Modicare Network Marketing

Is Modicare network marketing good for the future growth?

Modicare is one of India’s premier network marketing company.

By becoming a part of the Modicare network, you stand to benefit from the company’s excellent prospects.

Several of the company’s associates are making a good monthly income by recommending its products to friends and family.

Today we will look at future growth prospects by focusing on Modicare’s business plan. We will also look at the Modicare product price list.

An MNC With Humble Beginnings

In 1996, Modicare Pvt was founded by Samir Modi in New Delhi.Over the past several years, the company has expanded its network all over India.

The enterprise initially began with a small number of products. It now has a diversified business system across the globe.

Modicare today is flourishing not only because of its eminent distributor network system but also because of its brilliant Business Plan.

The Modicare Business Plan

Modicare Limited is a company that was primarily established for the benefits of its network associates.

Network marketing is a concept where marketing is carried out by word of mouth to spread awareness about the product.

Associates get profit for what they sell and also build a downline of team members to get a commission for what the members earn.

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modicare business plan hindi

The Samir Azadi Plan: Earn Your Freedom

Also known as the Samir Azadi Plan, Modicare’s Income plan is one of the highest paying among all multilevel marketing schemes in India.

The plan revolves around three main concepts:

  1. Self-Use of Modicare products to understand the company and gain confidence.
  2. Sharing experiences with friends, family, and acquaintances.
  3. Sponsoring others to build a team and getting commission from the products they sell.

Cumulative BV Points

The business plan is based on Cumulative Performance Bonus Points, that when accumulated lead to higher commission levels.

Once a level is achieved due to the accumulation of certain fixed number of points, you cannot be demoted. The growth is thus only one way – upwards.

Diverse Income Streams

Modicare provides several types of income and savings, which we think makes it competitive and speaks well of future prospects.

There are eight main types of income.

  1. Retail Profit 20% – This income is earned by selling a product at MRP and purchasing the product from the company at a lower rate, ensuring profit.
  2. Consumption Savings–As you become a Modicare distributor, the enterprise waives off 20% from Retail prices on any product purchased for either selling or self-consumption.
  3. Accumulative Performance Bonus – Also known as Subsidy Balance, a distributor must fulfill specific criteria to achieve several different levels. They get bonuses based on levels that range from 7% for consultant level and 22% for directors.
  4. Director Bonus 14%- As you share your business and grow your team, your income increases with you. The distributor will receive a hefty director bonus. The company is setting aside 14% of its monthly BV as a director bonus.
  5. Leadership productivity Bonus 15% – As you gain experience and seniority, your income increases too. To avail leadership productivity bonuses, a director has provided 90000 BV business to the company monthly. Such a distributor must become a director to get the bonus, and it is the highest income offered by the company.
  6. Outbound Travel Fund 3% – A person who reaches the 5th stage of the company is funded for his tours and travels as well. Directors are provided the opportunity to travel on the company finance.
  7. Dream Vehicle Fund 5%Senior executives who provide 1500 BV of personal business to the company are provided a bonus called “Vehicle Fund”so they can purchase the vehicle of their choice.
  8. Dream House Fund 3% – Senior executives must give 600BV of personal business to the company. They must also have a minimum of 6 directors under them. Once this is achieved, the organization will provide them a bonus that will help them purchase a house of their choice

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Advantages of working with Modicare

Some benefits of working with Modicare include

  • Great Management.
  • Reasonable prices for products.
  • Free registration and no investment.
  • Friendly User Interface.
  • Proper training and information about the products are provided.
  • Good savings due to 15% to 20% Discount on purchase of every item.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on each item or price back, with some terms and conditions

Product Price list

Modicare Limited sells a wide variety of products. All such products are of high quality.

The price of each product is quite reasonable and compares favorably to other products available in the market.

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