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Latest RCM Product Price List | Revised in 2022

RCM is one of the best and topmost MLM organizations in India. In this article, you will find the latest RCM product price list.

Since its foundation, RCM has turned out to be significantly well known with almost every passing year due to its brilliant strategy of business and marketing plan.

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Generally, there are around 8 million merchants, in excess of 5000 PUCs, 1000 markets, and 750 different products by RCM which are accessible in India.

The Company is expanding step by step in the realm of direct selling. RCM is by all methods one of the biggest MLM organizations in India.

The products manufactured by RCM company are manufactured after important innovative work.

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This innovative work helps in enhancing the nature of all the products and also helps in producing new products consistently.

In the recent past, the company has also increased amazing development not simply in India but rather abroad also.

The constant efforts and duty of this organization combined with extraordinary business standards and experience have taken this company higher than ever as far as development is concerned.

Every one of the products which are manufactured by this company is made with the best state-of-the-art facilities and quality research facilities.

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Everybody who utilizes these products does not change over to products again in the future.

All the products which are made by this company are manufactured to make India Healthy and Wealthy.

RCM company has built up a scope of day-to-day consumable items in the FMCG – Food and Non-Food category, Health& Nutrition, Fashion & Accessories, Stationery &Travel, footwear, and the products which are utilized from the day to night.

The dream of the company is to change the lives of all the people with the help of pursued a comprehensive methodology of building up every product in a way that promotes wellbeing.

The company’s products are guaranteed with the sourcing of the best methods and State-of-Art innovation.

Given below is the latest RCM product price list. We have made this list including all the information like the name of the product, business volume, and distributor point.

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You can refer to the list given below to gain clarity about the products and for future reference as well.

This list will also help you shop more intelligently and influence your buying decision for the better.

Rcm Product Price List Update Date – 14.08.2021

Rcm Product Price List PDF download

Rcm Product Price List Update Date – 04.08.2021

Rcm Oral Care Product List

1Cavigo Smiles Tooth Brush221509
2Cavigo Advance Tooth Brush402515
3Cavigo Dant Manjan (75g)503823
4Cavigo Herbal Tooth Paste (50g)221811
5Cavigo Herbal Tooth Paste (100g)483823
6All Rounder Tooth Paste (18g)1094
7All Rounder Tooth Paste (100g)604829

Rcm Bath Soaps & Handwash Product List

1Ena Neem Bath Soap (55g)1094
2Ena Jasmine Bath Soap (55g)1094
3Ena Aloevera Tulsi Soap (55g)1094
4Ena Neem Bath Soap (100g)322613
5Ena Jasmine Bath Soap (100g)322613
6Ena Aloevera Tulsi Soap (100g)322613
7Ena Haldi Chandan Soap (100g)322817
8Nysa Nimbura Bath Soap (100g)322613
9Nysa Detmaxx Bath Soap (100g)383018
10Nysa Sensation Cream Bar (100g)453622
11Nysa Glycerine Soap (75g)373018
12Ciona Moisturizing Soap (100g)564527
13Nysa Orange Handwash (300ml)1008047
14Nysa Strawberry Handwash (300ml)1209054
15Detmaxx Handwash (300ml)1129054
16Detmaxx Handwash Refill (300ml)806438
17Detmaxx Handwash Refill (1ltr)220175105
18Nysa Hand Sanitizer Rose (100ml) – New Rcm Product502010
19Watermelon and Mint Soap (75g) – New Product322515
20Lime and Lemongrass Soap (75g) – New Product322515
21Nysa Strawberry Handwash (300ml) Refill – New Product756036
22Nysa Hand Sanitizer Gel (100ml) – New Product502010
23Nysa Hand Sanitizer Aloe Neem (100ml) – New Product502010

