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Modicare Enviroglobe Benefits, Features, Price and Reviews

In this article, we will know Modicare Enviroglobe Benefits, Features, Price and Reviews.

Consider this: In our modern-day lives, we are exposed to radiation from all kinds of sources.

Our mobile phones, WiFi Routers, and Cellphone towers all emit radiation, which might harm us over time. Although several studies are carried out about the harmful effects of such radiation, the results are inconclusive.

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It is good to take reasonable precautions and for this reason, Modicare has launched its first-ever radiation purifier gadget called EnviroGlobe.

Radiation: A Severe Threat

The mobile phones of around 7.3 billion people on this planet remain switched on almost all the time. Along with them, radiation from wireless equipment like mobile towers, WiFi, tablets, and laptops creates a form of “electrosmog,” which has engulfed us all.

In fact, electromagnetic radiation has increased by one quintillion (18 zeros after 1!) times in the last decade and poses a significant danger to life on earth.

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Most current wireless equipment works on frequencies ranging from 700 Megahertz (MHz) to 2.8 Gigahertz (GHz). The proposed introduction of 5G is supposed to have a frequency of 30 GHz to 300 GHz. Such an introduction will further increase the threat.

Prolonged exposure to radiation from these sources puts one at high risk of heart diseases, higher stress levels, lower immunity levels, poor sleep quality, and many other health issues.

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Modicare Enviroglobe: The Answer to radiation

It neutralizes the harmful nature of such electrosmog and radiation.

It works by creating higher frequency waves in a randomized way. Such waves act as carriers for the other low-frequency microwaves and eliminate the danger they pose to the human body.

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Features of Modicare Enviroglobe

  1. Neutralizes Radiation: Enviroglobe works by generating high-frequency random waves, which carry the constant Microwaves emitted from electrical gadgets and other sources. Such carrier waves make the other wave-forms compatible with the body’s own, thus rendering them no longer harmful for the human body.
  2. Protection Anywhere: It is portable and can be easily moved around to protect users from radiation anytime. It can be thus used in your homes, offices, schools, cars  and any other location where there is a risk of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
  3. Coverage:  Enviroglobe helps protect an area approximately 300-350 sq. Ft in size from the ill-effects of electromagnetic radiation. It thus safeguards you from electrosmog anytime, anywhere.
  4. No Alteration In Appliances:  It only changes the harmful nature of radiation without altering the signal strength and quality.
  5. Safe To Use And Efficient: Enviroglobe has been extensively tested and was certified as a Green Product by the Singapore Green Building Council in 2018-2020. It is also easy to power up as it uses solar energy or other light sources to charge in just 15 minutes and lasts for almost a week. It doesn’t even require a battery or an adapter.

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Benefits of Modicare Enviroglobe

  1. Boosts Immunity:  Enviroglobe enhances immunity by protecting an area of 300 sq. ft. from the harmful impact of Electromagnetic Radiation emitted by devices and mobile towers in the vicinity.
  2. Reduces Stress: It helps reduce stress in the human body caused due to exposure to electromagnetic fields over a while.
  3. Helps Prevent Cancer:  On 31st May 2011, the International Association for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is a part of the World Health Organization declared microwave radiation as a Class 2B carcinogenic to humans. Such radiation was proven to cause glioma (cancerous tumor of the brain) and acoustic neuroma.
  4. Protects Health:  Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes skin irritation, skin rash, weakening of the immune system, various allergic reactions, insomnia, restlessness, irregular heartbeats, cancer, and infertility. Electroglobe will protect your health from such problems.

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What is the Price of Modicare Enviroglobe?

It costs INR 4,500. As it is a good investment for health, you should get a few – for both yourself and friends and family.

Direction For Use

Place the Enviroglobe in the area that you need to secure from radiation. Remember – the device covers an area of 300-350 sq. Ft. Recharge it in sunlight/artificial light/lamp for 15 minutes once a week.

Remember to look for only authorized sellers for acquiring an original Enviroglobe.

Today, almost the entire human race is getting affected by the slow influence of microwave radiation. The ill-effects are already reflecting on our health. There is thus a great need for Radiation protection.

Purchase the Modicare Enviroglobe today and safeguard your family and its needs.

Download Modicare Enviroglobe Leaflet PDF file:

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