Keva Products Price List

New Keva Products Price List 2023 PDF Download

Please find the new and Latest Keva Products Price List. This product list is updated in July 2021.

All the products are listed here with the product name, product category, MRP (Maximum retail price), DP value, and business points.

Keva Industries is an Indian MLM company. Which started in 2009 in Ludhiana. The founder of Keva Industries is named Karan Goyal. It is a product-based MLM company.

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Let us Find the latest Keva Products Pricelist

Keva industries products are made with proper scientific methods and for manufacturing these products high level of processes is used.

Keva products are the proper blend of good quality herbs and other essential items which help in health improvement.

These products can be classified into various categories:

1. Keva Wellness Products:

These products can be further subcategorized into wellness drops, wellness capsules, wellness juices, wellness tonics, wellness tables, and wellness Tea.

These products will help promote the growth of nutrition’s in your body and will help you maintain balanced body nutrition.

Some of these products are:

  1. Keva Alfalfa Powder
  2. Keva anti-snore drops
  3. Keva anti-diabetic capsules
  4. Keva Himalaya Berry Juice
  5. Keva Slim Tea
  6. Keva Bone and joint health capsule
2. Keva Homecare Products:

These home care products are launched recently and are proven to be very effective.

It helps in cleaning and sanitizing, which are the real needs nowadays. Some of the products under this category are:

  1. Kaipo Detergent Powder
  2. Kaipo fruit and vegetable wash
  3. Keva toilet seat sanitizing spray
  4. Keva toilet cleaner
3. Keva Herbal Products:

Keva Herbal products are further sub-categorized into Keva drops and syrups, Keva herbal powder, Keva capsules, Keva Detox, Herbal oil, and ointment, Herbal tablets, and pain management products.

All these products are made with high-quality herbs making them truly beneficial for your health. Some of these products are:

  1. Keva antacid
  2. Keva constipation care churan
  3. Keva amla capsule
  4. Keva detox foot patch
  5. Keva balm
  6. Keva giloy tablet
  7. Keva pain relief spray
4. Keva personal care products:

These products are further sub-categorized into Keva face pack, face cleanser and toner, Keva hair care, Keva facial kit, and many more. Some of these products are:

  1. Keva bridal gold rose scrub
  2. Keva CC cream
  3. Keva bright toothpaste
  4. Keva aloe Vera facewash
  5. Keva advances BB cream

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There are many other products among which you can choose just visit the official website and hover over the products tab.

Under the dropdown list, you can see the categories and products that can choose from them.

Keva Products Price List

Keva Products Price List

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