Rcm Face & Body Care Product List

1Rcm Face Pack (100g)705533
2Nysa Face Wash (60ml)705533
3Fair & Shine Cream (50g)856237
4Fresh and Shine Cream (50g) – New Rcm Product856337
5Multi Purpose Cream (80g)877545
6Nysa Lip Care (10ml)252012
7Menz Shave Cream (70g)604527
8Twin Blade Razor (5Pcs)857545
9Nysa Flora Blossom Talc (150g)756036
10Nysa Prickly Heat Talc (150g)766539
11Ciona Body Lotion (200ml)1209054
12Krisp Move On Pocket Deo (18ml)564527
13Krisp Urban Nerve Pocket Deo (18ml)564527
14Krisp Beat It No Gas Deo (120ml)15012072
15Krisp Inspire No Gas Deo (120ml)15012072
16Krisp Mountain Perfume (100ml)299199119
17Krisp Be Desired Perfume Spray (100ml) – New Rcm Product249199119
18Nysa Soflene (25ml)403420
19Nysa Foot Cream (50g)996237
20Rcm Pain Balm (15g)453018
21Rcm Pain Go (30g)805533
22Nysa Multi Purpose Cream (10g) – New Product1094

Rcm Hair Care Product List

1Shinol Herbal Shampoo (6ml)110.5
2Shinol Anti Dandruff Shampoo (6ml) – New  Rcm Product21.81
3Shinol Herbal Shampoo (150ml)705533
4Revito Shampoo (150ml)756036
5Anti Dandruff Shampoo (200ml)1259658
6Hairfall Control Shampoo (200ml)1209054
7Shinol Herbal Hair Oil (150ml)655432
8Shinol Sarson Hair Oil (150ml)705634
9Shinol Revito Hair Oil (150ml)856438
10Shinol Nature Cool Oil (150ml)998048
11Coconut Oil (bottle) (250ml)14211569
12Coconut Oil (jar) (250ml)13611770
13Shinol Health and shine Shampoo (200ml) – New Product1108553

Rcm Accessories & Men’s Innerwear Product List

1Rcm Handkerchief (3pc Set)1109950
2Rcm Luxery Bath Terry Towel220180108
3Rcm Tycoon Wallet345250125
4Rcm Decent Belt425325163
5Cotton Formal Socks795030
6Half Terry Ankle Socks856539
7Ellie Ladies Socks Designe856539
8Rcm N95 Primium Facemask – New  Rcm Product  1057545
9Extra Rich Vest Rn (80cm)858046
10Extra Rich Vest Rn (85cm)858048
11Extra Rich Vest Rn (90cm)828048
12Extra Rich Vest Rn (95cm)878450
13Extra Rich Vest Rn (100cm)928953
14Extra Rich Trunk (80cm)988551
15Extra Rich Trunk (85cm)908551
16Extra Rich Trunk (90cm)908551
17Extra Rich Trunk (95cm)989155
18Extra Rich Trunk (100cm)989155
19Premium Trunk (80cm)1068953
20Premium Trunk (85cm)1068953
21Premium Trunk (90cm)1068953
22Premium Trunk (95cm)1149557
23Premium Trunk (100cm)1149557

Rcm Key Soul Product (Ladies Brand) List

1Keysoul Regular Normal Pads (7)353018
2Keysoul Ultra Thin Sanitary Pad756539
3Keysoul Safe and Long – New Product867243
4Keysoul Nail Paint1297947
5Keysoul Lipstick360179107
6Keysoul Sindoor2399959
7Keysoul Strawberry Lip Balm2799959
8Keysoul Black Kajal(0.25g)31913977
9Keysoul Eye Liner359169101
10Make-Up Remover Wipes(25)249149149
11Keysoul Nail Paint Remover Wipes  – New Product1997947
12Combo Pack of keysoul – New Product374299179
13Cosmatic Display Unit – New Product200018000
14Eye Shadow – New Product549449269
15Keysoul Mascara – New Product289189113
16Lipstick Teaser Set of 12 Colour – New Product1001000
17Wmm Panty – New Product269169101
18Wmm Panty Pack 44 – New Product430330198
19Wmm Panty Solid Pack- New Product430330198

