What is the role of Vestige Distributor points?

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Vestige is one of the best network marketing companies in India.

The company has a wide range of products to suit all the requirements such as health care, skincare, business tools, air purifiers, nutrition, etc.

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When you become a member of the company, you need to be aware of a few details as to how to work and be successful in business with Vestige.

It depends on a few factors. Your skills to communicate with other members for assistance, and your skill to sell the products to the members.

Once you start to acquire customers, you need to be careful about the timely delivery of the product to them.

For this, you need to be aware of how to place orders with your Vestige distributor and how to be up to date about the company’s news on products.

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Role of distributor points

If you’re a beginner, you may wonder how and where to obtain the products and place orders wisely. This is where the role of distributor points arrives.

These are nothing but little pickup points. For example, you and other members of Vestige wanted to order a few products.

You will then have to make a list and send that list to the distributor.

The distributor then sends the list to the company agents who will supply them the products right from the company manufacturing units.

Once the distributor received the product, he/she will supply the product to you as per your order.

The distributor points are not warehousing of the company. Stock will not be stored in them.

Once the list of products ordered from different members reached the point, the members will be informed, and they are expected to take their possession.

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Why you need to know Distributor points

In MLM marketing your success lies in your communication. If you are not aware of the distributor points, then you may fail to continue doing your business.

There must be a continuous contact with the distributor to let them know what your requirements will be.

They will also make you aware of any discounts or offers the company is going to offer.

This will enable you to further communicate with your customer and to place more orders.

Vestige has a number of Distributor points based on the size of the city and number of members.

Once you join as a member you will be made aware of your nearest distributors to get into contact with.

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If in case you are moving to a new place, you can visit the vestige website to know the details of the distributor points.

Added to that these points only deal with the members and supplying them with what they ordered but not dealing with the customers directly.

It is only allowed to the members to do business with Vestige products.

So, once you join as a member, maintain a list of the distributor points near you and build a good relationship with them to be successful in your MLM.

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