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New 55 Modicare Products Launch in next 4 months

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Fantastic news from Modicare after 15 August 2020. Modicare company will launch 55 new products in the next 3-4 months.

Nowadays ModiCare Products has roamed in the market. Now everyone is using Modicare products like skincare, beauty care, home care, healthcare, or even agriculture. See the latest announcement of new products.

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*New 55 Products Launch*

1. New mask wearing on Pagadi for Panjabi Modicarian
2. Big packing Lal Mirch powder
3. Big packing Haldi powder
4. Big packing Dhaniya powder
5. Mist spray
6. Strawberry 🍭 lollipop
7. Mango 🍭 lollipop
8. Masala soda🍬 candy
9. Orange 🍬 candy
10. Fruit chat 🍬 candy
11. Guava 🍬 candy
12. Pocket Deo
13. Multi germ disinfected cleaner
14. Rice bran oil in 5 Ltr
15. KachchiGhani oil in 5 Ltr
16. Fruit of the Earth Rose cream
17. Fruit of the earth rose mask
18. Fruit of the earth rose scrub
19. Sofwash neem soap
20. Sofwash Aloevera soap
21. Sofwash Tulsi soap
22. Sofwash chandan soap
23. Sofwash lime soap
24. Sofwash orange soap
25. Sofwash anti-material soap
26. Deep clean toothpaste anti Guarantee
27. Ayurvedic  herbal toothpaste
28. Tulshi drops
29. Fruit or vegetable wash
30. Salon hair fall shampoo pouch
31. Salon dandruff shampoo pouch
32. Salon smooth & shine shampoo pouch
33. Jojoba shampoo pouch
34. Arnica shampoo pouch
35. Salon amla hair oil
36. Salon herbal hair oil
37. Veg chyavanprash
38. Strong flavor CTC tea
39. Intellect advance
40. Ashwagandha tablet
41. Brahmi tablet
42. Tulsi tablet
43. Noni small shots
44. Amla small shots
45. Aloe vera small shots
46. Brain IQ plus small shots
47. Chat masala
48. Hing powder
49. Pav bhaji masala
50. Sambhar masala
51. Chole masala
52. Strawberry Handwash pouch 500ml
53. Lime Handwash pouch 500ml
54. Green apple Handwash pouch 500ml
So hurry up and build your team for the maximum benefits!!

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