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What is Vestige Consistency Offer? Current Month

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For the people who are looking for a fabulous money-making opportunity, here is a wonderful offer for you by Vestige. Known as Vestige Consistency Offer, this opportunity is to empower people financially via simple yet innovative business ideas.

Similar to Amway, Vestige Marketing is a direct selling company or, to say, a network marketing company dealing with primarily, skincare, cosmetics, and health supplement products.

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Since its inception in Delhi in 2004, this only Indian network marketing company ranks 30 globally and, operates with the motto, ‘Wealth and Wellness’.

Till today, the company offers 350+ products and has 4500+ officers and over 1.3 crore consumer and distribution base worldwide.

Business Strategy

As has been said earlier, Vestige is a network marketing company and has a pyramid structure of the business.

A person gets a bonus, both on direct selling that he does and on indirect selling made by his referred persons.

The consumer also avails a 10-20% discount on consumption. A person can choose Vestige marketing as a consumer or as a selling professional to start a career.

One can avail of the products from Vestige stores or can even order them online.

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Different Consistency Offers and Plans

In addition to regular business strategies, Vestige Network Marketing offers various consistency plans.

To set as an example, Vestige Distributors who place orders of Rs. 2500 or more, before the 13th of every month for a consecutive six months, can avail a bonus of Rs. 2500 in the 7th month.

The alluring slogan of Vestige says, “Join and earn unlimited money with part or full-time effort, without making any investment.

There are various Vestige Consistency Offers. Offers on repurchases of the same product or offer on the first invoice after registration.

In this way, the price of a Vestige product comes down to 45% of its MRP.

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Another example of a consistency offer is that if one purchases a Vestige product of Rs. 2500 before the 13th of every month for a consecutive six months, he gets products worth Rs. 2500 absolutely free in the 7th month.

In addition to that, a buyer gets products worth Rs. 250 free, when he purchases Vestige products of Rs. 2500.

There are numerous plans and offers, the company circulates from time to time to lure consumers, sales professionals, and overall, boost its business.

Keeping the positive attributes of Vestige Marketing Strategies aside, there are certain limitations as per consumer reviews. The limitations are:

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  1. It is contradictory to the principles of hard work and smart activities. Selling professionals adopt shrewd and shortcut methods to achieve the target.
  2. The success rate is negligible. Out of a large number of involved professionals, only a handful of them become successful.
  3. The products are non-TV advertised and, their prices are higher, in comparison to similar products of other branded companies.

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Final Thoughts

Here to conclude, Vestige Marketing isn’t a scam. Prices of products in comparison to the same ones in the other companies may be higher, but the company offers a source of income to a large number of people.

Even as a source of side income, many people pursue this business. Overall, Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and has been in successful business for almost the last two decades.

Investing your time and capital in such a company is a great idea that you won’t regret, provided, you are willing to learn and dedicated to pushing the limits.

A great opportunity is lying in front of you, must consider grabbing this and living the life of your dreams by availing the offer.

Vestige 100 PV/60 PV consistency offers

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