Rcm House Hold Product List

1Clean O Veg – New Rcm Product20016096
2Rcm Laundry Soap (150g)20168
3Rcm Laundry Soap (250g)302613
4Bizz Detergent Cake (190g)1093
5Bizz Prime Detergent Cake (250g)332613
6Revito All Purpose Soap (150g)322613
7Bizz Washing Powder (170g)1093
8Bizz Washing Powder (500g)403216
9Bizz Washing Powder (1 KG) – New  Rcm Product746030
10Bizz Prime Washing Powder (500g)1069054
11Revito Washing Powder (500g)685634
12Pixie Liquid Detergent (500ml)1229859
13Pixie Liquid Blue (100ml)252012
14Pixie Phenyl Mogra (1ltr)685634
15Pixie Phenyl Lavender (1ltr)685533
16Pixie Floor Cleaner (500ml)756841
17Pixie Glass Cleaner (500ml)857545
18Pixie Toilet Cleaner (500ml)887243
19Pixie Dishwash Liquid (500ml)968048
20Pixie Dishwash Bar (140g)1094
21Pixie Dishwash Bar (300g)282213
22Revito Detergent Cake (2KG) – New Product275220132

Rcm Pooja Samagri Product List

1Pratishtha Dhoop Sticks (40g)1095
2Pratishtha Rose Agarbatti (15g)753
3Pratishtha Mogra Agarbatti (15g)753
4Pratishtha Sandal Agarbatti (15g)753
5Pratishtha Woods Agarbatti (25g)12106
6Pratishtha Saffron Agarbatti (25g)12106
7Pratishtha Camphor Agarbatti (25g)302515
8Pratishtha Neem Agarbatti (50g)302515
9Family Pack Agarbatti (150g)605030

Rcm Tea & Coffee Product List

1Jiyo Popular Tea (25g)1094
2Jiyo Popular Tea (250g)13010452
3Jiyo Popular Tea (500g)250200100
4Jiyo Elite Tea (250g)13811055
5Jiyo Elite Tea (500g)265212106
6Jiyo Chai Masala (50gm)564829
7Instant Coffee (50g)13110563
8Swechha Primium Detox Khawa – New Rcm Product987847
9Swechha Quinoa Fryums (25g) – New Product383018

Rcm Rice (Chawal) Product List

SNRcm Rice (Chawal)MRPDPBV
1Dhruvam Basmati Rice (1 kg)15011735
2Dhruvam Basmati Clasic Rice (5 kg)510400119
3Dhruvam Sona Masoori Rice (10 kg)690530156

Rcm Foods & Grocery Product List

1Dhruvam Chakki Fresh Atta (2kg)907414
2Dhruvam Chakki Fresh Atta (5kg)21918335
3Swechha Multi Grain Atta ( 2KG) – New Rcm Product15012738
4Health Guard (Rice Bran) Oil (1ltr)25019778
5Health Guard (Rice Bran) Oil (5ltr)15251005373
6Health Guard (Rice Bran) Oil (15ltr)450030051114
7Chana Kabuli (400g)745717
8Chana Kabuli SSS (400g)876520
9Chana Dal (400g)504614
10Malka Chanti (400g)545316
11Urad Chilka (400g)603611
12Arhar Dal (400g)746319
13Moong Dhuli (400g)806219
14Mix Dal (400g)665517
15Moong Chilka (400g)604213
16Masoor Malka (400g)545316
17Rajma Chitra (400g)947523
18Chilli Powder (100g)403219
19Chilli Powder (200g)786237
20Chilli Powder (500g)18815090
21Rcm Jeera (200g) – New Rcm Product665721
22Haldi Powder (100g)282414
23Haldi Powder (200g)534628
24Haldi Powder (500g)12810261
25Dhania Powder (50g)14127
26Dhania Powder (200g)534628
27Garam Masala (50g)605030
28Sabji Masala (100g)403420
29Hing Masala (25g)443521
30T.R.I. Salt (1kg)18155
31Rcm Rasoi Tadka655331
32Rcm Health Guard Oil (2KG) – New Product630418155
33Rcm Health Guard Oil (500ml) – New Product1409636
34New Rcm Chana Kesari (400 g) – New Product504614
35Chai Masala – New Product564829
36Health Guard Rice Bran Oil (500ml) – New Product1409636

