Modicare Products Price List

Modicare Grocery Product List 2020 With MRP/DP Prices

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Modicare is a well-known and trusted name among the leading MLM companies in India. We have compiled up the Modicare Grocery products price list to give you an overview of their vivid range of wonderful products.

Founded by Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi in 1933, the company aims to instill a spark of entrepreneurship in every individual.

Entrepreneurship is the key to financial freedom and Modicare wants to confer this freedom to the people by making them take advantage of the opportunity the company has created.

Today, Modicare has a wide plethora of quality products from numerous categories. Their service is safety-assured.

The company believes in values of honesty, team spirit, reliability, and innovation. It is the medley of these values that made Modicare thrive in the direct selling landscape.

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There is a famous quote,

coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success.”

Modicare has brought this idea to life. They support their members and consultants proactively.

They are ready to walk hand in hand empowering people to make the best out of their potential.

Indeed, the Modicare business plan is one of the best schemes you will ever join!

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If you are looking for a way to create additional paths of income for you, you must explore the Modicare Business Plan.

Moving forward, we take a glance at the amazing range of products offered by Modicare. These products are just a small fraction of their ocean.

If you surf their website, you will witness a much more overwhelming variety of products awaiting you.

You can rely on these items as they come with quality assurance and a 100% satisfaction guarantee provided by the company. The company has generated quite a huge customer base along with a deemed reputation.

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Below is the list of selected products with descriptions and prices.

Modicare Grocery Product List

Modicare Grocery Product List

All check all Modicare Products Price List

1. Modicare Rice Bran Oil

Modicare Rice Bran Oil is loaded with Vitamins A and D2. So, it is a blessing for your eyes and bones. It has a neutral test so it won’t mess up your favorite dish.

1. Lowers serum cholesterol levels
2. A high smoking point lets you deep-fry whichever bhaji or bhujiya you like.
3. A rich source of Vitamin E
4. Antioxidant
5. Anti-mutagenic property
6. Aids in weight loss

2. Soul Flavours Masalas – Garam Masala, Jeera, Haldi, Dhaniya powder, many more.

Spices are an integral part of Indian foods and culture. Without the presence of the Indian spices, every Indian dish is a no-go. Every tasty dish is an amalgamation of all the Indian spices.

Not only they enhance the taste of your food, but they also aid to better health too. Many spices are immunity-boosters, some promote better digestion, and others regulate blood sugar levels of the body.

So, always consider adding a handful of spicy twist into your dishes.
Plus, Modicare masalas have even more to offer you.

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3. Modicare’s masalas have 100%:

1. Purity
2. Guaranteed satisfaction
3. Uniquely zip-locked packets
4. Scientifically processed
5. Hygienically packed

Benefits of Modicare spices:

1. Dhaniya: Rich in antioxidants. Filled with dietary fiber.
2. Jeera: Aids digestion. Improves immunity. Deals with flatulence. Best for respiratory troubles.
3. Garam Masala: Prevention of skin disorders.
4. Haldi: Helps in detoxifying your liver, reives from inflammation, pains, and burns.

4. Modicare Soul Flavours Cow Ghee

Modicare Cow Ghee is prepared from fresh cow’s milk. Due to its richness in aroma and granular texture, it adds an amazing flavor to your favorite food.

It makes an ideal base for cooking, garnishing, and preparing tasty and sugary sweets.


1. Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, so it’s your heart’s best friend
2. Contains fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K which are good for your eyes, skin, hair, and blood vessels.
3. A powerful antioxidant
4. Anti-fungal
5. Anti-bacterial
6. Anti-viral

5. Modicare Fruit of the Earth Tea, Green Tea, Coffee

Kickstart your mornings on a healthy note. Green tea is excellent for weight loss while caffeine activates your mood.

Nowadays, the oxidative stress in the body has gone beyond limits. So, counteract it, and control the aging process, you need a powerful antioxidant.

Here’s a wonderful product called Modicare Fruit of the Earth, that has naturally occurring antioxidants.

1. Lowered risk of cancer
2. Protects the brain from aging
3. Prevents heart disorders
4. Helps in the burning of body fats
5. Prevents diabetes

6. Modicare Soul Honey

Honey is undoubtedly the best home remedy for a lot of things. Whether you are a skin-care fanatic or keep away stomach-related disorders, honey is your natural solution to myriads of problems.

For centuries together, honey has been consumed and used for many medicinal practices.

This natural thick golden liquid has too many benefits than one can think of. For instance:

1. For those who cannot tolerate refined sugar, can rely on Modicare Honey.
2. It is easy to digest, helps in weight loss
3. The perfect tonic for skin ailments
4. Contains traces of vitamins and minerals
5. Anti-bacterial
6. Anti-fungal
7. Soothes a sore throat
8. Perfect for common cold or hypothermia
9. Helps relieve digestive problems

Modicare Soul Flavours Penne Rigate (Pasta)

No evening snack is complete without pasta. You can make mouth-watering dishes with different kinds of sauces to add taste, flavor, and texture.

When we talk about Modicare’s Pasta, it is 100%

1. Vegetarian
2. Durum wheat
3. Free of cholesterol
4. Free of trans-fat
5. Non-sticky
6. Free of added colors
7. Free of additives


1. High in fiber, so good for constipation
2. High in protein, so good for the bones
3. High in Vitamin B
4. Aids in weight loss

Final Thoughts

By presenting a Modicare products list, we wanted to give you a clear picture of the details and benefits their products possess.

A good product with fascinating benefits can capture everyone’s attention.
That’s exactly what products delivered by Modicare are all about.

Despite the fierce competition in the market, they made it to be the best-in-class direct selling company in India with genuine commodities. Here, you get equal value for your money.

If you are recommending these products further to your prospects, you can be confident enough that you are selling something meaningful.

Therefore, joining this company and opting for their products is altogether a witty decision.

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