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Modicare Well Amla Tablets Benefits, Price, Dosage, Side effects

In this article, we are going to discuss the Modicare Well Amla Tablets Benefits, Price, Dosage, and Side effects.

Along with this, we will have an overview of the ingredients of these tablets.

Phyllanthus emblica is the scientific name for Indian gooseberry which is commonly known as Amla. This berry is used in almost every household in India.

According to Ayurveda amla has tones of benefits like treating hypertension, helping in digestion, skin and hair nourishment, helps in treating polycystic ovaries, etc.

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Amla has many benefits and can be consumed in different forms like some prefer eating raw amla, some prefer taking amla juice, while others think consuming amla tablets are better as they taste a bit sour.

Well Amla tablets contain 100% natural amla extract hence are the powerhouse of all the required nutrients.

Well Amla Tablets Ingredients

modicare well Amla tablet

Well amla tablets contain all the natural ingredients and 100% natural ingredients.

The tablets contain extract of fruit Emblica Officinalis with 33% of Tannis which is rich in vitamin C to boost your immunity.

There are no added colors and flavors in the Well amla tablets. It is completely vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan.

Well Amla Tablets Benefits


Nowadays tons of people have health-related issues while others have skin and hair issues. All these issues can be solved just by the regular consumption of Well Amla tablets.

Since these tablets contain beneficial active components, they help your body in fast recovery of your body.

There are a lot of benefits associated with these pills, some of the most recognized ones are:

  • Well Amla tablets are beneficial in boosting your immunity.
  • They help in skin rejuvenation and prevent skin from premature aging
  • These tablets purify the blood and help in regulating glucose levels in the blood.
  • These tables help to nourish your hair and promote hair growth.
  • They may also help in indigestion by helping your body to digest food naturally.

Well Amla Tablets Side Effects


As of now, there are no such side effects shown by these tablets. But if you see any side effects, you should rush to your physician without delay.

Avoid overdosing on these tablets to get faster results otherwise it may create an issue.

Special precautions must be taken for pregnant women, they need to consult their doctor to avoid issues with the fetus.

In case you have any bleeding disorders, kindly consult your doctor before taking these tablets.

Always read the instruction before consuming these tablets and keep them out of reach of children.

Well Amla Tablets Price

Well Amla Tablets come at a super affordable price to fit everyone’s pocket.

Keeping everyone’s budget in mind these tablets range from 220 rupees to 240 rupees.

You can either buy these tablets directly from the Modicare website or you can buy these products from Flipkart, Amozon, and can avail of discounts.

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Well Amla Tablets Dosage


It is recommended to take 1 tablet twice a day.

You need to take these with water.

You must consult your physician before taking these tablets to avoid any side effects.

Even though Amla tablets are beneficial for health but their dosage must be consulted as self-medication or overdose might create an issue.

As mentioned, special care must be taken in some cases like during pregnancy you must consult your gynecologist.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are these tablets vegetarian?

Ans. Yes, these tablets are vegetarian and do contain eggs or any other type of non-veg items.

So, if you are a pure vegetarian, you may take this without second thoughts.

2. Can kids also consume these tablets?

Ans. The answer to this question is no, the kids should not consume these tablets. These tablets should be kept out of reach of the children.

Teens may consume these tablets after consulting a doctor.

3. How should I use consume these tablets?

Ans. You need to take one tablet twice a day with water but before consuming any such tablets you must consult a physician regarding its dosage or must read the directions provided on the box.

4. Does the tablets contain chemicals?

Ans. No, the Well amla tablets are completely natural and are made of natural ingredients. There are no chemicals. It is completely safe for consumption.


During the worldwide pandemic, we all desire to increase our immunity and we all know the great source of that is sour fruits. Amla being a sour fruit contains all the properties that are used to enhance your immunity.

The well amla tablets provide you 33% of Tannis in just one tablet and help to keep you healthy and safe.

Being a Modicare products it is 100% natural and there is a very low risk of side effects. Products are made under technical and professional guidance.

To conclude this article, we can say that this Well product is trustable and will never fail to disappoint you.

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