Altos Products Price List

Altos Products Price list 2023 Revised in Jan

Please find the new and Latest Altos Products Price list after Lockdown.

Altos came to life with the dream of one man who was an ambitious dreamer.

Altos is one of the leading direct selling companies with almost 150 products.

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This company started its business with the main idea of bringing financial freedom and better health to people.

Altos gives people better opportunities to explore effective business ideas and strategies with high-quality products at extremely affordable prices.

This company deals with providing aroma care, hair care, skin treatment, FMCG & agricultural products, and herbal products.

The marketing and business plan of this company is designed in a way that helps people earn money while doing their regular jobs or business.

The main aim of this company is to help more and more people live a healthier and happier life.

The products manufactured by this company can help you achieve a lot of money.

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The emphasis is gaining information and awareness about the products and becoming part of this company for a better future for everyone.

The company has experience of almost thirty years in the Pharma industry which has allowed this company to create a business environment and a working culture that leads to exceptional growth.

The products Altos are made after necessary research and development.

This research and development help in improving the quality of products and coming up with new products almost every year.

In the recent past, this company has gained amazing growth not just in India but overseas as well.

The desire, attitude, and commitment of this company mixed with exceptional business principles and experience have taken it to new heights of growth.

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All the products are made with state of the art equipment in the best quality laboratories. Everyone who uses these products does not switch over to any other products afterward.

We have provided the latest product price list by this company. You can find the latest prices below that will help you to gain clarity about all the prices.

However, this is the latest price list but is subject to change depending upon the company.

The price is listed with MRP, Unit, BV (Business Volume), and DP (Distributor Point).

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Altos Products Price list 2021

