Top 10 Air Duct Cleaning Companies in Houston

Houston is the capital city of Texas. It is a busy city with a wide population and a strong economy. But the fact that it’s busy can also make the air inside dirty. Over time, dust, dirt, allergens, and other pollutants can build up in your air ducts, which are important passageways for your HVAC system. This can cause breathing problems, allergies, and even less energy efficiency. To avoid these problems, it is important to clean your air ducts regularly.

However, there are many choices; how do we sort through them all and pick the best one? In this opinion piece, I talk about how I think the top 10 air duct cleaning companies in Houston stack up. I’ll tell you what I think based on things like price, experience, customer service, and service quality.

Level of Service

When it comes to cleaning air ducts, quality is very important. You need a business that does everything right and doesn’t skimp. From what I’ve seen, the best companies pay close attention to every detail. They go the extra mile to make sure your pipes are clean and the air quality in your home is much better. Another thing they do that shows how professional they are is making sure they don’t leave a mess.


Everyone wants to get the most for their money. To be honest, cleaning our air ducts is an investment in the health and efficiency of our home. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. The businesses that stand out have reasonable prices without lowering the quality of their service. Don’t choose the cheapest service just because it’s cheap; if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Customer Service

Great customer service is what makes a business run. A business that wants its customers to be happy will do everything it can to meet their needs. This means they have to communicate clearly, answer questions quickly, and be honest and open about their services. When a business does a great job with customer service, they not only get loyal customers but also people who will tell others about the business.

Experience and Expertise

There is no way to replace knowledge and experience. To feel safe, choose a company that has been around for a long time, has a team of trained pros, and has the right certifications. There is no doubt that these professionals know everything there is to know about cleaning air ducts and any other HVAC system. Their experience usually means better service and a lower chance of something going wrong.

Availability and Response Time

Last but not least, how available and quick a company is to respond are also very important. If you have an HVAC emergency outside of work hours, neither should the company you choose. Make sure you can always get clean air by choosing a company with flexible hours, quick answers, and emergency services.

Stories and experiences from personal life

Now, let me tell you some stories from my own life. When a friend found mould in her system, she called a company and they agreed to come right away. They showed up on time, took care of the problem quickly, and even gave tips on how to avoid problems in the future. This experience made me realize how important it is for a business to be quick to respond and willing to go the extra mile.

The other hand, I had a bad experience with a company that took a ridiculously long time to answer a simple question. This event made me realize how important customer service is, even before the service is given.

Finally, I remember a time when the knowledge of a company saved a customer a lot of money. As expected, they correctly found that what seemed to be a problem with the HVAC system was actually a problem with clogged air ducts, which saved the client money by not having to replace the whole system.

Top 10 Air duct cleaning companies in Houston

Here’s a curated list of the top 10 air duct cleaning companies in Houston, known for their expertise, reliability, and commitment to providing clean, healthy indoor air:

1. TakeAir Duct Cleaning Specialist

TakeAir Duct Cleaning

With a stellar reputation for exceptional service and customer satisfaction, TakeAir Duct Cleaning Specialist stands at the forefront of Houston’s air duct cleaning industry. Their team of certified technicians utilizes advanced equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean all areas of your air duct system, ensuring your home breathes fresh, clean air.

Address: 7800 Bissonnet St #440, Houston, TX 77074, USA

Phone: (281) 568-3828


Hours: Open 24 hours

Rating: 4.8 on Google

2. Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning Houston

True to their name, Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning Houston provides 24/7 availability, ensuring that your air duct cleaning needs are met promptly and efficiently. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and duct sanitization, leaving your home’s air circulation system rejuvenated.

Address: 9402 Glenfield Ct, Houston, TX 77096, USA

Phone: (832) 906-4213


Hours: Open 24 hours

Rating: 5 on Google

3. Houston Air Duct Cleaning

Houston Air Duct Cleaning

Established in 2010, Houston Air Duct Cleaning has garnered a loyal clientele through their commitment to providing high-quality air duct cleaning services at competitive prices. Their technicians are NADCA certified, ensuring that your air ducts are cleaned in accordance with industry standards.

If you are looking for a reputable and experienced air duct cleaning company in Houston, TX, I recommend Houston Air Duct Cleaning.

Address: 8625 Schumacher Ln, Houston, TX 77063, United States

Phone Number: (832) 906-4213


4. Clean Air Houston Pro

Clean Air Houston Pro

Clean Air Houston Pro is a family-owned and operated company that has been providing residential and commercial air duct cleaning services in the Houston area for over 10 years. They are a NADCA-certified company, which means that they meet the highest standards in the industry. They use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to clean your air ducts, and they offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs.

Address: 1345 Martin St, Houston, TX 77018, United States

Phone Number: (877) 895-5777, +1 832-737-8500


5. Top Star Air Pros

Top Star Air Pros

With over 20 years of experience in the air duct cleaning industry, Top Star Air Pros brings a wealth of expertise to every job. Their team of skilled technicians is equipped with the latest technology to tackle even the most challenging air duct cleaning tasks.

Top Star Air Pros is committed to providing their customers with the best possible service. They offer a free estimate and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are also a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced air duct cleaning company in Houston, TX, then Top Star Air Pros is a great option.

