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Mi Lifestyle Business Plan 2023 | Marketing strategies

In this article, you will find the Latest Mi Lifestyle Business Plan.

When it comes to Direct Selling Companies, Mi Lifestyle is a legend.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. is a direct selling company.

Founded in 2013, the company’s products have high demand and are regularly used by consumers.

Basically, its products come in the form of liquid capsules, powder, paste, solid, and flakes.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Company is basically an unlisted private business entity, established on August 13th, 2013.

It is located in the Indian city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Mohamed Omar Arshak Jawhar and Vittobha Suresh are the two directors of the company.

Mi Lifestyle is one of the top-rated companies in the country when it comes to direct selling and precise business strategies. The on-point marketing strategies and business plans keep them right at the top of the business. In this article, we will elaborate on all the important points related to MI Lifestyle and its business plan.

So, let’s start from scratch.

So, everyone wants to be successful, right? But the meaning of success differs from person-to-person. For one, getting a satisfying job can be a success while others may see getting a good look and attractive personality as the meaning of success.

Also, living healthy can be the definition of success for one group while the other may believe that being loved by others is what success means. In simple words, there is no precise definition for the term what is a success. However, there is one concept that more than 80% of the people in the world believe is called success. It is wealth creation.

According to a survey, it was found that more than 80% of people around the globe admitted that being wealthy and wealth creation is the meaning of real success for them. But why do people see wealth creation as the meaning of success? The answer is simple, it allows you to achieve almost all of your goals in life, making you satisfied, healthy, as well as an improved personality.

Now the second question that jumps to our mind is, is wealth creation so easy? Well, No! Most of the people working out in the world are not creating enough wealth that can help them achieve their goals. The amount of money they create is simply limited. On the other side, there is a whole new concept.

Cash Flow Quadrant

As we discussed above, not everyone is creating good wealth and is achieving their dreams. However, there are some listed names in the world that are known for their wealth creation strategies and revenues. In India, one such name is of Mr. Dhiru Bhai Ambani who started his journey from a small place and now is one of the richest personalities in the world. So, how did he become so wealthy? Well, he must have a good business plan that took him to the place he is right now!

So why not does everyone becomes wealthy?

A very popular author Mr. Robert T. Kiyosaki has tried to answer the question in a very good way in his book Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant. In the book, he has elaborated why most of the people remain poor or average wealthy even when they are working the same as a rich one is doing. He has also explained some great ways to be rich in the current time with his Cash Flow Quadrant concept.

What is the Cashflow Quadrant?


In 1998, the world financial management guru added another bestseller to his series of RICH DAD in which he tried to advocate financial independence and encouraged his readers for greater wealth creation through investment, real estate, and entrepreneurship. In all his series, he included the concept Cashflow Quadrant.

So, as you can see in the image above, there are 4 terms that you need to be aware of to understand the CashFlow Quadrant, E, S, B, and I.

E stands for employee, S stands for self-employed, B stands for the business owner, and I stands for the investor. Below in the article, we will understand these four terms in depth. Another thing to remember in the Cashflow Quadrant is that it is split vertically into two halves. In simple words, E and S lie in a pair whereas B and I are paired in another. The importance of these four terms increases significantly when we will discuss these terms in depth later on in the article.

Benefits of using the Cash Flow Quadrants

With the help of the Cashflow Quadrant, you can understand and change the specific quadrant you are in. Kiyosaki has clearly mentioned in his book that the CashFlow Quadrant can specifically benefit employees and self-employed individuals who want to be wealthy and successful business owners in the world. According to Kiyosaki, this Cash Flow Quadrant is also the path to financial freedom that you gain when you stop working for money and start getting money to work for you.

The Cashflow Quadrant helps you put your goals into a certain perspective and think about the big picture. In other words, you can use this Quadrant as an exercise and teaches you how you can earn your money and live life as you wish.

A closer look at the CashFlow Quadrant

So, let’s take a close look at each of these four quadrants and will try to understand which can be the best way for wealth creation for you.

E – Employee

This is the quadrant where most of the working people of the world fall in. In this quadrant, people who work are referred to as employees and they work for a business or organization that provides them with a paycheck and other benefits. The employees working in the quadrant provide the companies and business owners with their skills and techniques and trade their time for money.