CodeName Pack Price PVBV MRP 
Health Care (68)
ABHI01Abhiliv syrup100 ml105053155
ABHIZ01Abhizyme Syrup100 ml99050155
ANSM01Smo Kill AntiSmoker (Pack of 2)9 ml2102115210
AROP001Aroplex Capsule30 cap5590500749
AROP03Aroplex Plus Capsule30 cap6750603949
ASHW01Ashwagandha Capsule (Pack of 2)60 cap2990150299
ASUG01Sugar free Tablet110 tab6203699
BRAH01Brahmi Capsule60 cap150075225
CHOC02Herbal Enregize powder (Chocklate)350 gm6301000849
COL01Coloston Capsule60 cap3754214575
CONS001Consoft Herbal Powder100 gm155083240
CONS01Consoft Herbal Powder (500gm)500 gm5800312900
CURCP02Curcum Plus Capusle (Pack Of 2)60 cap1249010411199
FAIR01Fairness Herbal Capsule (Pack Of 2)30 cap2702150270
FLAX01Flax Oil Capsules90 cap4802313695
GANO01Ganoderma Capsule (500 BV )60 cap5900526849
GLU03Nutro Glucosamine60 cap5355325825
HADJ01Hadjod Capsule60 cap135068195
HALD01Haldi Pure Capsule60 cap2500175355
HCP00105Abhinol Herbal Capsule60 cap1951115315
HCP00702Korean Capsule30 cap3203190500
HCP01301Young Look Herbal Capsule (Slimming)60 cap2702148425
HCP01602Vigvit Herbal Capsules60 cap4250240625
HCP01801Nutroton Herbal Capsules60 cap4254240625
HCP02001Korvin Oil15 ml1752120299
HCP02402Nutro Dia Herbal Powder100 gm3453200499
HCP02802Herbal Vig -R 120 Caps120 cap6356359949
HCP02801Herbal Vig -R60 cap4452251655
HCP03003Garlicplus Capsule60 cap2402146375
HCP03004Aloepure Caspule60 cap2402146375
HCP03007Energize Herbal Powder100 gm2350165365
HCP03103Noni Capsule 120caps120 cap5405309799
HCP03104Noni Capsule60 cap3750214550
HEAD01Headache Relife Goodfeel9 ml6003499
HEALS02Cough Syrup (Heal)100 ml4901985
HNPC02Nutroprash Herbal Capsules30 cap165196250
JEE02Jeewan Shakti Avaleh500 gm280174399
LITB01Little-B-Big Capsules (Pack Of 2)60 cap4254200425
MUSL01Musli Pure Capsule60 cap3754250599
NEEM01Neem Capsule60 cap1601100249
NETJ01Netar Jyoti Eye Drop10 ml5002575
ORCT01Orecal Calcium Tablet100 cap1952133299
ORCT02Orecal Calcium Tablet (1x10x10)100 cap2052140300
OREAM02Ore Amla500 ml130060190
ORED003Oredent Toothpaste 170 Gm170 gm125054190
ORED05Oredent Toothpaste 100 Gm100 gm68029110
OREDO02Oregel Diab500 ml2350109340
OREF04Orefresh Toothpaste100 gm72033115
OREG02Oregel Syrup500 ml3801220550
OREP01Ore Piles Ointment (Altos)30 gm6003075
OREPC02Ore Piles Capsule (Altos)60 cap120060175
ORESP01Oreslim Powder200 gm4855332749
ORG01Oregain (Vanila Flavour)200 gm5105300775
ORG02Oregain (Chocolate Flavour)200 gm5105300775
ORGE02Orefresh Gel100 gm70030110
PAIN03Paindon Herbal Oil40 ml120063185
PAINB01Altos pain balm10 gm250835
PAOI02Paindon Ointment (Altos)30 gm75037110
PCAP03Herbal Paindon Plus Capsules 120 Caps120 cap3453156525
PCAP04Paindon Plus Capsules 30 Caps30 cap125056190
RIC04Refined Rice Bran Oil Enrich Gold(1lt.)1 lit175058225
SPIR05Spirulina Tablet90 cap3453211560
SWAP01Altos Swadisht Powder100 gm75025115
TOBR01Herbal Brain Capsule (Pack Of 2)60 cap4254200425
TUL02Tulsi Power20 ml1700103265
VPRO02Protiens Vigvit Powder200 gm4550287699
VPRO4Protiens Vigvit Powder (Combo Pack)800 gm1365107162120
WHEG01Wheatpure Wheat Grass Powder 100 gm100 gm3751218575
Personal Care (27)
ACTI24Deodorant Luton Active 24150 ml135088225
BLDEO01Deo Mist Black100 ml99033165
BRUSH01Uni Toothbrush (Altos)1 pc2501030
CSOA01Cream Soap250 ml88037140
EDEO02Deo Mist (Extreme) (Pack of 2)135 ml249088249
FAC01Shine Home Facial Bar (Pack of 4)75 gm150060195
FCC01Foot Care Cream30 gm5001685
FDEO02Deo Mist (Floral) (Pack of 2)135 ml249088249
FO5101Deo (FO51) (Pack of 2)110 ml249088249
HSAN01Hand cleanzer gel 50 ml50 ml5002575
HSAN05Hand Rub Gel 200 ml200 ml80016100
HWHC001Hand Wash Haldi & Chandan (Pack Of 2)250 ml175058175
HWHC02Hand Wash Haldi&Chandan(Refill 750 ml)750 ml150050185
HWTA001Hand Wash Tulsi & Aloevera (Pack Of 2) 250 ml185064185
HWTA002Hand Wash Tulsi&Aloevera (Refil 750 ml)750 ml155052195