Rcm Foods & Drinks Product List

1Mirchi Kutta Pickle (40g) – New Rcm Product1099
2Khatta Meetha Pickle (40g) – New Rcm Product1099
3Rcm Athana Mirchi (200g)433420
4Special Mango Pickle (250g)574627
5Special Mixed Pickle (250g)564527
6Swechha Khakhra Plain (200g)655226
7Swechha Khakhra Methi (200g)695527
8Rcm Chana Papad (250g)907236
9Rcm Moong Papad (400g)17013567
10Rcm Mix Fruit Jam (200g)735835
11Rcm Corn Flakes (250g)968048
12Rcm Choco Lick (250g)12010563
13Gulab Jamun Mix (200g)968551
14Instant Mix Khaman (200g)605231
15Instant Mix Idli (200g)705533
16Rcm Jaljeera Powder (100g)453823
17Scrunch Orange (250g)816565
18Scrunch Mango (250g)816565
18Scrunch Lemon Sharbat (750ml)14011084
19Scrunch Rose Sharbat (750ml)175145145
20Scrunch Kesar Thandai (750g)311249124
21Swechha Aloe Vera Ras (750ml)279199119
22Trikara Giloy Tulsi Ras (1ltr)311249124
23Swechha Makhana Chatpata (25 G) – New Product433420
24Swechha makhana Salt – N – Pepper (25g) – New Product433420

Rcm Good Dot Product List

1Good Sip Instant Drink (27g)201511
2Veggie Hot & Sour Soup (50g)564527
3Veggie Tomato Soup (75g)564527
4My Secret Chinese Sauce (100g)655030
5Good Dot Noodles – New Rcm Product252012
6My Secret Curry Paste (80g)635030
7Gooddot Proteiz (200g)817645
8Gooddot Proteiz Plus (150g)13110563
9Gooddot Vegetarian Bytz (250g)16614889
10Gooddot Achari Tikka (200g)18114587
11Ready To Cook Pulao (150g)947545
12Ready To Cook Biryani (150g)947545

Rcm Digestive Product List

1Anardana Goli (100g)403018
2Hajma Goli (100g)403018
3Udar Sudha (75g)655231
4Sandipani Churan (75g)403521
5Hing Peda (100g)483823
6Amla Candy (200g)816539
7Masala Amla Candy (200g) – New Rcm Product887042

Rcm Sweets & Namkeens Product List

1Jeera Biscuit (50g)14104
2Fiber Rich Biscuit (100g)282211
3Lajiz Soan Papdi (250g)13812060
4Rose Soan Papdi (250g)1069054
5H.G. Soan Papdi (250g)1069054
6H.G. Soan Papdi (450g)18816096
7Crunchy Moong Dal (80g)312814
8Majedar Bhujia (35g)1094
9Majedar Bhujia (170g)565326
10Majedar Bhujia (400g)12512060
11Khush Khush Mixture (170g)524623
12Khush Khush Mixture (400g)1189547
13Chatpati Mixture (170g)524623
14Chatpati Mixture (400g)11810552
15Rcm Honey16313278
16Rcm Chocolate382817

Rcm Health Care Product List

1H.G. Gamma Oryzanol (60cap)565425319
2Sanjeevani Prasha Awaleh (500g)18014587
3Jiyo Energy Vita Plus (500g)256205123
4Energy Vita Refill Pack (500g)243195117
5Swechha Kadha Powder ( 100g) – New Rcm Product15012072
6Panch Tulsi Drop ( 30ml) – New Rcm Product18514889

