What is RCM Pick Up Centres (PUC) and how they play important Role

RCM is one of the successful direct selling company in India. They are offering several products to suit all the requirements and segments.

The company has a clear succession plan to enable their direct sellers to earn a decent residual income from sales.

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Their current products are in Men’s and women’s fashion, footwear, personal care, health care, home & kitchen, foods & groceries, household, agriculture, winter wear, bags & accessories, Bedsheets & Towels.

They have covered such a huge number of needs that make it a one-stop store for a family.

RCM sells its products through direct selling and also offers special discounts on your purchases. From here you can read the RCM Business plan.

The company is flourishing with around 5000 pick-up centers and 8 million dealers.

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Unlike any other direct selling company, RCM has a unique item list where you can find the everyday eatables to apparel in the latest trends.

Well, when you read the title pick up center, you may think for a second what could it be.

It is nothing but the outlet the company distributors have to sell the companies products.

When a person opts for the distributorship, they have two chances, whether to go for selling products just like any other MLM member or to arrange a shop (PUC) and then apply as a seller of the RCM products.

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Since RCM products have pretty well recognition, members also like to have an outlet exclusively to sell RCM’s products.

Though direct selling and having a PUC are similar, they do have few differences such as cost and maintenance.

When you sell the product like a simple direct seller, you buy a few numbers of products and trading them with your relatives, friends, or neighbors.

Here what works best is the mouth publicity and your business circle will be limited.

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But having a PUC is to have a full-fledged business, and they will also include more maintenance and cost but remember, you will receive what you invest. Which means they give you more income as well.

When you have a PUC the chances are unlimited, that once you establish it and apply for distributorship then you will be sent a bulk number of products to fill the shop.

It will be like your little shopping mall of RCM products.

Importance of PUCs

So why the PUCs are important to you as a member of RCM. They will give you a wide range of earning opportunities.

It will make you stand out from the crowd of common distributors to make you an entrepreneur.

This will act as a one-stop store and your customers can buy an endless number of products comfortably without the issue of out of stock.

They need your investment but will also give more income than common membership.

There is an opportunity for more discount on your purchases from RCM which gives more residual income.

You can have more customers as the RCM PUCs are treated as a business outlet and trustworthy to buy from.

You will also have an opportunity to join more members as a businessman/woman. This will also add extra sponsorship income.

Select RCM PUC’s State wise

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