KAJA01Kajal Black Make Up0.25 gm125065175
KES02Kesar Active Soap75 gm260830
LUTON01Deodorant Luton Sports Active150 ml120040199
LUTON02Deodorant Luton Smart Body150 ml120040199
LUTON03Deodorant Luton Party Ready150 ml120040199
MCUTE01Deodorant Luton Miss Cute150 ml135045225
PDEO02Deo Mist (Power) (Pack Of 2)135 ml249088249
SHAVE001Shaving Cream (Pack of 2)100 gm125042125
SHI01Shine Bathing Bar75 gm3401245
SIND001Zordan Liquid Sindur6 ml100050150
TALC01Talcum Powder100 gm78028120
WDEO03Deo Mist (White) (Pack of 2)100 ml199068199
Hair Care (16)
AMLA001Amla Hair Oil 100 ML100 ml4901478
AMLA03Amla Hair Oil 200 ML200 ml86024140
ASHA01Shampoo Amla Shikakai 100 ml100 ml6002290
ASHA06Shampoo Amla Shikakai 500 ml500 ml185064290
DSHA02Shampoo Anti Dandruff (Pack of 2)200 ml2351105235
HAGR01Hair Gro Oil100 ml2002140299
HAIRG01Hair Styling Gel (Pack of 2)50 gm8502885
HC01601Very Cool Oil100 ml6202195
HCON001Conditioner Hair (Pack of 2)200 ml195065195
HEEN01Heena Herbal Hair Pack100 gm6201999
HOIL02Hair Shine100 ml5802785
HVITA01Aroma Hair Vitalizer (Pack of 2)120 ml3490116349
LSHA02Shampoo Long Hair (Pack of 2)200 ml2351105235
OREM03Oremol Black Hair Emulsion100 ml6002090
PSHA02Shampoo P. Hair Fall (Pack of 2)200 ml2351105235
ZHOIL01Hair Oil (Pack of 2)120 ml199086199
Home Care (8)
DWAS01Dish Top250 ml70023110
LDET01Detergent Liquid250 ml96033149
ROAQ02Room Freshner Aqua (Pack Of 2)250 ml225080225
ROJA02Room Freshner Jasmine (Pack Of 2)250 ml225080225
ROLE02Room Freshner Lemon (Pack Of 2)250 ml225080225
RORO02Room Freshner Rose (Pack Of 2)250 ml225080225
ROSA02Room Freshner Sandal (Pack Of 2)250 ml225080225
WDET001Detergent Powder1 kg115043175
Agriculture (1)
ORGR80Oregon 80 (Pack of 3)500 ml3852197550
FMCG (1)
TEA02Tea Premium (Enrich)250 gm130043185
Garments (5)
SUBL01Suiting Length Black Sea B3 mtr19992014003999
SUFR01Suiting Length French Open RB3 mtr49995045009999
SUOS01Suiting Length Oscar R3 mtr999105001999
TIE03Altos Neck Tie Premium Corporate1 pc4995335499
TSH01T Shirt1 pc3990150499
Marketing Tools (27)
4IN14 In 11 pc  1 pc  1 pc500050
4IN1ENG4 In 1500050
ALIGHT01Altos Lightening Board (2*2 feat)3000010004000
BADGE1Altos Badges Round1 pc2501025
BAG02Altos Non Woven Bag1 pc5005
CAN01Demo Tent (Canopy Printing)1 pc400004004000
COSM03Book Cosmetic english1 pc280128
COSMHINBook Cosmetic Hindi1 pc250025
HEAL03Book Health Care (Hindi) Vol II1 pc500150
HEAL04Book Health Care (English Vol II)1 pc330133
L2301Product Brochure1 pc5005
LI00801Literature Oregel1 pc2012
LI00901Literature Oregon-801 pc2012
LI1101Literature Vigvit1 pc2012
LIT03Nutroton Literature1 pc2012
LIT04Nutro Dia Literature1 pc2012
LIT05VIG -R1 pc2012
LIT06Paindon Plus Cap Literature1 pc2012
LIT07Orecal Literature1 pc2012
LIT08Nutroprash Literature1 pc2012
NOTE01Note Book Altos1 pc500050
ORD02Order Form Set Of 251 pc200020
PLAN05Altos Marketing Plan (Eng)1 pc5005
PLAN06Altos Marketing Plan (Hindi)1 pc5005
POST06Sugar Free Poster1 pc110111
POST09Altos Logo Poster1 pc110111
STICK02Altos Sticker1 pc8008
Cleansers (18)
ALSCR02Aloevera Face Scrub (Pack Of 2)60 gm9903399
ASCR002Apricot Scrub (Pack Of 2)60 gm9903399
BPACK01Face Pack Beauty (Pack Of 2)100 gm8002880
CFAC01Face wash Charcoal 60ml (pack of 2)60 ml9903399
FFAC001Face Wash Fairness 60 Ml (Pack Of 2)60 ml9903399
FFAC002Face Wash Fairness 120 Ml (Pack Of 2)120 ml175061175
FPACK01Face Pack Fairness (Kesar)(Pack Of 2)60 gm9503295
FSCR001Scrub Fruit (Pack Of 2)60 gm9903399
GFAC001Face Wash Gold 65 Ml (Pack Of 2)65 ml9903399
GFAC002Face Wash Gold 120 Ml (Pack Of 2)120 ml175061175
GPACK01Face Pack Gold (Pack Of 2)60 gm9503295
NFC001Face Wash Neem 60 Ml (Pack Of 2)60 ml105035105
NFAC002Face Wash Neem 120 Ml (Pack Of 2)120 ml175061175
NPACK01Face Pack Neem & Aloevera (Pack Of 2)60 gm9503295
