What is Modicare Loyalty Program 2022? Get Maximum Benefits

Are you want to know more about the Modicare loyalty program?

Modicare India is a company specializing in providing the best Network Marketing services.

It conquers any hindrance between systems showcasing organizations and everyday citizens.

Modicare India was framed in the year 1996. It is an organization that has pursued steady qualities since its commencement.

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As far back as the time it appeared, the main standards based on which this organization capacities have been to enable, connect with, and upgrade the lives of everybody who gets related to the organization.

The organization has possessed the capacity to do as such at an expansive rate. Its prosperity says a lot for itself.

A long-standing convention of this association has dependably been to offer back to individuals and change their lives with the goal that they can carry on a superior and more secure future.

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The company has a loyalty program that urges the customers to have maximum benefits in return for them being loyal members.

Modicare Loyalty Program

Modicare Loyalty Program

1. If you buy a product worth Rs. 3000 or Rs. 1800 for six months then you will get an item of (Rs. 3000 or Rs. 1800)  free in the seventh month.

2. Another concept of this loyalty program is that, For example, you start Rs. 3000 or 1800 plan for one year and then you will get 3 Loyalty coupons.

Note: You will need to buy products of 3000 or 1800 between 1st to 15th of every month for 6 to12 consecutive months.

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Benefits of Loyalty Program:

For example, you buy 3000 Rs. products for 6 months. Then your benefit will be:-

  • A repurchase program in which you can get a product worth Rs.300 free.
  • The retail margin for about Rs. 600
  • On the products of Rs.3000, you can get BV points of about 1500, you can get a cashback of around 7% from the very beginning, and then it goes on to 7%, 10%, 13%, 15%, and 16%.
  • This will be a total of Rs. 300 + Rs.600 + Rs. 500 + Rs. 105 cash back = Rs. 1505 profit.
  • So basically on the products worth Rs. 3000 you will get a return of Rs. 1505.

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There are many benefits to buying these products. With the confluence of so many profitable offers, the way you shop can become profitable.

We have provided down below for better references into the loyalty program of the Modicare company. You can go through it to gain even better clarity.

You can find the Modicare distributor points list with contact numbers, address details, and contact details from here.



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