Modicare Company Profile

In this article, you will let you know about the Modicare Company Profile. Modicare India is a company specializing in providing the best Network Marketing services.

It bridges the gap between network marketing companies and common people.

Modicare Pvt. Ltd. was formed in the year 1996. It is a company that has followed consistent values since its inception.

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Ever since the time it came into being, the core principles on the basis of which this direct selling company functions have been to empower, engage and enhance the lives of everyone who gets associated with the company.

The company has been able to do so at a large rate. Its success speaks volumes for itself.

A long-standing tradition of this organization has always been to give back to people and changing their lives so that they are able to live a better and more secure future.

During the initial years of its inception, the focus of the company was on intervention programs related to HIV/AIDS.

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Since then, the company has formed many programs that facilitate capacity-building skills and empowering skills amongst students, women, adolescents, unemployed people, and unskilled youth.

Modicare works with a diverse range of shareholders both at the institutional and community level so that the resource base gets leveraged. The mission of Modicare firm includes:

  • Taking ownership to solve the problems of all the consultants.
  • Empowering the consultants to become a leader so that their groups get strengthened.
  • Consistent interaction with all the consultants so that there is clarity.
  • Recognizing the potential of all the individuals involved so that the overall results get maximized.
  • Making sure all the consultants are satisfied and happy.

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The business plan of the company has also emerged to include many important programs that help in sustainable growth and development. This growth is especially centric to marginalized sections of society.

There are many workplace intervention programs introduced by the company and projects.

Which are introduced in partnership with international and national agencies working on capacity building, setting up integrated counseling, and encouraging leadership programs amongst the youth.

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Under the leadership of Mr. Samir Modi, the company has gained a well-respected position through direct and indirect intervention.

The main principle has always been to change society at a humanitarian level with absolute grit and determination.

The advantages are holistic in the sense that giving back to society comes first every time.

Mr. Samir Modi has contributed to starting great initiatives all across the country by encouraging a key shift.

His priority has always showcased how the strength of organization and community can bring about a positive change.

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The company focuses on rehabilitating, strengthening, and building the leaders of tomorrow.

All the efforts of this company are to reach milestones that distinguish it from others. Some of the most important features of the Modicare foundation are:

  • An in-house workplace awareness program for all the employees and consultants of the company.
  • Implementation of many uplifting policies.
  • Reaching out to underprivileged sections of the society by the means of sponsorship programs and training over 8000 employees of private and public organizations.
  • The company has also been recognized as a resource agency by UNICEF, the Delhi government, SACS, NACO, and many other corporate houses.
  • Empowering over 3000 teachers and 50 NGOs

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