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Ok Lifecare Business Plan 2021

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This is the commencement of a new age. The age of business and entrepreneurship.

As more and more people are quitting their 9 to 5 job and stepping out to be their own boss. The Internet further has made the process easier.

Ok lifecare is a business plan that offers you a wonderful opportunity to unlock your true potential.

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If you are good at convincing people with your good communication skills and a positive attitude.

Then this the gateway that takes you towards your destination, promising you a good income opportunity.

The reselling and networking remains focal points of OK Lifecare. Before you can resell their products, you need to buy one yourself.

The very first step is to register as a preferred customer by filling a form on their website free of cost.

Who is a preferred customer? To make the process transparent, OK Lifecare provides its registered customers a unique referral ID with which you can access the website.

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No person other than the preferred customers will be able to buy products or resell them further from the website.

From customers to independent distributors

After buying the product of your own choice and realizing its goodness, you have the freedom to resell it further to your family and friends.

For reselling, you need to become an independent distributor of OK Lifecare. This requires your KYC details and the purchase of products worth 500 BV.

Since I BV = 2-3 rupees, the initial investment of 1000-1500 rupees is required to be part of this plan.

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Once you are done with this, there are super 7 methods to earn profits, bonuses, and funds. These methods are:

  1. Retail profit
  2. Active bonus
  3. Consistency bonus
  4. Super active bonus
  5. Flagship bonus
  6. Car fund
  7. House fund

After you have joined the plan, you can make more people join it through your reference. These people will be your download team and you will be the upline.

Earning money through profits generated on each sale

This is an individual method to earn without linking any other people to the plan.

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Retail profit

The simplest and easier method of all. What you have to do buy any good product from the website at a cheaper wholesale price.

Then sell it further to your contacts at a market price. By doing this, you can earn a 30%-40% profit margin on every sale.

To illustrate this better, suppose you purchase a product at a wholesale price of Rs.159. But the MRP of this product is Rs.199.

Now, when you will resell it to your friends at the market price of Rs.199, you made a profit of Rs.40. Congrats! You just earned a 20% profit margin.

That’s how this business strategy works.

Retail profit = MRP – DP

Earning money through exciting bonuses granted

Bonus points are another great way to make extra money through this awesome plan.

For this, you need to find one or two people who join the same plan using your reference.

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Active bonus

Active bonus income stream starts when any independent distributor is able to sell 5000 BV. BV means Business Volume.

This threshold of 5000 BV can be achieved either by a single person or both the persons enrolled by you.

Suppose, you have two friends A and B who have joined this plan with your reference.

Friend A had made 2500 BV and Friend B also has made 2500 BV. Total sales equal 5000 BV, that is, 10,000-15,000 rupees.

This opens the gateway for new income in the form of an active bonus.

If further, your friends are able to achieve a threshold of 20000 BV together, then you get more active bonus points.

The greater number of bonus points you earn, the greater is your income.

To give this active bonus to independent distributors, the company allocates 30% of the total business volume turnover.

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Remember that:

1 BV = 2-3 rupees


Total 5000 BV = 1 Active bonus point


Total 20,000 BV = 4 Active bonus points


Consistency bonus

All that you need to do is maintain 5000 BV for three continuous months.

When you do this, you become eligible for a consistency bonus for which the company gives 10% of total business volume turnover.

If you have 4 bonus points and the company’s BV turnover is 247000 BV, then consistency bonus is calculated as:

Total BV turnover of company = 247000

Consistency bonus points collected = 247

Consistency bonus = 10/100×247000

Bonus point value = 247000/247 = 100

Income of distributor = 100×4 = 400rupees

1 Active bonus point = 1 consistency bonus point


4 Active bonus points = 4 consistency bonus points


Bonus amount = consistency bonus points×bonus point value


Super active bonus

When independent distributors are able to earn 20 bonus points, that is, 1,00,000BV in a month, they become eligible for the super active bonus rewards.

To give a super active bonus, the company allocates 15% of total business volume turnover.

1 super active bonus point = 20 Active bonus points


Super active bonus = super active bonus points×bonus point value


Bonus points value = 15% of BV turnover/total super active bonus points


Flagship bonus

All the independent distributors linked to the OK Lifecare business plan will receive a 10% bonus lifetime out of the total income generated by your downline team.

Suppose the person who joined this plan using your reference earned 3,00,000 in a month.

Then 10% of 3,00,000 is 30,000 which will be your flagship bonus for a month.

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Earning through fund rewarding system

There are two kinds of fund rewarding system associated with this business scheme.

Car Fund Reward

This reward system aims to fulfill your desire if purchasing your dream car.

The income generated including car funds is enough to give you the life you always wished for.

If you are able to maintain 1 super active bonus point for 3 months as an independent distributor, then you become eligible for a car fund reward. To grant this, the company allows 7.5% of its BV turnover.

1 car fund point = 1 super active bonus point


Car fund income= car fund points×car funds points value


Car fund points value = 7.5% of BV turnover/total car fund points


House fund Reward

Not only a good car, but this plan also satisfies your house requirements.

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To gain a house fund reward, you have to maintain 1 super active bonus point for 6 continuous months. Then, the company will grant you 5% of its BV turnover.

1 super active bonus point = 1 house fund point


Hoise fund income = house fund points×house fund points value


House fund points value = 5% of BV turnover/total house fund points


Kindly note that all the bonuses will be calculated on the basis of the business volume generated in a time period of 1 month.

If you fail to generate preferred business volume within a month, you lose your reward.

Final conclusion

So, this was a clear and detailed explanation of the OK Lifecare business plan, Haryana based company that aims to solve the problem of unemployment.

It can be a very good option for part-time as well as a full-time job.

If the idea of making a handsome amount of money through network marketing excites and inspires you, then look no further and register your name today.

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