Mi Lifestyle MLM Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan 2021 | Marketing strategies

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In this article, you will find the Latest Mi Lifestyle Business Plan. When it comes to Direct Selling Companies, Mi Lifestyle is a legend.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. is a direct selling company. Founded in 2013, the company’s products have high demand and are regularly used by the consumers. Basically, its products come in the form of liquid capsules, powder, paste, solid and flakes.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Company is basically an unlisted private business entity, established on August 13th, 2013. It is located in the Indian city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Mohamed Omar Arshak Jawhar and Vittobha Suresh are the two directors of the company.

Motto of Mi Lifestyle:

It is Mi life, It is Mi style

Vision of Mi Lifestyle:

Enhancing the lifestyle of people

Mission of Mi Lifestyle:

To design and modernise with time

Mi Lifestyle Product List:

The following segment enlists different Mi Lifestyle products under various categories.

  1. Liquid Form

Multi Gard Blood Purifier, Elements Cof Nil, Elements Liv A Gain V, Elements Woman Companion, Elements Radiant Glow Face Wash, Elements Multi-action Fairness Formula, Elements Complete Care Shampoo, Elements No Vedana Gel, Elements Champi Champion Taila, Elements Anti-dandruff Shampoo, Neustar Papaya Face Wash, Neustar Walnut Scrub, Neustar Petroleum Jelly, Neustar Shampoo Tube, Neustar Amla Hair Oil, Max Bright Matric Laundry Liquid Soap, Streak Free Glass Cleaner, Kill and Shine Powerful Toilet Cleaner, Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Clean and Shine Lemon Fresh Dishwash Liquid

  1. Capsule Form

Elements No Vedana, Elements Man Shaktiman, Elements Phyt Stress, Elements Triphala Plus, Elements Well Heart, Elements Below 37, Elements Daily Detox, Elements Immuno Plus

  1. Solid Form

Neem and Tulsi Soap, Lime Aloevera Soap, Rose Fragrance Soap, Jasmine Almond Soap, Anti-bacterial Soap, Sandalwood Soap, Anti-bacterial Dishwash Round Bar, Aahar Choco Fills Chocolate

  1. Paste Form

Elements Wound Healing Cream, Elements Germ Guard Toothpaste, Elements Fresh Guard Toothpaste, Tulsi and Mint Toothpaste

  1. Flakes Form

Aahar Cornflakes, Aahar Choco Cornflakes,

  1. Powder Form

Elements Kavach Prash, Aahar Turmeric Powder, Aahar Garam Masala, Aahar Chat Powder, Aahar Chilli Powder, Aahar Coriander Powder, Talc Powder

At any rate, there are several other promising varieties of Mi Lifestyle products and several others are expected to arrive in the coming days.

There are numerous direct selling companies operating their businesses on the Indian soil. DXN, Mi Lifestyle, Ok Lifecare, Qnet India, Safe Shop, Atomy India, RCM, Modicare, Vestige and Amway India are usually counted among the most popular ones.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd deals with quality lifestyle products that have their use in a person’s day-to-day life. The company operates through a network of trained leaders known as registered distributors.

Doing Business in Mi Lifestyle: Distributorship

As a distributor, one is entitled for commission and monetary benefits offered by the company.

To become a distributor of Mi Lifestyle, one has to accept the business of the company. The person has to abide by the terms and conditions enumerated by the company.

In the initial stage, to start distributorship, one requires an introducer who is already in the Mi distributorship network. To start the business, an individual isn’t required to have a huge initial investment.

After becoming a distributor of Mi Lifestyle, one can avail products and coupons at DP rates and sell the products directly to the consumers at the MRP.

Mi Lifestyle provides a flexible business model to start business with it. One can become a part-time or a full-time distributor, depending on the suitability.

Categories of Products in Mi Lifestyle

Products at Mi Lifestyle can be categorised into mainly 4 parts, including health care products, lifestyle products, wellness products and nutritional products.

With an impressive partnership with various branded companies and corporate houses, Mi Lifestyle carries out the marketing of various products.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Plans

Becoming a part of Mi Lifestyle Marketing can fetch you unlimited income and opportunities. The company by marketing lifestyle and dream products enhances the income of both distributors and consumers.

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

Business Opportunity for Customers

Through the Customer Registration process, one can be a registered customer and can avail all rights as a consumer. The customer can be elevated to the position of registered independent distributor and can earn an extra income by making a business and creating its own consumers.

Business Opportunity for Registered Distributors

One can join the company as a registered distributor. The person has to agree and abide by the code of conduct enumerated by the company.

In the initial stage, the distributor can join in the Organisation 1 or Organisation 2 pattern. The distributor can avail products at DP rates. The profit margin of the distributor may vary as per the Business Volume fixed by the company.

Mi Lifestyle not only deals with health and personal care products but is also associated with the  marketing of agro care products, such as Fungal Disease Protector, White Fly Protector and many others. It’s slogan goes as “Healthy Crops and Better Yield”.

It markets health care products while staying true to its slogan “It is health, that is the real wealth”. These products include, body care, calcium deficiency and several other impressive varieties.

The company is also responsible for the marketing of eye care, face care, hand care and many more. It operates with the slogan “Look and feel your best”.

Mi Lifestyle carries out the marketing of home care products, such as dish wash and fabric care as well.

The company’s marketing strategy is based on marketing distribution and the sale of goods through registered distributors. It does not promote the pyramid scheme and permanent retail location method.

Mi Lifestyle has its corporate office at East Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110008. For consumer grievances, one can call – 01147709943/44

Just like major branded companies, Mi Lifestyle also has cancellation and refund policies for its products. For this one, one has to cancel the order of procurement within 30 days from the paid order date. After deduction of the necessary administrative and related charges, the company would remit the remaining payment.

Final Verdict

Doing business with Mi Lifestyle Marketing brings opportunities for the enhancement of one’s career as well as the income. It is a business with relatively less risks and less capital investments. The only requirement is an individual’s time, labour and brain.

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