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Lim Siow Jin founded DXN in 1993 with a vision to provide world class quality dietary supplements. The company is based on Malaysia and spread throughout the world by Multi-level Marketing.

The success of their products lies in the ingredients they use. Ganoderma, Linzhi, are the mushrooms that have marvelous medicinal properties and proven to act as an elixir for improving human health.

DXN products are marketed by Daeshan Ltd and Daxen in few countries of Europe and Asia. They are the largest manufacturers of Ganoderma products and ranked 22 in Direct selling companies in the world.

It is the fastest-growing company day by day in their virtue and in the customer base. They are using the Red mushroom which holds a number of medicinal properties in their several drinks.

These drinks are well accepted by the customers all over the world, as they are not only tasty but offer longevity and vitality.

Why we use ‘Ganoderma and ‘Lingzhi’ in our products

Ganoderma, the ‘King of Herbs’ is a Red colored Mushroom which is proven to boost our immune system is one of the important aspects of DXN Company profile.

Our body will continuously have to fight against viruses and infections. People having a good immune system will stay healthy as their body will always win over these disease-causing viruses, but people with poor immunity will often get sick and have to fight with bad health.

Ganoderma protects us from such infections which cause, flu, Swine flu, Asthma, Bronchitis, Heart Diseases, Avian flu, High BP, Kidney Diseases, Cancer, High Cholesterol and Liver Diseases.

Lingzhi, on the other hand, is best at lowering Blood pressure, the common culprit for many heart diseases. It also helps in reducing allergies.

These mushrooms are filled with a compound called ‘Triterpenes’ which gives the bitter taste. Lingzhi is a symbol of longevity in Chinese culture. it will improve the overall health of the liver, kidney, and heart, the vital organs of the body.

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