies of South Korea.

Its unique business plan has helped it garner success as well as popularity.

There are numerous companies that foster MLM plans or the so-called Multi-Level Marketing plans.

But, Atomy follows the Unlimited Level Marketing plan, which can be abbreviated as ULM.

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Atomy’s extensive development is also due to the fact that its products are technology-based.

The company fosters Nanotechnology, Fermentation Technology, Nano Cap. Technology and Radiation Technology.

Atomy’s Wide Range of Products

Atomy deals with various products ranging from female and male-oriented items to personal care, healthcare, kitchen, beauty, medicine, food, beverage, and numerous home products.

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CATEGORY Product Name 1 Product Name 2
Health-oriented Vitamin-C Omega 3
Skincare-related Lotion Nutrition Cream
Cream for Dry Skin Calming Skin Again Serum
Cream for Oily Skin Calming Skin AC Lotion
Cleansing Purposes Foam Cleansing Peeling Gel
For Men Skin Toner Essence
Catalogs English, Spanish, Korean Catalog

(All are individual products)

Hair and Body Manual
Make-up Mineral Compaq BB Cream
Hair Care Herbal Shampoo Hair Tonic Treatment
Body Care-oriented Herbal Body Cleanser Body Rich Lotion
Hand Care Hand Soap Hand Therapy
For Women Panty Liner Medium and Large Pads
Material Cleaning Liquid Detergent Dish Detergent
Food Supplement Grilled Laver Arabica Black Coffee

Atomy Business Plan

Atomy makes it possible for a person to become a millionaire without an investment.

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As a matter of fact, Atomy is a global distribution company that deals with more than 2,000 different products and operates in over 16 countries.

It is also looking forward to expanding its network in 30 other countries by 2025.

Atomy is in a collaboration with Kolmar and Kaeri. While Kolmar is a 100-year-old US-based company, Kaeri is a Korean government organization.

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Who can join Atomy?

There are numerous unique features of Atomy among which free registration, no joining fees, no selling target, no annual fees, and a single ID requirement for global business, are counted.


  1. One should be over 18 years old.
  2. One member should be between husband and wife.
  3. A sponsor is required for joining.

The earning plan of Atomy can be categorized into a couple of segments, including

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atomy business plan

Earning Plan 1

One can become an independent business partner of Atomy by opening an online shopping mall.

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As a wholesaler, you are entitled to earn 30 – 70% profit on selling.

Here, no investment is required and you also have no delivery stress.

The company would deliver the materials to the name and address mentioned in your online shopping mall.

Your stress and duty are limited to the procurement of orders from the customers.

Earning Plan 2

This plan is based on the binary referral marketing program method. In the binary business system, one can sponsor only two individuals under him.

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The introduced two people can sponsor two others, each under them.

In the binary system, the two sponsored individuals under you are known as your left leg and right leg.

As a result, you directly get a 44% commission on the products you purchase.

You also get a commission on the purchase made by the members of your left leg and right leg.

It is important to note here that one can sponsor a friend or relative who is staying abroad, provided Atomy has its business network in that country.

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Commission Slab in Atomy

  1. 44% commission on direct purchase
  2. 20% commission in the shape of bonus and incentive
  3. 6% Atomy education center commission

It can be calculated to a total of 70% commission.

Does Atomy Provide a Successful Business Formula?

    1. The basic concept is associated with the fact that Atomy’s products are of high quality and are available at an affordable price. These products work towards better health and better skill.
    2. The membership fee for joining Atomy is “zero”. There are no auto-shipping charges, no website fees, or no business targets, too.
    3. Atomy fosters the binary business system. One has to sponsor two people to join Atomy under him as his left leg and right leg. This process continues further.
    4. Atomy distributes 70% of its sales point value as commission to its members.
    5. Atomy circulates a single code globally, which means one membership ID that works in all countries. The company has its official network in 18 countries and people from 146 countries can join Atomy as consumer members.
    6. The personal point value is allowed to keep accumulating in your lifetime, even if you stop purchasing Atomy products for a period.
    7. The company organizes several seminars regarding new products, business plans, and success stories.

