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Modicare Well Tulsi Tablet Benefits, Price, Dosage, Side effects

In this article, we are going to discuss the Modicare Well Tulsi tablet benefits, Price, Dosage, and Side effects.

Are you still confused between so many immunity-boosting tablets in the market?

You must be aware of the medicinal properties of Tulsi and how it is used to boost your immunity since older days. Everyone believes that Tulsi works great against diseases like flu and other infection-causing diseases.

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So, what if we tell you that you get the benefit of 33 leaves of Tulsi in just one tablet? Isn’t it unbelievable? Yes, you read that right. Well Tulsi tablets give you the benefit of 33 leaves of Tulsi in just one tablet.

It contains all the properties you may require to immune your body.

Let us discuss more about well Tulsi tablets:


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Benefits Of Well Tulsi Tablets:


Following are the benefits of well Tulsi tablets:

  • Effective immunity booster- well Tulsi tablets contain Tulsi which is an immunity booster. In times of covid, these Tulsi tablets are of great use. The tablets boost will boost your immunity helping you to fight against the deadly disease covid –19.
  • Helps to fight against infections- well Tulsi tablets help you to fight against general infections like cold, cough, and other such common diseases because of Tulsi which contains a high number of medicinal properties.
  • Removes all toxic oxidants from your body- well Tulsi tablets help you to remove all the toxic oxidants from your body because it acts as an antioxidant in your body which causes premature aging.
  • Helps fight against allergies- Tulsi being a natural ingredient, it naturally possesses all the properties to eliminate allergies, fungal infections, viral infections from your body.
  • Helpful for patients having diabetes- studies have shown that Tulsi is an active medicine for diabetic patients as it lowers the blood glucose level.

Ingredients Used In Well Tulsi Tablets


Well Tulsi tablets are made of all the natural ingredients:

  • Well, Tulsi tablets contain its natural ingredient Tulsi which is the most active ingredient and helps in fighting most of the diseases.
  • The tablets also include basil leaves which contain 2% of ursolic
  • The well Tulsi tablets are completely natural and vegetarian.
  • The tablets do not contain any added flavors or colors and are gluten-free.

Price Of Well Tulsi Tablets

Well Tulsi tablets are affordable and very cheap.

The prices may vary between the range 400-500 rupees.

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Well Tulsi Tablets Dosage


It is suggested to take the Well Tulsi tablets 1-2 tablets a day or as your doctor prescribes.

Remember, excessive consumption of the tablets may cause damage to your body so you must take the advice of your doctor before consumption.

Well Tulsi Tablets Side Effects

There have been no such cases of side effects till now but if you notice then you must consult a doctor.

Well, there are some precautions you must take before consuming the tablets:

  • Pregnant women must consult a doctor before taking such tablets.
  • Excessive consumption may lead to diarrhea or nausea so you must keep a check on the dosage.
  • Tulsi can lower your blood sugar level, so diabetic or low blood sugar levels must consult a doctor before consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these tablets vegetarian?

Ans. Yes, the well Tulsi tablets are vegetarian and do not contain any non-veg items.

2. My wife is pregnant can she have it because she needs immunity?

Ans. Your wife should always consult a doctor before taking any such tablets because it may cause harm to the baby.

3. Is it for kids as well?

Ans. No, kids must not use these tablets in fact, they must be kept out of the reach.

4. Will it be okay to keep the tablets under sunlight?

Ans. No, well Tulsi tablets must be kept in dark, away from moisture and sunlight.

5. Can it boost my immunity?

Ans. Yes, well Tulsi tablets contain Tulsi its active nutrient which boosts your immunity.

6. Are these tablets chemical-based?

Ans. No, well Tulsi tablet is 100% natural and does not contain any added chemicals.


By far, you must have got the idea of how effective well Tulsi tablets can be.

Being a natural ingredient, Tulsi contains all the medicinal properties. The benefits of these tablets are uncountable, they immune your body, removes bacteria and other infection-causing germs from your body.

These tablets are cheap and give you more profit at a very less cost. You not only save your pocket but also increase your immunity.

To conclude this article, we can say that the well Tulsi tablets promote a healthy life at a very affordable price.

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