In the current world, employees prefer to do long-term jobs because it provides security, assurance. However, the job is decided by their employer. Employees that work under high-degree of job security also have to face different problems. In case the employees are not able to solve the problems, they are quite less likely to be paid. Also, it’s a fact that employees pay the most in taxes, along with the self-employed.

S – Self-employed

If you are your own boss in what you do, you are basically a self-employed person. The major difference between an employed person and a self-employed is that the self-employed work for themselves and do not have any boss for their work. A self-employed person has his own work management structure wherein he is allowed to decide how he wants to work when he wants to work, as well as for how long he wants to work.

Both a self-employed and an employed person have many similar features and attributes, although being self-employed seems to be better than working under someone’s instructions. Both the quadrants fall on the same side, the left side of the quadrant.

A self-employed person also pays high taxes exactly as an employed person does. He simply trades his skills and time for money and the day he stops doing that, he stops earning.

B – Business Owner

Business owners do not just own a company name or a service name, they own a working system. They are referred to as the leaders who outsource projects and work to experts. Instead of taking on the projects themselves, they prefer getting it done by an expert in the field.

In other words, a business owner does less work than that of an employed or a self-employed person but still earns more than both of them. Kiyosaki has mentioned in his book that business owners sometimes can leave their business for like a year and then return to get better results. Unlike the employed or the self-employed, business owners don’t have to work every time to generate income. They can also take vacations and go on holidays to enjoy themselves with their families and still make money.

One more feature of being a business owner is that you pay much fewer taxes as compared to that paid by an employee or a self-employed.

I – Investors

While self-employed people own their jobs and business owners have control over a system, an investor owns assets that make money for them. An investor can come from any of the three quadrants we have mentioned above. The thing that puts them in the I quadrant is their investment. These people earn money from the other three quadrants and then invest money that then works for them.

Investors purchase sudden beneficial assets such as companies’ shares and real estate. They have the freedom to go anywhere, take vacations, enjoy vacations, and also choose the right time to work. They sit while their money makes money, isn’t it amazing?

So, now we have got enough knowledge of each of the quadrants in the Cashflow Quadrant. It clearly shows that the best way to create greater wealth is by becoming either a business owner or an investor. But how will you become so? In the current time, direct selling is one such business that you can do with average education and can still earn a handsome income.

Why direct selling?

Direct selling business provides you with a number of features that include freedom to work, flexible schedule, handsome earnings, and many more. But there to learn everything properly, you must read the below-mentioned information why direct selling is one of the best business choices of this time.

Well, starting from scratch, there are two types of business systems in the field namely; traditional business systems and direct selling business systems. Now let us understand the main difference between these two.

Suppose you work as a distributor in a traditional business plan. A manufacturing company has manufactured a new product in the market and has cost 40 INR for the product. If they want to sell the product through the traditional business system, the product needs to pass through several third-party agents and distributors, including you, and then finally to the customers. When the product reaches the customers, it costs INR 100. The 60 INR of the product is distributed between third parties, agents, and distributors like you. Keeping in mind that there are several agents, distributors, and retailers in the market, your earnings will be quite limited and low.

On the other hand, when the company supplies the same product to the customers through a direct selling business plan, the costs still remain the same but the procedure becomes quite different. In a direct selling business, the manufacturing company hires a direct selling company and its distributor team (that you are a part of) that takes on the responsibility to sell the product in the market. The 60 INR that the company was paying to the third-party agents, retailers, and distributors in the traditional business system will now be distributed among the consumers and the distributor team of the direct selling company, improving consumer satisfaction as well as your earnings.

Benefits of direct selling business

Direct selling business is considered one of the best career choices in the marketing field because it provides you with plenty of features that not only increase your earnings but also enhance your communication skills and other things as well. Below, we have mentioned some of the major benefits of starting your career as a direct selling distributor.

1. Zero investment

To start a career as a direct selling distributor, you need not pay a single rupee to anyone in the market. All you need to do is just increase the sales of the company and make earnings.

2. No workplace required

To work as a direct selling business company, you need not have any office or workplace compulsorily. Instead, you can work from your home, in between travels, or from anywhere you want.

3. No high qualification is required

Being a direct selling distributor or company doesn’t ask you to be highly qualified to be eligible for the work. Even if you have done basic education and are average qualified, you can enter the field and reach the top above all the literates and qualified.

4. Minimum accounting

The work of a direct selling company doesn’t require you to bother all day in managing accounts and all. Instead, the business runs on sales made and that’s how you earn.