Rcm Nutricharge Product List

1Nutricharge Man375300225
2Nutricharge Man Combo13651092819
3Nutricharge Woman480384288
4Nutricharge Woman Combo174019921044
5Nutricharge S5432346260
6Nutricharge Omega187150113
7New Nutricharge Veg Omega225180135
8Nutricharge View540432324
9Cocoa Prodiet Doy Pack (300g)900720540
10Strawberry Prodiet Doy Pack (300g)9006720540
11Kesar Pista Prodiet (200g)990792594
12Nutricharge Gainer13501080810
13Nutricharge Strawberry Prodiet12601008756
14Nutricharge DHA13501080810
15Nutricharge DHA 200750600450
16Nutricharge DHA Twist360288216
17Nutricharge Kids Chocolate (300g)690552414
18Nutricharge Kids Mango (300g)690552414
19NUtricharge Enargy Drink (200ml)62.55038
20Nutricharge Glycem Tablets810646486
21Nutricharge Glycem Prodiet (500g)14401152864
22Nutricharge Bio Age15001200900
23Nutricharge S & F270021601620
24Nutricharge B J Combo Pack350028002100

Rcm Harit Sanjivani Product List

1Harit Sanjivani (375g)1000650487
2Harit Sanjivani (750g)18001200900
3Sure Sugar (1700g)400028002100
4Garden Gold (500g)12010075
5Fruit Special (500g)1200900675
6Soil Health Special (500g)1200900675
7Defend (250g)600450337
8Rapid (250ml)1000750450
9Rapid (500ml)18001450870
10Spraymax (250ml)240200150
11Spraymax (500ml)450385288
12Spraymax (1ltr)880740555
13Sprayymax(100 ml)15010579
14Soil Health Special (250g)650470353
15Fruit Special (250g)650470353
16Rapid (100 ml) – New Product450320192
17Harit Sanjivani Soil Health Special1200900675

Rcm Prestige Product List

1Prestige Iron I-11095850340
2Prestige Induction Pic 20.0+30951999799
3Prestige Byk Set32001999800
4Prestige Gas Top GT02689549991999
5Prestige Gas Top GT03854552002080
6Prestige Gas Top GT041029570002800
7Prestige Electric Kettle (1.5ltr)1095820328
8Prestige Veggie Cutter Puc 3.0595450176

Rcm Prestige Cooker’s Product List

 SNPrestige Cooker’s MRP DP BV
1Stainless Steel Popular (3ltr)20701878751
2Stainless Steel Popular (5ltr)27202436974
3Stainless Steel Nakshtra Alpha (3ltr)27802392957
4Stainless Steel Nakshtra Alpha (5ltr)329027961118
5Stainless Steel Deluxe Handi (1.5ltr)21201899760
6Stainless Steel Deluxe Alpha (3ltr)25402291916
7Stainless Steel Clip On (3ltr)397033301332
8Stainless Steel Clip On (5ltr)427034401376

Rcm Stationery Product List

1Rich Craft Long Book403517
2Rich Craft Note Book Single Line302211
3Rich Craft Note Book Four Line302211
4Rich Craft Jumbo Long Book655226
5Jumbo Note Book Single Line504020
6Jumbo Note Book Four Line504020
7Rcm Twist Pen552
8Rcm Safron Tech Pen10105
9Safron Tech Gel Pen10105
10Pentonic Pen10105
11BRT Pentonic Pen202010
12Rcm Shopping Bags17170

Rcm Tools Product List

1Advance Marketing Plan Book30309
2Health Guard Book25258
3Nutricharge Traning Manual Book505015
4Wellness Nutrition Book625500375
5Nutricharge Body Analyzer59002490750
6Savio Celling Fan (50 watt)19501680672

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