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Imc Shri Haldi Benefits, Price, Dosage and Reviews

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In this article, we will know about IMC Shri Haldi Benefits for health, Price, Dosage, and Reviews.


‘Haldi’ is the Hindi version of turmeric. This essential product has been in use for centuries as one of the most potent spices.

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Turmeric renders health benefits to the human body in numerous ways. This spice is not just a powerful brain booster but also relieves people from arthritic pain.

Apart from managing digestive ailments, turmeric also helps in healing wounds, burns, and infections.

It is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, for which it has been quite beneficial for diabetic patients and those suffering from liver disorders.

At any rate, the most crucial role played by turmeric is in helping boost your immunity.

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IMC Shri Haldi – Brings out actual health benefits of turmeric

Imc shri haldi price

This product is also known as Shri Haldi Curcumin. It also has the goodness of saffron and cinnamon. Curcumin, which is the main ingredient of turmeric, itself acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

IMC Shri Haldi Benefits for Health:

The following segment deals with the essential health benefits of IMC Shri Haldi.

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  1. This product forces out poisonous substances from your body.
  2. It is incredibly helpful in providing a shield against the common cold, influenza, flu, and cold.
  3. This turmeric removes excess cholesterol from your body and thereby, the risk of heart-related diseases lessens.
  4. It protects you from cancer to a certain extent.
  5. This product also helps make bones stronger and healthier and thereby, the risk of arthritic-related diseases minimizes.
  6. IMC Shri Haldi helps control diabetes. It is is also beneficial for type-2 diabetic patients.
  7. This turmeric acts as a panacea for several skin-related diseases. This product delays the outbreak of wrinkles and other ageing signs, apart from helping the skin glow and stay flawless.
  8. It acts as an immune booster and thus, increases the resistance to fight diseases.
  9. Consumption of IMC Shri Haldi at night-time supports a pleasant and sound sleep.
  10. IMC Shri Haldi protects you from numerous stomach ailments like indigestion, acidity, and stomach pain.
  11. For the treatment of sores in the mouth, it is beneficial.


IMC Shri Haldi is available in the liquid form. A single bottle of IMC Shri Haldi of 20ml capacity has a maximum retail price of 195 INR. You can even contact vending agencies for pieces of advice related to availing discounts.

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You can choose any one of the following dosage options.

  1. It can be taken both in the morning as well as in the evening.
  2. 1-2 drops with a cup of lukewarm milk are also recommendable.
  3. Take dosages as per the instructions provided.
  4. Take dosages as directed by the physician.

Customer Reviews:

By keeping numerous relevant reviews in view, it won’t be wrong to say that IMC Shri Haldi is indeed beneficial for the body in innumerable ways.

Most importantly, it is a natural product. This product flaunts the perfect blend of ayurvedic properties in a liquid form.

IMC Shri Haldi is an ayurvedic medicine with no side effects. For this very reason, people belonging to any group can consume it, with proper advice from a professional physician regarding its dosage and other aspects, if any.

As per a handful of reviews, this product is relatively costly, and the pack of 20 ml is comparatively smaller in size.

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