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Amway vs Vestige? Which is best network marketing company?

Amway and Vestige are direct selling companies, having a good presence internationally.

When it comes to choosing one, we brainstorm to select the best so as to get maximum returns on our business with them.

Though they follow a similar multi-level marketing business plan, the benefits to members, product quality, price, and everything differs.

What is Amway?


What is Vestige?


First, let’s look at Amway, it is more than a 50-year-old company with A+ ranking in the direct selling business.

They have a wide range of products such as nutrition, vitamin supplements, health drinks, cosmetics, cleaning products, kitchen utilities, perfumes, accessories, and B2B products.


Vestige is an Indian company involved in direct selling. It was started in 2004 and deal with health and personal care products.

The company has a high growth rate and the management has a substantially high rewarding system to their members.

Its operating in more than 80 countries. Distributors benefits will be from 20%-70% on all products.

They mostly rely on mouth publicity and not on commercial advertising. Membership is free and provides up to 7 types of income benefits.



Amway Marketing plan


Vestige marketing plan


Amway marketing plan works by joining the company as their member.

You will be given a monthly target of purchases to made and your growth as a member starts from reaching them.

Based on your performance as a distributor or seller of their product, you will also be promoted to the next levels and the bonus figure will increase.

Amway also has the independent business owner plan (IBO). This is to empower you as a full-fledged business owner.

If you have a strong desire to become an entrepreneur, then it will enable you to fulfill that dream.


It is as usual starts with becoming the member of the company.

Once you start selling a greater number of products you will accumulate more points and profit.

According to members, the company follows the reward system in terms of PV and BV.

When the PV reached a certain amount you can convert them into real money and start to get a monthly salary from a minimum of 8000 to 2 lakhs per month.

Vestige also provides a good working environment for their members and sufficient guidance from the existing and company representatives.

Their products have international recognition and widely accepted in all countries even in Dubai.


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Pros and cons of Amway

Pros and cons of Vestige

Every business comes with pros and cons, based on which we can be aware of what works for us and what not. Let’s see how it looks with Amway and Vestige



  • Amway products are world-class with high quality. There are a wide variety of supplements to improve health and wellness. It is easy for the member to promote them, as they already well recognized.
  • Nutrilite is one of the famous products that Amway offers and most of the representatives mainly concentrate to boost their sales with it.
  • It has its presence in around 90 countries. The vast distributive system helps the members to have more presence and sales.
  • It has been in the Indian market for around 20 years, hence it will help the buyer to have trust and to consider them buying over other brands.
  • Training will be provided by the company, which will add an advantage to improve your marketing skills.
  • Since it has been in business from a longer period of time, you can trust the company and it is not a fraud or a Ponzi scheme.
  • Additional income will be generated from your down line sales representatives.
  • The wide range of products can cover a number of needs and age groups, so there will be no hard time for you with selecting the customer. It will have products to cover all the family needs.

Cons of Amway

  • Most of their products are of high cost. It discourages sales.
  • You need to go for a good level of promotion and marketing to gain more sales
  • You need to attend weekly meetings.
  • It will take years to achieve additional income and there are more benefits to the senior levels while the down line members are depressed in income.
  • Overestimated sales functions stress out and discourage the members.
  • You constantly need to work on building the teams to reach to the top position.

  • Vestige has good quality products at a low price. It will draw more sales and needless difficulty in selling them.
  • There is a good number of new members joining the company, hence it is easy for you to reach the top position.
  • Lifetime membership is free, and no renewal is required.
  • Little maintenance cost on buying material and books. Which means you can save more on your earnings.
  • The product range perfectly fits for lower, middle- and high-class families. When there is more affordability then there is more sales figures.
  • Vestige has a good business plan and you can easily earn a more accumulative performance bonus.
  • Vestige plans offer maximum growth and encouragement in the career for the members.
  • Their products claim to be chemical-free and made with natural ingredients.

Cons of Vestige

  • Just like other plans you need to go for promotions at the starting of your career to inform your mates about the products.
  • Vestige is little known then Amway, as they are not much into advertising.


Upon seeing the fewer cons, we can conclude that Vestige got better advantages over Amway. But you can be the judge.

Since when you have high-income group friends who want to choose a well-known international brand then you probably do well with Amway.

Vestige, on the other hand, is an Indian brand and comes at many low prices without compromise on quality. At present, there are no cases of files on Vestige compared to Amway.

For the personal benefits, you can choose a few products from both of them and try on your own before deciding what to join and start selling.

But finally, whatever the company may be, the income generation greatly depends on your personal marketing efforts.

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