5. No limit to wealth creation

While working in a direct selling business, there is no limit to how much you can earn. Even your basic work can earn you up to earnings of lakh in months, or even in weeks.

6. No risk and very easy exit barrier

When you work in a direct selling business, you are doing riskless work that comes with very low and easy exit barriers.

Due to the aforementioned features and benefits, direct selling is considered among the best career start-ups you can choose in the marketing and networking field.

How to select the best direct selling company

Now you have decided to start your career as a direct selling distributor, how to choose the best direct selling company where you can earn great figures, achieving all your dreams? Well, it doesn’t seem so hard if you have the proper understanding. A good direct selling company comes with a number of features that we have mentioned below. If you find these features in a company, just put your best efforts to join it and earn income that you have never thought of.

Features of a direct selling company

1. Best quality products

A good direct selling company always provides high-quality and beneficial products to its customers. It cares about what is good for their customers and focuses on consumer satisfaction more than promoting its products or towards advertisements.

2. Proven track record of success

Everyone looks forward to working with a direct selling company that has a proven track record of success with its customers. While selecting the best direct selling company for your career, always keep this point in mind.

3. Ease of doing business

The best direct selling companies keep the workflow quite simple and easy for their customers. A good direct selling company will never look forward to wasting its customer’s time to close the deal. It always tries to keep procedures easy and transparent.

4. Experienced and stable management and leaders

No good company can be established without the support of a stable management system and highly-qualified and experienced leaders. When you look at the best direct selling companies in the country that include Mi Lifestyle (the one we will be discussing in the article), OkLifecare, Qnet India, and DXN, you will find that they are backed with a stable and prominent management system and are led by highly-qualified and experienced leaders.

5. Attractive business plans

One will hardly want to join a direct selling company if it offers poor business plans, low incentives, and excessive workload. A good direct selling company always takes care of these things and makes sure that you love being a part of the team and can earn higher earnings with the minimum workload possible.

Mi Lifestyle

Now you have come across all the essential things and points that you need to know about direct selling business. From here, we will be talking about one of the best direct selling companies in the country, Mi Lifestyle. In the article, we will go through everything that you need to know about Mi Lifestyle including its profile, history, business plans, annual turnover, and how you can join the direct selling company as a direct selling distributor.

Mi Lifestyle company profile and history

When it comes to direct selling, Mi Lifestyle is a legend. It is an unlisted private business entity running in the country. The company was founded in 2013 and from then the company’s products are consistently in high demand and are regularly used by customers all around the world. The company mainly manufactures products in the form of liquid capsules, powder, pastes, solid, and flakes.

Mi Lifestyle is located in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and has many branches across the country. The company has two head directors, Mr. Mohamed Omar Arshak Jawhar and Mr. Vittobha Suresh.

The main goal of Mi Lifestyle is to enhance people’s lifestyles with the minimum expenditure possible. Mi Lifestyle Company looks forward to designing and modernizing with the time to provide their customers with the best they can offer.

The motto of Mi Lifestyle:

It is Mi life, It is Mi style

The vision of Mi Lifestyle:

Enhancing the lifestyle of people

The mission of Mi Lifestyle:

To design and modernize with time

Main products of MI Lifestyle

As we mentioned above, Mi LifestyleE mainly focuses on manufacturing products in the form of liquid capsules, powder, pastes, solid, and flakes. Below are some of the popular and trending products manufactured by the company in different forms.

1. Liquid form

Multi Gard Blood Purifier, Elements Cof Nil, Elements Liv A Gain V, Elements Woman Companion, Elements Radiant Glow Face Wash, Elements Multi-action Fairness Formula, Elements Complete Care Shampoo, Elements No Vedana Gel, Elements Champi Champion Taila, Elements Anti-dandruff Shampoo, Neustar Papaya Face Wash, Neustar Walnut Scrub, Neustar Petroleum Jelly, Neustar Shampoo Tube, Neustar Amla Hair Oil, Max Bright Matric Laundry Liquid Soap, Streak Free Glass Cleaner, Kill and Shine Powerful Toilet Cleaner, Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Clean and Shine Lemon Fresh Dishwash Liquid

2. Capsules form

Elements No Vedana, Elements Man Shaktiman, Elements Phyt Stress, Elements Triphala Plus, Elements Well Heart, Elements Below 37, Elements Daily Detox, Elements Immuno Plus

