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Modicare Well Protein Crest Benefits, Price, Reviews and Dosage

In this article, we will all know about Modicare Well Protein Crest Benefits, Price, Reviews, and Dosage.

Modicare Protein Crest is an outstanding quality product that can act as a “Complete Protein “ nutritious supplement responsible to supply all crucial amino acids and is enhanced with important vitamins and minerals.

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It is a type of balanced nutritive drink, specially composed of whey protein, soy protein, and amounts of malt, which makes the drink delicious.

Thus, this nutritive drink can serve as a nutritional beverage for people who like to gain some nutrition in the body.

Highlights of Well Protein Crest product

  • Modicare Protein Crest supplies all essential amino acids to the body that can’t be manufactured in the body naturally. Thus, this product is a reliable amino acid source.
  • 100% vegetarian product and can be digested quickly.
  • The proteins present in it (Soy and Whey Proteins) are effective in gaining body mass.

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ModiCare Well Protein Crest features

ModiCare Protein Crest Benefits For Good Health

  • The product exclusively helps in building up stamina, immunity, strength of the body, and thereby responsible for good health.
  • The product has several antioxidant properties that enable a person to stay fit.
  • The product contains a good amount of natural isoflavones in it. Isoflavones are a good source of plant proteins that are needed by the body.
  • Researchers have claimed that if someone includes 25 grams of pure soy protein in his or her diet then the risk of heart disease can reduce.

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Well Protein Crest Price

Product: Modicare Protein Crest

Type: Bottle (Powered form)

Quantity: 500 grams

Price: ₹979/ Bottle (However, the price can range from 800-1300 on different sites)

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Well Protein Crest Customer Reviews

This product can ideally be added to the diets of adolescents, grown-ups, aged people, and people who generally do exercise, workout, and sports individuals.

People have an image that whey protein is simply used only by bodybuilders who are enthusiastic about earning a percentage of muscular weight.

But, the fact is your body requires protein (whey protein) and protein is a crucial form of an ideal diet component.

This product is a terrific derivation of B vitamins. B vitamins are extremely promising for the proper metabolism of the body.

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Well Protein Crest Dosage

How to prepare Modicare Protein Crest Beverage?

  • Take approximately 25 grams of product (1 ½ scoop) in a clean glass.
  • Add a slight quantity of water or milk to it and blend it adequately to formulate a paste.
  • Mix briskly meanwhile add more milk/water to the glass to fill up the glass completely.
  • Add sugar according to your taste, if required.
  • You can make the drink by using cold or hot water. The choice is completely yours.

People who can’t use this product

Special Precautions

  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women: The product doesn’t contain sufficient reliable knowledge to know if consuming whey protein is safe and healthy for pregnant or breastfeeding women. So, it is recommended to be on the safer side and prevent the use of this product.
  • People with Milk allergy: If someone is allergic to cow’s milk, then he or she should avoid utilizing whey protein and thus this product.

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This product is a kind of food supplement and is not utilized to analyze, cure, treat, or prevent any kind of disease.

So People with distinct medical ailments should consult their doctors first, before consuming this product. Not adequate for infants.

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