Network Marketing

Is Network Marketing Good or Bad?

Good and bad depends on what the network marketing is about. There are hundreds of fraud Networking companies and if we fall prey to these, we will empty our wallet and possibly bankrupt.

But a genuine Network can help you create a side income. There are people who are really successful at it and made it a full-time job. The first and foremost difference between Good and Bad Network marketing is their marketing plan. Read the plan carefully, a good network company will base their marketing on a product, whereas a fraud company base it on a money scheme rather than a product.

The bad networking companies run a Ponzi scheme, which means a money scheme where the people made a fake and alluring promise and forced to join new members. there will be no profits in the end, the members will eventually lose all their money.

If you are still muddling about network marketing, then I will give you an example of how to be careful about choosing between these two companies.

When you consider joining them the genuine companies may not be charging the high amount of membership fee. Once you join, they will provide you with a starter kit which has all the rules and regulations. Members will receive training from their sponsors or from the companies directly. There is a company product which you have to sell directly to the customer. And from the sales you made you will get marginal revenue.

You can also join new members under your name and it will make you a sponsor for them and doing so you will be given a status and bonus. But it is not mandatory. You may simply try to reach your product purchasing and selling targets and thus receiving your share of profits. There will be no money schemes such as paying money installments for members. The company’s reputations and their product benefits will act as an asset for you to sell them.

But in bad or fraud networking companies all these factors will be missing. There will be no product that the company is manufacturing and which being member you need to sell. The company only mindful of receiving your money. you will be promised that by joining more members you will receive more commission. Which is obviously a fake and stupid promise hard to believe. As when there is nothing that the company sell, there is no profit that the company will make, and hence they cannot pay you any amount in the future.


Secondly whether is network marketing good or bad, depends upon your own ethics. If your willing to make money reasonably and realistically, then you will obviously will not fall for the misleading money schemes which offer lightening profits. But if you think to sell something in your free time then you can choose the companied manufacturing different products such as home care, food supplements, beauty care, and other products.

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