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Vestige Water Purifier Features, Price, and Reviews

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In this article, we will discuss Vestige Water Purifier features, benefits, price, reviews, etc.

Don’t you think that you and your family should drink the purest, safest water available? Water plays a very crucial role in our well-being.

It removes toxins from our body, helps in digestion, and boosts our metabolism.

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However, tap water contains several impurities like lead and iron that cannot be removed even by boiling.

That, coupled with the ever-increasing pollution levels in cities and towns, has made using technologies like Vestige Water Purifier from Sharp a necessity.

Water Pollution Is A Major Concern?

Several kinds of harmful pollutants contaminate the water that we get from sources like wells, rivers, and municipal supply.

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We have heard of horror stories of animal bodies being found in water tanks, and rusty pipe systems put water into contact with heavy metals like lead or iron.

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Impurities in modern-day water delivery systems can be classified into three types. All are harmful to you –

Common Impurities in Water

vestige water purifier

  1. Physical Impurities: These consist of mud, sediment, clay, sand, silt, salts, manganese, mining wastes, and so on.
  2. Chemical Impurities: Chemical impurities consist of calcium, iron, magnesium, arsenic, sodium, chlorides, and so on.
  3. Biological Impurities: These include algae, bacteria, viruses, microbes, parasites, cysts, human and animal wastes.

Such impurities can cause several diseases like jaundice or heavy-metal poisoning.

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Vestige Water Purifier is The Answer

Many physical, chemical, and biological impurities cannot be removed easily by boiling or even using average water filters.

To provide the purest, cleanest water possible for your family, Vestige has come out with its revolutionary Water Purifier that adopts multi-filtration technology.

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Made using the best materials and cutting-edge technology, the Vestige Water Purifier is the best available in the market.

vestige water purifier

Features of the Vestige Water Purifier

Vestige Water Filter

It comes with a four-stage water filter system that removes all physical, chemical, and biological impurities to give you water that is 99.99% pure.

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  1. Poly-Propylene Filter: The polypropylene filter is big – It is much bigger than other filters in the market. Its large surface area removes physical Impurities like sand, mud, rust, and other suspended solids. Filter Life: 6 months.
  2. Carbon Block: Next up is the carbon block filter that is made from small particles of carbon. Being granular and dense, it removes organic compounds, sediments, and chemicals like chlorine. The Carbon Block also improves the taste and aroma of the water. Filter Life: 8 months.
  3. RO Membrane: This part of the filter removes heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and lead. It also removes fluoride and organic substances like chloroform and carbon tetrachloride that is now prevalent in contaminated city water. Filter Life: 2 years.
  4. AF Disruptor: The AF Disruptor is manufactured with Nano Alumina Fibers that have a Zeta potential of 51 millivolts. It removes cysts, bacteria, viruses, pathogens by using high Electro Absorptive Reduction. Filter Life: 1 year.
  5. Filter Display and Reset: It has a display that shows when and which part of the system must be changed, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Benefits of Vestige Water Filter


The Vestige Water Filter has several benefits that make it well worth the price. These include –

  1. Cleanest Water: The AF Disruptor system removes 99.9% of impurities to provide clean water for your consumption. The Disruptor system is more effective than any other UV technology employed in alternative filters.
  2. Unique Combination of Filters: All the four filters mechanism present in the water purifier work effectively to purify water from any source. They thus provide the safest drinking water
  3. Eco-friendly Food-Grade Material: The water purifier is of premium quality and is built with environmentally safe, high-quality food-grade material. It is certified by the Restrictions of Hazardous Substance (ROHS), Food and Drug Administration (FAO), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), TUV, and SGS.
  4. Installation Flexibility: The installation of this Water Filter is flexible. One can choose to install it in the kitchen or any other location with convenient water input such as storage tanks, tube wells, ground wells, and so on.
  5. Best Water Purifier in the Market: It is the best in the market due to its premium quality and advanced technology. For instance, the AF Disruptor is not found in any other purifier. The rapid speed with which the filtration system works also saves a lot of time.

Price of Vestige Water Purifier

The cost of the Vestige Water Purifier is INR 32,000 (Distributor Price 28.000 INR).

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It is cheaper than a lot of its competition in the same class of filtration systems. Considering the several diseases it prevents, it is well worth the price.

As our water resources get increasingly polluted, obtaining pure water free from contamination is a must.

It fulfills all your filtration needs and gives you sweet, safe, and pure drinking water to protect your family’s health. So get your Sharp purifier today.

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