3. Solid form

Lime Aloe Vera soap, Rose fragrance soap, Neem and Tulsi Soap, Jasmine Almond Soap, Antibacterial Soap, Sandalwood Soap, Anti-bacterial Dishwash Round Bar, Aahar Choco Fills Chocolate

4. In paste form

Elements Wound Healing Cream, Elements Germ Guard Toothpaste, Elements Fresh Guard Toothpaste, Tulsi and Mint Toothpaste

5. Powders

Elements Kavach Prash, Aahar Turmeric Powder, Aahar Garam Masala, Aahar Chat Powder, Aahar Chilli Powder, Aahar Coriander Powder, Talc Powder

6. Flakes

Aahar Choco Cornflakes, Aahar Cornflakes

These are just some of the best products manufactured by the company. There are many more products that the company provides to its customers in different forms. Mainly, Mi Lifestyle deals with daily used products that are essential for a person’s day-to-day life. The company does not work through the traditional business plan. Instead, they go for trained leaders known as registered to improve customer satisfaction and increase their sales.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing company deals with quality lifestyle products that have their use in a person’s day-to-day life.

The company operates through a network of trained leaders known as registered distributors.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Plans

When you become a part of the Mi Lifestyle marketing plan, you just open up the doors of unlimited income for you. The company has a total of 9 marketing plans through which you can earn income that you have never even thought of. If you seem to be the perfect man for the company, you may earn up to 2 lakh per week just by doing average work.

Below, we have elaborated all the nine Mi Lifestyle marketing plans that not only increase the earnings of the distributors but also benefit the consumers as well. Before going deep, let us have a quick view of these nine Mi Lifestyle business plans through which you can earn six figures.

Mi Lifestyle Business Plans

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Sales Profit
  3. Performance Bonus
  4. Rank Income
  5. Loyalty Bonus
  6. Overriding Bonus
  7. Royalty Bonus
  8. Awards & Rewards, And
  9. Nomination Facility

So these are the nine marketing plans or ways, in simple words, through which you can earn money in Mi Lifestyle’s direct selling company. Now, let’s elaborate on all the aforementioned Mi Lifestyle business plans below to get a better understanding of the terms.

1. Retail Profit

It’s the first marketing plan or source of income that is provided to the distributors and workers of the Mi Lifestyle company. If you are the distributor for the company, you will get the product at the distributor’s price. The distributor’s price is around 10-40% less than the MRP of the product that allowing the direct seller to earn good benefits.

Using this marketing plan, you can purchase a product at the distributor’s price from the manufacturing company of Mi Lifestyle’s direct selling company. Then, you can sell the product in the market to earn up to 40% of the benefit from the product.

2. Sales Profit

Sales Profit is the second of the nine types of income sources provided to the distributors working for Mi Lifestyle’s direct selling company. To understand the term sales profit, you need to go through another term BV thoroughly.

BV stands for business volume and it is a kind of currency unit that is used to convert your hard-earned into your national currency, say INR. In Mi Lifestyle’s direct selling company, you get around 75% of the product value in BV whenever you get a product. For example, if you have purchased a toothpaste from the company at the distributor’s price that is INR 200, then INR 150 will be provided to you as business volume. This business volume will be used later in the company to count different types of income that you are earning through the company.

Through this plan, the company provides you with 12% income on every BV matching through the downline.

For example, suppose Suresh is a distributor of a direct selling company, says Mi Lifestyle. He has two downlines working under him, namely Shyam and Ram. Shyam makes a purchase of INR 15,000 this month and Ram makes a purchase of INR 10,000 this month. Here, BV matching will be processed of INR 10,000 and you will earn its 12% i.e. INR 1200 as the sales profit.

Rams 10,000 BV from this 15,000 will be matched along with that of Shyam but the remaining 5,000 will be used in the next month.

How your income will be calculated, see above screenshots

mi-lifestyle marketing plan

3. Performance Bonus

The third type of income that Mi Lifestyle provides you is the performance bonus. To be eligible to take up this income, you must make a BV matching worth more than a lakh in the company.

After doing that, you will be provided with 1.5% of the total purchase made on the product as a bonus in the form of a performance bonus by the company. This statement means that 1.5% of a company’s total profit is distributed equally among all the performance bonus achievers of the company.

