How to Join Vestige – Step by step an easy Tutorial

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Vestige, a great MLM company that provides the platform to do performance-based business.

It aids in generating passive income. In order to be part of this, you need to be the distributor, which will receive all kinds of benefits from the company which the company is promising.

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For creating an ID, you need to install a Vestige online shopping app. After downloading the app which is absolutely free, you will see this page.

Vestige Online Joining Steps

How to Join Vestige

Then the following pages will occur:

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How to Join Vestige

Read these pages carefully and on the last page click on Sign In. Then you will see.

How to Join Vestige

Now click on the Guest/Easy Sign-in option. This will open a new page for you.

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How to Join Vestige

On this page, just type your first name and login as a guest. If you wish you can also enter your email id, but it is totally optional.

This will take you to the next page which will ask you whether you need a touch id or not.

How to Join Vestige

Click on the ‘NO’ option. Now you will see the Home page area.

How to Join Vestige

Click on Dashboard now,

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How to Join Vestige

This page will emerge and now in order to become a distributor, click on the ‘ADD NEW DISTRIBUTOR’ icon.

How to Join Vestige

The Sign Up page will open. Here you need to enter an upline ID which is ‘ 55480541’ or referral code which is ‘REF34E90DD’

Fill in the following details related to you like your personal details, your contact details and create a password and also choose the number as your distributor id from the given choices.

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How to Join Vestige

How to Join Vestige

After filling the details then go to the sign-in page then login as a distributor, and start shopping and avail all benefits of a distributor.

If you do the shopping for 3000/ per month, or say, if you buy 100 point value stuff for regularly 4 months then the company will provide you 3000/ voucher in the 5th month.

Plus you will receive your immediate 10% discounts on MRP, performance bonus, FREE products also.

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How to Join Vestige

If still, you have a problem registering then you can call us at 9478480942 between 10 Am to 6 Pm. Vesige Distributor Mr. Anurag Bindal.

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