PFAC001Face Wash Papaya 60 ml60 ml6602299
PFAC02Face Wash Papaya 120 ML120 ml98036150
PPACK01Face Pack Papaya AntiBlemish(PackOf 2)60 gm9503295
ROSE02Rose Water100 ml4201455
Toners (5)
ATON01Astrigent Lotion100 ml5201875
CTON01Cleansing Milk100 ml5802090
GTON01Skin Toner Gold100 ml68024125
RTON01Skin Toner Rose100 ml68024125
STON01Skin Toner 120 Ml120 ml115050130
Moisturizers (18)
AMOS02Moisturising Gel Aloevera100 gm72026115
BOIL02Body Oil 100 Ml100 ml6502299
BOIL05Body Oil 500 Ml500 ml240092350
BWST01Zordan Strawberry BodyWash (Pack Of 2)250 ml2990120299
CCRE01Cold Cream 25 Gm25 gm2901045
CCRE80Cold Cream 80 Gm (Pack Of 2)80 gm115040115
FCRE01Fruit Cream 25 Gm25 gm2901045
FCRE80Fruit Cream (Pack Of 2)80 gm120042120
HMOS002MoisturisingLotion Honey&Saffron(Pack Of 2)100 ml105035105
JMOS05Moisturising Lotion 500 Ml500 ml190064299
MCRE80Moisturising Cream (Pack Of 2)80 gm125044125
ROMU001Rose Musk Lotion 200 Ml(Pack Of 2)200 ml225078225
SLIP01Lipbalm Strawberry With Spf1510 gm3501555
SPF20Sunscreen Lotion Spf 20 100Ml (Pack Of 2)100 ml150050150
SPF30Sunscreen Lotion Spf30 60Ml (Pack Of 2)60 gm150050150
SPF4001Sunscreen Lotion Spf40 60Ml (Pack Of 2)60 mgm199070199
WFAR01Fairness Cream (Pack Of 2)40 gm130044130
ZMOS01Moisturising Lotion 100Ml (Pack Of 2)100 ml9903399
Skin Treatment (9)
AAGE01Anti Wrinkle Cream (Pack Of 2)50 gm2903145290
ACNE001Anti Acne Gel (Pack Of 2)50 gm199082199
BLEM01Anti Blemishing Cream (Pack Of 2)50 gm2903145290
FWC01Fairness Winter Care Cream(Pack Of 2)50 gm9903399
GFAR01Fairness Cream Glo (Pack Of 2)40 gm140050140
HCRE001Hair Removing Cream (Pack Of 2)50 gm9903399
MFAIR01Fairness Cream For Men (Pack Of 2)40 gm130052130
UCRE001UnderEye Cream(Tube)18Gm(Pack Of 2)18 gm2490125249
WHFA02Whitening & Fairness Cream (Pack Of 2)50 gm105035105
Facial Kits & Bleach Cream (27)
CFK033Charcoal Facial Kit 33Gm(Pack Of 2)33 gm9903399
CFK052Facial Kit Charcoal 52 gm (Pack Of 2)52 gm235078235
CFK114Facial Kit Chocolate 114gm (Pack Of 2)114 gm2993100299
CFK280Facial Kit Chocolate 280 Gm280 gm4504175450
DFK033Diamond Facial Kit 33Gm(Pack Of 2)33 gm9903399
DFK055Facial Kit Diamond 55Gm(Pack Of 2)55 gm225278225
DFK114Facial Kit Diamond 114gm (Pack Of 2)114 gm2993100299
DFK280Facial Kit Diamond 280 Gm280 gm4504175450
FBLE01Bleach Cream Fruit43 gm5201852
FFK033Fruit Facial Kit 33Gm(Pack Of 2)33 gm9903399
FFK114Facial Kit Fairness 114gm(Pack Of 2)114 gm2993100299
FFK280Facial Kit Fairness 280 Gm280 gm4504175450
GBLE01Bleach Cream Gold43 gm5201852
GFK004Facial Kit Gold 114gm(Pack Of 2)114 gm2990100299
GFK033Gold Facial Kit 33Gm(Pack Of 2)33 gm9903399
GFK055Facial Kit Gold 55Gm(Pack Of 2)55 gm225278225
GFK114Facial Kit Glow Fruit 114gm(Pack Of 2)114 gm2993100299
GFK280Facial Kit Gold 280 Gm280 gm4504175450
HBLE02Bleach Cream Herbal43 gm5201852
OBLE01Bleach Cream Oxy43 gm5201852
PFK033Papaya Facial Kit 33Gm(Pack Of 2)33 gm9903399
PFK055Facial Kit Papaya 55Gm (Pack Of 2)55 gm225278225
PFK114Facial Kit Papaya 114gm (Pack Of 2)114 gm2990100299
RFK055Facial Kit Glow Fruit 55Gm(Pack Of 2)55 gm225278225
RFK280Facial Kit Glow Fruit 280 Gm280 gm4504175450
SWFK035Skin Whitening Facial Kit (Pack Of 2)35 gm9903399
WFK033Wine Facial Kit 33Gm(Pack Of 2)33 gm9903399
Fitness Products (14)
AMIN002Blend-X Amino 10 Gm10 gm4801648
AMIN02Blend-X AMINO300 gm112503751125
CREA002Creatine 10 Gm10 gm180618
CREA02Creatine300 gm4490150449
GLUT002Glutamine 10 Gm10 gm4501545
GLUT02Glutamine300 gm104903501049
MASS002Xtreme Mass Gainer 30 Gm30 gm3001030
MASS02Xtreme Mass Gainer3 kg224907502249
WHEY002Whey Protein Blend-X 30 Gm30 gm7502575
WHEY02Whey Protein Blend-X2 kg3999013333999
XFORD002X-Ford 15 Gm15 gm4801648
XDORD02X – Ford480 gm112503751125
XPRO002X Pro 30 Gm30 gm6902369
XPRO02X Pro2 kg3599012003599

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