4. Rank Income

Rank Income is the fourth of the nine types of marketing plans or income sources provided to the distributors of the Mi Lifestyle by the company. In this income plan, some part of the total turnover of the company is distributed among some worthy direct sellers of the company.

To be eligible for this income plan, you must be in or above the star silver level. Below we have provided you with a detailed list of what are the requirements to get a specific level in the company. Also, we have mentioned what percentage of commission you will be getting at each level of the company.

mi-lifestyle-marketing-plan35. Loyalty Income

To get this fifth type of income in the Mi Lifestyle company, you must have at least 3 people working in the downline. In this Mi Lifestyle business plan, the company provides you with income on the basis of the Repurchase Matching of the company downline.

If you have got 100 BV of repurchase in your first leg and 200 BV of repurchase in your second leg then the matching will be processed on 100 BV.

In the below table, we have mentioned how this income plan works and what amount of income you will be generating through different repurchasing of the company products.

For example, A is a distributor of a direct selling company like the Mi Lifestyle direct selling company. He is at the DTC level right now. As we have mentioned above, it is a must to have at least 3 people in the downline to be eligible for this income plan. Suppose that P, Q, and, R are the three direct downlines of A.

Here, P and Q will be kept in organization 1 whereas R will be placed in organization 2, or say group 1 and group 2 respectively. In this, you must do a group repurchase matching of 20,000 BV at the DTC level. From the third leg, say R, you must do a repurchase matching of at least 4000 BV. If you complete the procedure, your earnings will be 5,000 INR.

Before the EMERALD level, you need to do repurchase matching from the third leg. After the EMERALD level, you need to do a repurchase matching of both the third and fourth leg to get the income.

6. Overriding Bonus

In the sixth Mi Lifestyle marketing plan, you earn income in the form of an Overriding Bonus. To be eligible to get this kind of income, you must be in or above the Star Silver level in the company.

In this plan, if any of your downlines reaches its own level, then you are provided with 10% of its rank income in the form of an overriding bonus. Please note that this income is provided only till three downlines.

7. Royalty Bonus

The Royalty Bonus is only provided to distributors who are above the diamond level in the company. This bonus income is provided by the company from its total turnover to worthy distributors and rank holders.

Below, we have provided you with a table explaining what percent of bonus you will be getting at different levels in the company.

8. Awards & Rewards

The eighth of the nine types of income plans that Mi Lifestyle provides its distributors with is the Awards & Rewards plan. To get this income, you need to make some conditions and terms. In the below-provided table, we have explained what kinds of conditions you have to complete in a certain time to get the Awards & Reward income.

From the aforementioned table, you might have understood everything. If you are at the star silver level of the company, then to the award or reward bonus you must complete a purchase worth 2.5 GBV from your all three legs. Please note that you need to make this purchase from your legs in a time period of 10 weeks. Once you complete the task, the company appreciates you with a bonus of a laptop worth INR 25,000.

9. Nomination Facility

A nomination facility is a kind of insurance for the distributor working with the direct selling company. In this marketing plan, the business is handed to the nominee of the distributor in case some injury happens to him or on his sudden death. However, this is more an insurance policy than an income but as mentioned, we have covered it!

How to join MI Lifestyle as a distributor?

As a distributor of the company, you will be provided with commissions and monetary benefits by the company. At the very first step, you need to accept the company’s business to become a part of it. You must obey the terms and conditions introduced by the company to join it as a distributor.

At the initial stages, you will need an introducer who is already in the MI distributorship network for faster and better progress. Also, Mi Lifestyle doesn’t ask you to make huge investments to start a business.

Once you become a distributor in the company, you can get products manufactured by the company at DP rates and then sell them directly to customers at the MRP.

Mi Lifestyle provides you with a flexible yet stable business model to start your distributorship career with. You also have the option to become either a part-time or a full-time distributor at the company based on your convenience.

Doing Business in Mi Lifestyle: Distributorship

As a distributor, one is entitled to commission and monetary benefits offered by the company.

To become a distributor of Mi Lifestyle, one has to accept the business of the company.

The person has to abide by the terms and conditions enumerated by the company.

In the initial stage, to start distributorship, one requires an introducer who is already in the Mi distributorship network.

To start the business, an individual isn’t required to have a huge initial investment.

After becoming a distributor of Mi Lifestyle, one can avail products and coupons at DP rates and sell the products directly to the consumers at the MRP.