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Taking the above facilities available at Atomy into consideration, it is indeed a wise decision to join the company.

Atomy Compensation Methodology

Atomy’s compensation plan and the so-called profit ratio to its members can be categorized into 5 types.

Type 1

The company provides up to 25% of the MRP of products to the distributors.

Type 2

The company provides up to 44% of the global point value to the distributors who achieve the required target.

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Type 3

The company distributes 20% of its global point value to seven levels of Mastership achievers.

The levels are Sales Master, Diamond Master, Sharon Rose Master, Imperial Master, Crown Master, Star Master, and Royal Master.

Type 4

The company awards its one-time incentive to the Mastership rank achiever.

Type 5

The company provides 6% of its global point value as Education Commission to the approved education centers with the aim of bringing awareness regarding Atomy’s compensation plan, product line, company policies, and procedures.

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Classification of Distributorship

atomy business plan

The distributors at Atomy can be classified into five types, depending on their achievements in sales.

Sales Representative

For this category, one has to accumulate 10,000 to 299,999 point values.


To be an Agent, one has to accumulate a 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 point value.

Special Agent

The category of Special Agent requires a person to accumulate 7,00,000 to 14,00,000 point value.


To achieve dealership, the necessary point value for a person ranges from 15,00,000 to 30,00,000.

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Exclusive Distributor

The required point value for exclusive distributorship ranges from 24,00,000 to 48,00,000.

Note: The above-cited point value has been calculated on a per month basis.

Income and Business Opportunity in Atomy

By 2018, the sales volume of Atomy was more than US$ 1.25 billion, out of which millions and millions of US dollars were paid as commissions, bonuses, and rewards to the members.

It is incredibly easy to become a part of Atomy. There is no need for investment.

In addition to that, there are no joining fees, no auto-shipping tension and expenses, no monthly target, and no website fees.

The simple formula is to buy Atomy’s products and share them with your near and dear ones.

To start earning a commission, one has to simply accumulate 10,000 point value (10K PV) by purchasing Atomy’s products for about US$ 30.

If any person (of any other country) of your group purchases the products, the point value will get accumulated in your account.

Your accumulated point value will elevate you to the mastership level or even higher. In the same manner, the company will also provide you with bonuses.

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The percentage for the bottom line Sales Master is 10%, whereas it is 5% for Diamond Master, 2% for Sharon Rose Master, 2% for Imperial Master, 3% for Crown Master, 1.2 % for Star Master, and 1% for Royal Master.

Every month, Atomy provides cash bonuses twice to people at the mastership level.  These bonuses include,

Sales Master

3 sets of Atomy’s products

Diamond Master

3 sets of Atomy’s products + laptop

Sharon Rose Master

US$ 2,000 + travel ticket

Star Master

US$ 10,000 + 4 travel tickets

Royal Master

US$ 50,000 + car rental + travel tickets to a destination for a longer period

Crown Master

US$ 3,00,000 + car rental + travel tickets to a better destination

Imperial Master

US$ 1 million + car rental + office expenses with a secretary and another + 4 travel tickets to a better destination and for a longer period


To become eligible for the Diamond Mastership, you need to have at least two sales masters on your left leg and an equal number on your right leg.

Education Commission/ Centre Commission

A sales master, to open an Atomy Education Centre in his location and to give instruments to the new members, is eligible to receive 6% of its total point value to meet the office expenses.

Final Verdict

Doing business can be considered a great opportunity. It depends on a person’s talent, huge investment, and nevertheless, luck.

It is true in every sense that a good number of businessmen fail even after receiving a huge investment.

In such critical cases, Atomy can come to your rescue.

The company provides numerous facilities among which zero investment, no registration fees, no joining fees, no monthly target, no website fees, and no auto-shipping expenses are the most popular ones.

To join Atomy, you just need to be at least 18 years old and must have a sponsor.

Atomy has already garnered worldwide popularity for itself because of its high-quality products that are available at an affordable price.

Furthermore, unlike several other direct selling companies, Atomy is a global network. It has collaborated with Kolmar, a century-old company, and Kaeri, a government organization of South Korea.

Therefore, joining Atomy has always been associated with a major step taken towards a bright future.

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