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Modicare Well Strong and Smart Powder Benefits, Price, Dosage, Side effects

In this article, we will discuss about the Well Strong and Smart Powder, its ingredients, benefits, dosage, and other information.

Being a mother is tough, there are endless tantrums that you have to go through while handling a child. Tantrums that they generally throw are,

“No, mom I don’t want to drink milk.”

Is it tough for you to make your child drink their milk?

Then maybe you should try this well strong and smart powder which will make your kids fall in love with milk because of its delightful flavor and taste.

You will no longer have to bear with their tantrums.

They will start loving milk and will also get all the adequate amount of nutrition and minerals they need during their growing years.

Rather than making them drink the milk forcefully, they will themselves ask for it.

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You will see the changes in their height, brain, and mood once they start consuming this.


Ingredients Of Well Strong and Smart Powder


Well strong and smart powder is a completely vegetarian product.

And hence, this powder contains 37 vital nutrients like:


  • Essential minerals
  • Essential vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • FOS
  • DHA
  • Colostrum

This powder is available in children’s all-time favorite flavor chocolate.


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Well Strong and Smart Powder Benefits


Now, there are many benefits of well strong and smart powder like:

Physical development

When you start giving your child this well strong and smart powder from a tender it is very beneficial for them.

They start growing faster with the help of this powder. Their bones become stronger and their body becomes healthy.

Brain development

Children often complain about their lack of concentration while studying, this well strong and smart powder will help not only to concentrate but will also increase their memory which will make them learn things faster.

Immunity booster

In the covid times, we must ensure that our children’s immunity must be strong to fight this deadly disease.

This powder increases your child’s immunity and also immunes them against all other diseases.

Milk protein

Giving your child milk without any health drink might prove in them lacking adequate amounts of proteins.

Adding this powder will give enhance your child’s milk with proteins and will give the milk a delightful taste.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

This powder is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that your child needs during their growing ages.


Side Effects Of Well Strong And Smart Powder


The following are the side effects of well strong and smart powder:

  • Due to the high amount of sugar in the product, excess of it may lead to bad health at a very tender age.
  • The powder may lead to instant energy but researchers have proved that it is not effective for a longer period. This may lead to the child feeling lethargic and tired.
  • An excessive amount of chocolate and sugar may lead to cavities and faster decay of teeth.

Price of Well strong and smart powder

The well strong and smart powder is very cheap and easily affordable.

Its price ranges between 400-700 rupees.

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This well strong and smart powder is only for children from age 2 years and above. The following are the directions of how to give them the powder according to their age:

  • Every day 1 scoop for the children of age 2 to 4 years.
  • Everyday 2 scoops for the children of age 4 or above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Till what age can children have it?

Ans. Children of age 2 to 15 years can have this well strong and smart product.

2. Will this powder lead to an increase in height?

Ans. The answer to this question is yes, this powder is scientifically tested and has resulted in an increase in height over half of the children who consume this powder.

3. Does it contain non-veg?

Ans. No, well strong and smart powder is a vegetarian product and it does contain egg or any other non-veg items.

4. What is the expiry date of the product if I buy it today?

Ans. Expiry date varies according to the manufactured date. But, if you intend to buy it now, the expiry date would be after 2 years, that is, 2023.


Well strong and smart powder helps your child is growing and makes your child active in their growing years.

Children love the powder because of its delightful taste.

The powder will not only help in your child’s physical development but will also provide the essential minerals which will lead to a sharper mind.

So, to conclude the article, well strong and smart powder is very effective and will help your child grow faster.

Your child will start liking the milk which they hated before because of this tasty powder.

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