Mi Lifestyle provides a flexible business model to start a business with it. One can become a part-time or a full-time distributor, depending on the suitability.

Download Mi lifestyle Marketing plan PDF File


Q1. What is Mi Lifestyle business?

Ans: Mi Lifestyle is a direct selling company that manufactures a wide range of personal care products for customers. The company mainly focuses on providing the products directly to the customers through direct selling business systems. Over the years, Mi Lifestyle has established itself as one of the best direct selling companies in the country.

Q2. Who is the owner of Mi Lifestyle?

Ans: Mr. Munesh Lawaniyan is the owner of Mi Lifestyle.

Q3. What is Mi Lifestyle marketing?

Ans: It is a kind of direct selling business in which the manufactured products are provided directly to the customers through a company distributor without any involvement of other parties.

Becoming a part of Mi Lifestyle Marketing can fetch you unlimited income and opportunities.

The company by marketing lifestyle and dream products enhances the income of both distributors and consumers.

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Q4. What is the Business Opportunity for Customers in the company?

Through the Customer Registration process, one can be a registered customer and can avail of all rights as a consumer.

The customer can be elevated to the position of registered independent distributor and can earn an extra income by making a business and creating its own consumers.

Q5. What is the business opportunity for Registered Distributors in the Mi lifestyle?

One can join the company as a registered distributor. The person has to agree and abide by the code of conduct enumerated by the company.

In the initial stage, the distributor can join the Organisation 1 or Organisation 2 pattern.

The distributor can avail products at DP rates. The profit margin of the distributor may vary as per the Business Volume fixed by the company.

Mi Lifestyle not only deals with health and personal care products but is also associated with the marketing of agro care products, such as Fungal Disease Protector, White Fly Protector, and many others.

Its slogan goes as “Healthy Crops and Better Yield”.

It markets health care products while staying true to its slogan “It is health, that is the real wealth”.

These products include body care, calcium deficiency, and several other impressive varieties.

The company is also responsible for the marketing of eye care, face care, hand care, and many more. It operates with the slogan “Look and feel your best”.

Mi Lifestyle carries out the marketing of home care products, such as dish wash and fabric care as well.

The company’s marketing strategy is based on marketing distribution and the sale of goods through registered distributors.

It does not promote the pyramid scheme and permanent retail location method.

Mi Lifestyle has its corporate office at East Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110008. For consumer grievances, one can call – 01147709943/44

Just like major branded companies, Mi Lifestyle also has cancellation and refund policies for its products.

For this one, one has to cancel the order of procurement within 30 days from the paid order date.

After deduction of the necessary administrative and related charges, the company would remit the remaining payment.

Q6. What is the turnover of Mi Lifestyle?

Ans: The Company is doing great business in the field of manufacturing and direct selling. By the end of the financial year of 2020 that ended on 31st March 2020, the company’s annual turnover was reported to be over 500 Crore.

Q7. What is BV in Mi Lifestyle?

Ans: BV stands for business volume and it is a kind of currency unit that is used to convert your hard-earned into your national currency, say INR. In Mi Lifestyle’s direct selling company, you get around 75% of the product value in BV whenever you get a product. For example, if you have purchased a toothpaste from the company at the distributor’s price that is INR 200, then INR 150 will be provided to you as business volume. This business volume will be used later in the company to count different types of income that you are earning through the company.

Q8. Is Mi Lifestyle illegal in India?

Ans: Till now, Mi Lifestyle is considered a legal firm in India as it has provided the government with all the required documents, papers, and also has agreed to follow the business rules and laws of the country.

Q9. What are the categories of products in Mi Lifestyle?

Products at Mi Lifestyle can be categorized into mainly 4 parts, including health care products, lifestyle products, wellness products, and nutritional products.

With an impressive partnership with various branded companies and corporate houses, Mi Lifestyle carries out the marketing of various products.

Final thoughts

Direct selling can be a wonderful business opportunity if you have the right knowledge. One great example of a direct selling business is Mi Lifestyle that has made itself one of the best direct selling firms in the country. In the article, we have provided you with all the required information that you need to know about direct selling and distributorship.

Doing business with Mi Lifestyle Marketing brings opportunities for the enhancement of one’s career as well as income.

It is a business with relatively fewer risks and fewer capital investments. The only requirement is an individual’s time, labor, and brain.

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