Here is their contact information:

Address: 10101 Fondren Rd #420, Houston, TX 77096, USA

Phone: (832) 990-9333


Hours: Open 24 hours

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars on Google

6. Richmond’s Air

Richmond's Air

Richmond’s Air has earned a reputation for providing reliable and affordable air duct cleaning services. They offer a variety of packages to suit your specific needs and budget, ensuring that your indoor air quality is optimized without breaking the bank.


Address : 5 Rollingwood Dr Houston, TX 77080

Phone number : (713) 999-4735

7. Lone Star Pro Services

Lone Star Pro Services

Lone Star Pro Services stands out for their commitment to using environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Their team utilizes non-toxic, biodegradable solutions to clean your air ducts, ensuring your home remains safe and healthy for the entire family.

Address: 13700 Veterans Memorial Dr Ste 251, Houston, TX 77014, USA

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8AM-6PM, Saturday: 9AM-2PM, Sunday: Closed

Rating: 4.8 on Google


8. All Star A/C & Heating Services

All Star A/C & Heating Services

All Star A/C & Heating Services offers a comprehensive range of HVAC services, including air duct cleaning. Their technicians are trained to identify and address any potential problems in your air duct system, ensuring optimal airflow and indoor air quality.

Address: 9418 Mills Rd, Houston, TX 77070, USA

Phone: (713) 691-1111


Hours: Open 24 hours

Rating: 4.9 on Google

9. Mundae Cleaning & Restoration Services

Mundae Cleaning

Mundae Cleaning & Restoration Services goes beyond air duct cleaning, offering a wide range of cleaning and restoration services to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Their team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and upholding the highest standards of cleanliness.

Address: 6101 Maple St, Houston, TX 77008

Phone: (713) 777-7700


10. Tip Top Services – Houston

Tip Top Services - Houston

Tip Top Services – Houston brings over 20 years of experience to every air duct cleaning project. Their team is committed to providing thorough and efficient cleaning services, ensuring that your air ducts are restored to their pristine condition.

Address: 9506 Highmeadow Dr, Houston, TX 77063, USA

Phone: (832) 374-8125


Hours: 24/7

In Conclusion

In the hustle and bustle of Houston, where the air quality can be a concern, choosing the right air duct cleaning company is crucial. Each of these top 10 companies brings something unique to the table, be it eco-friendly practices, comprehensive services, or a customer-centric approach. Prioritize the health of your home and loved ones by selecting a reputable air duct cleaning company from this list, and breathe easy with cleaner, fresher indoor air.

When choosing an air duct cleaning company in Houston, consider factors such as experience, reputation, customer reviews, and pricing. Opt for a company that is NADCA certified and utilizes advanced cleaning techniques to ensure your indoor air quality is prioritized.


Q: How often should I clean my air ducts?

A: Every three to five years, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) says you should have your air ducts cleaned. There are, however, a number of things that can change how often you should clean your air ducts. Some of these factors are the number of people living in your home, whether you have pets, and the type of HVAC system you have. You might want to have your air ducts cleaned more often if you have allergies or have trouble breathing.

Q: What are some signs that my air pipes need to be cleaned?

A: Your air vents might need to be cleaned if any of these things happen. Some of these signs are:

  • Dust or dirt that you can see in your vents or registers
  • Strange smells coming from your vents
  • More asthma or allergy symptoms
  • Less air coming out of your vents

Q: How much does it usually cost to clean air ducts?

A: The cost of having your air ducts cleaned will depend on your home’s size, the type of HVAC system you have, and the company you hire. Cleaning your air ducts, on the other hand, should cost somewhere between $250 and $500.

Q: What should I look for in a company that cleans air ducts?

A: When choosing an air duct cleaning company, you should look for a company that is:

  • NADCA certified
  • Insured and bonded
  • Has a good reputation
  • Offers a free estimate

Q: What can I do to get ready for having my air ducts cleaned?

  • Move your items away from your air vents and registers.
  • Open the windows to let air flow.
  • Keep pets out of the house while you clean it.

Q: What kind of tools do companies that clean air ducts use?

A: To clean your air ducts, air duct cleaning companies use a range of tools, such as

  • Vacuum cleaners with a lot of power
  • Blowers for compressed air
  • Duct seals
  • HEPA air filters

Q: Do companies that clean air ducts use chemicals?

A: Some companies that clean air pipes use chemicals to make them germ-free. But some businesses use methods that are safe and break down naturally. When you hire someone to clean your air ducts, make sure you ask what kind of chemicals they use.

Q: Is it safe to clean my air ducts?

A: Hiring a professional to clean your air ducts is usually a safe idea. There are, however, a few possible risks, such as

  • Water damage to your air ducts
  • Letting toxins or other poisons into your home

To keep these risks to a minimum, pick a reputable company to clean your air ducts and carefully follow their guidelines.

Q: Why is it a good idea to clean your air ducts?

A: Cleaning your air ducts has a number of perks, such as

  • Better air quality inside
  • Less chance of having breathing problems
  • Made energy use more efficient
  • HVAC systems last longer

Q: Can I clean my own air ducts?

A: You can clean some parts of your air ducts by yourself, like the vents and registers. To clean the rest of your air ducts, though, you should really hire a pro. Professionals know how to do a good job and have the right tools for the job.

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