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Modicare Envirochip Benefits Price and Reviews

In this article, we will know Modicare Envirochip Benefits, Price and Reviews. Prolonged exposure to electronic gadgets can cause insomnia, headaches, dizziness, and other problems.

When such harmful exposure exceeds safe levels, it can also lead to more severe issues such as brain tumors.

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Modicare Envirochip is a unique product that protects from such radiation exposure.

About Modicare Envirochip

Modicare has introduced a unique, innovative product called Envirochip to protect people from the increasing background radiation caused due to the large number of technological gadgets we use today.

Modicare Envirochip

The device acts as a Radiation Protector Chip. It protects our health from the harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) that is emitted by Mobile Phones, Computers, Tablets, WiFi Routers, and other personal electronic gadgets.

Cell phones today are drawing more power, and lower budget cell phones emit even more radiation.

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The introduction of 5G technology may also increase radiation intake as the frequency of the waves are higher.

Increased usage in enclosed metal spaces like elevators, cars, trains, and planes can also harm the body.

Constant radiation disrupts natural cellular communication, and several studies have shown that mobile radiation can contribute to male infertility.

The technology of Modicare Envirochip makes radiation less harmful.

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The Harmful Effects of Radiation

Several studies are going on to ascertain the harmful effects of cellular radiation.

Several governmental regulations agencies require manufacturers to state the mobile phone SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) as the measure of energy absorbed by the body. Higher SAR rates are bad for health.

Excessive radiation from mobile phones can cause an increase in temperatures, hypersensitivity to warmth, dermatitis on the face, conditions such as angiosarcoma on the scalp, or burning sensations on the skin of the face or ear.

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Male fertility is affected by cell phone radiation, and semen exposed to cell phone radio frequency had lower motility (movement), viability, and more damaging free radicals.

How Does Modicare Envirochip Work?

Radiation is ionizing, thermal, and non-ionizing. Modicare Envirochip neutralizes harmful radiation.

The Envirochip works on the principle of wave superposition. It generates waves at random high frequencies, which carry the microwave radiation from gadgets, computers, and WiFi making them compatible with the body.

It manages the non-thermal radiation without absorbing, deflecting, or reducing its intensity. Cell phone signals are thus not affected by the device.

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Scientifically Backed

The device enhances the immune system and has been clinically certified by several institutions such as Max Healthcare, India, and reputed foreign institutions such as the Singapore Green building council.

The proprietary technology of the devices has been verified by renowned institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Reviewed program.

The device works when used along with a mobile case or cover and does not reduce signal strength. It is also CE certified and has been proven to improve health conditions.

How to Use the Modicare Envirochip?

The Envirochip is a small device, and it is easy to use it. Peel the sticker and place it at the back of the phone or phone cover – slightly above the centerline.

A majority of the customers who have used this product have been genuinely satisfied and recommend friends and relatives who use electronic devices to place an Envirochip on them.

As Modicare Envirochip is quite affordable, one can use it on all their electronic devices. The device can cost anywhere from Rupees 420 to Rupees 600.

Download Modicare Envirochip Leaflet PDFs:

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